I’m getting nervous. Before I placed the order I called on the phone to ensure the watch was in hand. I was guaranteed they had it and it would ship “with priority”. I ordered on March 18. That same day I received an email saying it would ship in 4-5 business days and then 2 days to arrive to me. 2 weeks ago and no shipment has occurred. I just called them today and they said “unfortunately there has been a delay”. The watch was at another facility and it has to ship to the store in California and then ship to me. They are blaming FedEx saying the shipment dealt is their fault. Unfortunately I have read others that wrote this same thing. Am I being scammed? Am I going to lose my money? They have had my money for 2 weeks and all I want is my watch. If I get my watch soon and all goes well, I will return and change my review. Today is April 1. I got a very reassuring phone call today from "Chris" with watchshopping.com. He explained to me that watchshopping.com has a presence in several countries. The particular watch I wanted was in their Europe shop (nobody told me that when I purchased). He said FEDEX has been delayed in shipping it from Europe to California. He said they expect the watch early next week and that they will "overnight" it to me. Chris also gave me his personal number to contact of I have any issues or questions. So the situation is hopeful. Wednesday - April 6th. The watch STILL has not shipped to me. April 13th. I got the watch. It's gorgeous. This company is definitely legit. The watch was just as described and they did a great job of keeping in touch with me. The only think they could have done better was originally letting me know the watch was in Europe and shipping would take awhile. Instead they told me I would have it much quicker than I did. But- They refunded me some money to make up for it AND included a Starbucks gift card in the packaging. In the end I was happy to wait the extra time to have a gorgeous Rolex watch and get a refund. Thank you watchshopping. Sorry for doubting you.
William Shaw

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