The tentative review....
This is only my tentative review but it is noteworthy because of the way Watchshopping is handling my issue.I purchased a new automatic chronograph watch from Watchshopping which I knew they would source from a reputable AD. Alan was super informative on the sales end and when I asked how to make everything a great buying experience, he gave me direct advice. The watch was shipped in a timely fashon five days from the placement of the order and I received the watch well packaged from FedEx. The delivery was scheduled to be "signature required" but FedEx didn't deliver it that way. Anyway, the chronograph was not setting properly to the 12 O'Clock position. I called Alan for immediate instruction and he was extremely helpful walking me thorough a process that confirmed that service will be needed. Which is cool because Watchshopping was direct, helpful and they immediately claimed cost responsibility, after I went through their verification process. So we are working together to get it adjusted. I can wait patiently. I think the key for me to not having customer issues is that, as a customer, I carefully follow their directions and instructions and pay careful attention to their processes. It's an expensive timepiece and much is at stake for both sides. As I have shown I care about their business, they have proven to be beyond appreciative and responsive. As a result, I feel they have been extra helpful for me. Alan and Chris have been outstanding so far and really represent the company well. I actually paid a few dollars more to buy from Watchshopping because of their reputation for post sale service. It turns out I needed it and Watchshopping has lived up to their reputation of being superb, so far.
Ryan B.

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Welcome to Watchshopping.com! We are the online watch store that you have been looking for. Our goal and mission here at Watchshopping.com is to help you find and own the perfect luxury watch. Have you been thinking of purchasing a Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer or Seiko? Whether it will be your very first luxury watch or you’re adding to your elite collection - we offer 100% authentic luxury watches at unbelievably discounted rates. Between our prices and our authenticity guarantee, we believe that we are the best online watch store around.

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We do our part by purchasing luxury watches directly from all around the world to make sure we are providing you the lowest cost possible, but still with the best service quality for all of our customers. We guarantee that all of our watches for sale online are authentic. Every watch is guaranteed to be from one of our 100% authorized dealers or wholesalers. Each brand new watch comes with our in-house warranty.

We know that finding the right watch takes time. Sometimes, too much time. That is why we are here to help! We also know that there are many other online watch stores and discount watch stores that you can shop at to help you find your dream watch, but at Watchshopping.com, we offer an unbeatable selection of mens and ladies watches, so there is something for everyone all within one stop. We strive to be the best online watch store for you, carrying a huge selection of luxury watch brands including Rolex, Omega, Cartier, TAG Heuer, Tudor, Hamilton and many more.

Luxury watches are often associated with only “rich” people or people of status, but buying a luxury watch can be possible for anyone who has the love for exceptional timepieces. Watches, like many things, have become almost a hobby and most definitely a collector’s item for some. There is a large amount of information online about buying watches because there are constantly people who become bigger and bigger watch fans by the day. There is enough room for watch lovers from all walks of life to appreciate the art behind the makings of it.

What to know Before Buying a Luxury Watch Online

When it comes to buying your first luxury watch, there are definitely a few important things to look out for: Do not let people’s judgement influence your decision if it’s something you truly want. Do not get tricked into buying a luxury watch online just because of how expensive it is. Make sure you actually like the look and design, too. Do your homework before making the big purchase. Learn to define your own style and what kind of watch you actually want to wear. Do you need a more casual watch or a dress watch? Do you have a favorite designer that you’d like to wear? What type of movement are you looking for? Does your watch have a warranty or any services after you buy it? With all these things to consider, Watchshopping.com can be here to make things easier for you.

We also offer trade-ins and buy-back options with watches, depending on your watch. So if you have an older luxury watch on hand or have something that you just don’t want anymore, please feel free to reach out to us about selling your watch.

As your go-to online watch store, please feel free to contact us about any specific watch brand or model that you are searching for. If there is a watch that you are looking for that you do not see on our site, please let us know so we can do our best to assist you! As the best online watch store, we are dedicated to making your luxury watch buying experience as easy and smooth as possible. Thank you!

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