Leonardo DiCaprio’s Watches in Movies

One thing that watch companies have known for centuries is that marketing with celebrities is incredibly effective. Say what you want about big-name endorsements, but they inform many of our opinions, whether we like it or not.

An excellent example of this effect is Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio’s watches in his movies have caught the eye of many people. Below, we explore the exact pieces he has worn in some of his biggest movies.


Inception – Tag Heuer Carrera

In this film, Leo plays a heist artist. He’s no ordinary criminal, though. Rather than breaking into buildings or safes in the real world, the character implants ideas into people’s dreams while they sleep. The movie is a favorite among many, but did you notice the timepiece he sports in it?

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing the Tag Heuer Carrera watch

The watch is the TAG Heuer Carrera, which is notable for two reasons. First, DiCaprio is a brand ambassador for this company and frequently appears in advertisements for them. He also sports their pieces to parties and awards shows. We’re not sure if they paid to be in this film, but Leo being in it definitely helped them get their foot in the door.

The second thing to note is the extreme conditions that DiCaprio braved in the movie. He treks through snow, water, and altitude at different points in it. Luckily, his TAG Heuer is built for the roughest conditions possible and kept ticking throughout the film.

Blood Diamond – Breitling Chrono Avenger

Our second DiCaprio movie features a role that is vastly different than the first. In Inception, he is a sophisticated, smooth, and well-dressed criminal. In Blood Diamond, he takes on a much more rugged role as a diamond smuggler. Though he is somewhat of a thief in both, the characters are quite different. Does that mean they require different watches?

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing the Breitling Chrono Avenger watch

No matter how different these characters are, they both seem to have a flair for luxury. The reason we say this is that in Blood Diamond, Leo wears the Breitling Chrono Avenger, which is an esteemed timepiece in its own right.

What it offers is excellent craftsmanship. It is made from the finest materials, has a Swiss origin, sports a reliable automatic movement, and is water resistant up to 300 meters. Additionally, it has an attractive aesthetic and comes in at a nice size (45mm), which is neither too large nor too small.

The Great Gatsby – A Raymond Weil Concept

The Great Gatsby is the story of an enigmatic and wealthy man that throws gaudy parties in hopes of his old lover showing up at them. Of course, at one point, she finally does. You’ll have to find out the rest of the story for yourself. Luckily, there are three mainstream works of art that depict this tale: The original book by Scott F. Fitzgerald, a movie with Robert Redford, and another film with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing the Raymond Weil watch

The final and most recent edition features an all-star cast, each of which is outfitted with luxurious clothing. One example is Leo, who wears a gorgeous looking Raymond Weil concept. It is silver, square, and exudes pure luxury, which fits the character perfectly.

Unfortunately for us, the watch DiCaprio wears in the film is not real. Instead, it is an entirely unique concept piece that is not for sale. While we cannot buy it, what we can do is find a timepiece that mimics that aesthetic and energy of the one in the movie. To do so, our best recommendation is to look at the Longines Evidenza, which has a similar shape and a classy Swiss brand to back it up.

Wolf of Wall Street – Tag Heuer Series 1000

Wolf of Wall Street is the story of Jordan Belfort, who experienced a meteoric rise in the investment banking industry. Throughout the film, Leo depicts this character as a drug-abusing, hard-partying maniac with a ton of charisma. His friends are no different than him, and they combine to create a great deal of tomfoolery.

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing the Tag Heuer Series 1000 watch

This movie also features an excellent array of wristwatches. While Belfort’s friends opt for Rolex and IWC, Leo sports a Tag Heuer yet again. As you might imagine, the story of an insanely wealthy investment banker should feature a luxurious piece that fits right in with the culture surrounding it. In our opinion, that’s precisely what we get with the Series 1000.

The ultimate debate you must have is whether or not you should model your timepiece choice after a movie character. No matter what your answer is to that question, you’ll likely agree that Leonardo DiCaprio characters are some of the best you could choose from. Between Tag Heuer, Breitling, and Raymond Weil, you have a few excellent brands at your disposal. No matter what, we hope you found a watch that you love on this list. At the very least, you should have a couple of ideas for your next movie night.

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