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Casio Watches: Extremely Tough and Durable

Casio, founded by Tadao Kashio and Toshio Kashi, has been rocking the watchmaking industry for decades with its extremely tough and high durable watches. Its best-selling collections, particularly the Casio G-Shock and Casio Oceanus series, are best known for their high-quality and simple yet innovative designs. Another great thing about the brand is that it offers affordable prices for its collections, to the delight of watch aficionados all over the world.

Casio is considered one of the pioneers in producing watches with a high-level of shock resistance, establishing a unique identity among the rest of watch brands. Moreover, the brand always ensures the use of innovation and advanced technology to create their watches, bringing to consumers handy functions such as temperature sensors, barometers, and even Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in their watches. Not to mention, it also comes from Japan, a country hailed for producing some of the best inventions. 

How much does a Casio watch cost?


ModelPrice (approximate)Size Features
Casio G-Shock Master of G FrogMan GWF-D1000B-1JF$959 USD53.30 mm
  • DLC-coated stainless steel case
  • screw-lock back case
  • sapphire crystal
  • Tough solar power
  • Shock resistant
  • 200m water resistance
  • LED backlight
  • Dive timer/log


Casio Edifice EQS-800CPB-1AVCF$ 170 USD47.55mm
  • Stainless steel band
  • Solar powered
  • 1 sec stopwatch
  • Date display
  • Battery indicator
  • Screw back
  • Carbon fiber dial
  • Black ion plated bezel
  • 100m water resistant
Casio G-Shock Alarm World Time Men's Watch$749 USD52.5mm
  • Resin material
  • Mineral crystal
  • Color black
  • Silver-tone hands
  • 200m water resistance


Casio Edifice EQB-501XD-7AJF


$509 USD48.1mm
  • Stainless steel band material
  • Genuine leather
  • Solar-powered Quartz
  • Silver band
  • White dial
  • Inorganic blass
  • Neobrite
  • Screw-lock crown
  • 100m water resistance


Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Tough Solar


$649 USD52mm
  • Plastic band material
  • Black dial
  • World time
  • Timer
  • Quartz
  • 200m water resistant

Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster 3way Time Sync


$879 USD66mm
  • Shock resistant
  • Triple G Resist
  • Neo-brite luminous hands and markers
  • Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth)
  • Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
  • Day and date display
  • 200m water resistance
Casio Baby-G MSGS500G-2A2$220 USD42.4mm
  • Resin band
  • Solar powered
  • Mineral glass
  • Shock resistant
  • Screw lock crown
  • Pink gold ion plated case
  • 100m water resistant


Casio Pro Trek Men's Atomic Solar Triple Sensor Watch PRW2500T-7$400 USD20.5mm
  • Stainless steel case material
  • Titanium band material
  • Aluminum bezel material
  • Silver band color
  • Gray dial
  • Tough solar power
  • Triple SensorMulti-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping
  • 200m water resistant
Casio G-shock Women’ Watch MSGS600G-7A$200 USD42.4mm
  • Case / bezel material: Resin / Stainless steel
  • Resin band
  • Mineral glass
  • Shock resistant
  • Screw lock crown
  • 100m water resistance
Casio G-shock GMWB5000CS-1$800 USD49.3mm
  • Stainless steel case/bezel material
  • One-touch 3-fold Clasp
  • Solid band
  • Stainless steel band
  • Shock resistant
  • Mineral glass
  • Screw-lock caseback
  • Black IP
  • 200m water resistance




Casio’s Watch Collections

Casio watches have always been known for their durable and functional watches. They have a wide range of collections, letting their customers and buyers pick the style they want. Plus, knowing that Casio releases watches at very budget-friendly prices only means anyone who wants to own such durable timepieces can still afford to buy. 

Here, let's dive in and discover the most popular collections Casio has ever released in the market.

Prices for the Casio G-Shock: The Toughest and Most Durable Watch on Earth

The Casio G-Shock collection is best known for its rugged style and durability. It is a timepiece that comes with endless functionality, the toughest watches that the world has ever seen, and the recorded first-ever pioneer of shock resistance.

Since the brand released the first-ever G-shock watch in April 1983, this collection has become popular day by day. It's always been a perfect partner to any professionals — whether an athlete who is performing intense training or a surfer and skater, who must have a sturdy and shatterproof timepiece.

Behind this watch's existence was the brand's ultimate vision: "creating a watch that never breaks”. It even released a watch, the Casio G-Shock DW-5600E-1, that broke the Guinness World Record on October 30, 2017, after being run over by a minimum of a 25-metric ton truck. 

More than that, the G-shock collection alone offers many models that can literally provide any style you prefer to have. There's an analog type, a digital type, an all-analog, and many more. Almost all timepieces under G-shock collection have a backlight, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and a water resistance up to 200 meters.

You can buy the cheapest Casio watch, the CasioG-shock DW9052, at around $230 USD, and the most expensive Casio watch is the Casio G-shock G-D5000-9JR that features 18K gold, priced at $69,530 USD. Each price varies depending on the watch's specification, as all real G-shock watches are released in a high caliber.

Prices for the Casio Oceanus: A Premium Option

The Casio Oceanus is perhaps the most premium collection that the brand has ever introduced. This watch guarantees the best user experience, offering rugged functionality and durability coupled with elegant designs.

The Oceanus model offers a vibe of a luxury timepiece with top-notch quality and functionality. One of its best models is the Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000, featuring a GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor — a popular revolutionary watch that offers ultimate precision.

Its technological features create its own distinction, a timepiece that can get a dual signal calibration. With Oceanus, you will always be on time wherever you are. Its price also varies, depending on the watch's specifications. But expect that its price is a little bit higher compared to other collections.

Prices for the Casio Edifice: One of the Best Smartwatches in the World

The Casio Edifice collection was launched and designed solely to get the attention of professional sportsmen. It provides various functions and comes with stylish designs. The Casio Edifice is dubbed by many as one of the best smartwatches in the world today.

Through the Casio watch and an app, you can easily link your Casio Edifice watch to your iPhone and even selected android phone models. This timepiece allows you to reset time and will update automatically wherever in the world you are. Plus, it has a special feature referred to as a watch finder, a great tool for anyone who usually forgets things easily.

So how much is a Casio Edifice watch, you ask? Well, be prepared to shell out between $300 USD and $550 USD to get one. 

Prices for the Casio Pro Trek: The Best Watch Buddy for Travellers

If you’re an adventurous type and looking for a perfect time-telling tool you can use while wandering around, the Casio Pro Trek is your best bet. This model is proven to qualify the requirements of becoming one of the toughest traveller watches.

These Casio watches are made out of premium materials, and designed according to what functions it is intended to be. It offers many notable features, making it an ideal watch for travellers. Besides, it runs on Tough Solar POwer, which only means that it can use artificial light from fluorescent lights or from direct sunlight to charge its own battery.

The Casio Pro-Tek offers a wide price selection. You can already own some of the best watches from the collection within the range of $199 USD up to $536 USD. 

Prices for the Casio Lineage: Tough and Elegant

At first glance, you can already describe the Casio Lineage watches as classic and stylish yet tough and robust. This collection was designed to provide such elegant Casio watches for men to suit any preferred dress style. It also comes with some key features that only a reliable and durable watch offers, with its solar power, radio signal reception, and water resistance. It is no wonder why it is also a prominent collection of Casio.

This wristwatch is personally best recommended to those who prefer to have more casual watches than having a tough and rugged look like the Casio G-Shock series. The price usually depends on the specifications and details of the model you pick but rest assured, it's cheaper than you could think. Case in point: a classic Casio Lineage Solar watch only costs about $320 USD.

Prices for the Casio Baby-G: Rugged Yet Feminine Watches

The brand officially introduced the Casio Baby-G or "Brigadier General" collections in 1994. Casio decided to design and release these watches solely for ladies. It has the same quality and toughness as the Casio G-shock, as the concept was taken from the iconic collection. This is a timepiece you can consider as one-of-a-kind, featuring various unique designs and colors that come with a feminine touch.

The birth of Baby-G also means the birth of digital watches that really suits almost all women's fashion. Its first-ever model was DW-520, a timepiece with equal toughness as the G-shock, featuring pop colors that are perfect for any woman's wrist and style. It is, indeed, an ideal Casio watch for women.

With the Baby-G's powerful shock-resistance, it can protect itself from any vibration and shocks, making it a perfect partner whenever you want to go for sports or any outdoor activity. Its prices also vary on the type of models you want to purchase, ranging from $70 USD to $150 USD.

Prices for the Casio Illuminator: Basic Watches that Get the Job Done

Another watch released by Casio is the Casio Illuminator, which offers a combination of modern and vintage vibes. You can easily identify this watch as most of its collections have an analog face and a backlight and digital display functions.

With the Casio Illuminator, it's like getting two clocks in one timepiece. It also allows the wearer to set both clocks in just a single press on its digital buttons. You can use all of its features, including its multi-function stopwatch and alarm that has a snooze. Best of all, it comes with a sharp, bright lighting function for people with poor eyesight. This also comes in handy for those in situations where visibility is an issue, such as night time, going underwater, etc. The battery of this watch is proven to last up to 10 years.

Owning a Casio Illuminator is a great option, especially as it also comes with a very affordable price, letting you own a durable watch for as cheap as $20 USD.

Casio's Rich History and Heritage

Casio wasn't founded by a huge company nor by the richest man in Japan. This brand began its colorful journey by producing essential pieces and gears of microscopes. Founded by Tadao Kashio, a factory worker, and his younger brother named Toshio, Casio’s history dates back to 1946.

In 1954, the company's first-ever breakthrough was completing an electronic calculator, the first-ever one in Japan. Its success led to the family business producing electronic products in the market. By the 1970s, Casio's name had become so popular not just in Japan but also worldwide.

After four years, the company had introduced its again first-ever refined and best products, the Casio watch. This time-telling tool became a hit right after it was introduced as Casio ensured to produce top-quality quartz watches that are all ran electronically.

Since then, the brand has been so prominent as one of the best watchmakers in the world. It continuously releases wide collections and models to the market, always surprising the buyers with its innovative and advanced technology, watch after watch.

Casio's Milestones and Innovations

After the successful launch of Casio's electronic calculator, the company showed how innovative they are in October 1974, when they first introduced a digital quartz watch in the market. Aside from working as a piece of time-telling tool, this Casiotron timepiece also comes with an automatic feature that can display the number of days in each month, which you can see on the watch's small computerized LCD screen.

In the 1980s, Casio rose once again its popularity, when it released the first-ever shock-resistant watches that the world has ever seen. This timepiece was the G-Shock DW5000C and was still prominently used by many up to today. It offers unique features and comes with a rugged style.

Jumping to 1994, Casio introduced its first-ever Baby-G collection. It is even the starting point for the brand to produce premium quality digital watches that are available today.

Five Reasons to Buy a Casio Watch

Speaking of digital watches, we cannot argue that Casio is always included on the top lists of most robust and lasting timepieces today. It offers a wide collection of watches for both men and women, whether they're working professionals, travelers, or sports aficionados. More than just a piece of time-telling tool reminding you precisely the day and time, Casio offers timepieces that come with many features more than you could ever imagine. Don't believe us? Let's dive in and discover the top five reasons why you should consider getting a timepiece from Casio.

1. Craftsmanship

Given that most brands have their style and complexity of producing watches, but what makes Casio stand out is how the brand takes so much time to be detailed on each part and specifications of the watches they create. It always ensures to produce durable and long-lasting watches. Even serious watch enthusiasts and watch snobs appreciate the high value of Casio watches.

2. Versatility

Having a watch does not only mean using it as an accessory on our wrist. A timepiece should represent your identity and personal style, too. If you're into rugged or casual style, they have the toughest watch of all time, the Casio G-shock collections for both men and women. If you prefer a combination of modern and vintage look, you can have the best Casio Illuminator. Simply check out all of the collections they have, and you'll surely find your best pick.

3. Affordable prices

Many people love to buy watches from Casio because aside from durability and premium materials, the brand offers watches at very, very affordable prices. You can always find the best models at lower prices. Its price does not affect its quality, as the company is being branded to produce great timepieces at a budget-friendly price. So, you don't need to overthink why it's cheap and has the same quality as the other more expensive brands.

4. Water resistance

If you're an athletic type of or love to go for outdoor activities, owning watches from Casio as your outdoor accessory can be the best decision you'll ever make. Most Casio watches have water-resistant features up to 200m, so no need to worry about losing or misplacing your watch, as you can wear it anytime, whether for a swim, fishing, or water skiing. 

5. Shock resistance

Casio is the first-ever brand to introduce a shock-resistant watch. This is the greatest feature that makes Casio watches stand out among other brands. Casio's watchmaker and engineer ensured to create watches with tough and rough pieces that would last a lifetime.

Casio's Design Philosophy and Technology

‘Creativity and contribution’ are the brand's main creed in producing great timepieces. In every watch they release, it is always after the company's strong commitment to contributing something original and useful that many people can use.

The company believes that a product made out of innovation can truly assist in people's everyday lives. They always strive every day to ensure that the product they introduced to the market has always met the universal needs, which means providing manufactured goods and outstanding support and service to their valued customers.

As the year passes by, Casio is also continuously improving the technology it uses in producing timepieces. The company's latest breakthrough is with its latest Casio Pro Trek collection, particularly with the newest Casio Pro Trek PRG270 that features Version 3 of the so-called Triple Sensor engine.

To sum up, this newest version 3 or third-generation system used by the brand incorporates everything that every individual has loved about ABC watches, but it's much, much better. This newest version has a lot of remarkable features to offer; it improved the sensor's precision and the usability of the watch.

Famous Patrons of Casio

Just because Casio watches are affordable does not mean they do not offer great timepieces. In fact, several celebrities, fictional movie heroes, and wealthy individuals are fans of the Casio watch. Here are some of the lists of prominent individuals seen wearing timepiece from Casio:

In the science fiction film titled Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly was spotted wearing a classic Casio CA53W Twincept Databank, in the film's part where he went back to the future.

Casio watches are also spotted even on the richest men in the world, such as Bill Gates, and prominent figures like Robert Mueller. Despite being affluent and able to afford all of the world's most expensive watches, the fact that they prefer to wear a Casio watch says a lot about the brand.  

Another celebrity spotted wearing a Casio G-Shock DW290 was Tom Cruise during his film Mission: Impossible. In the second installment of the film, he wore another Casio watch, the G-Shock DW6900, and then upgraded to G-Shock MTG910D during the third film of Mission: Possible, released in 2006.

Casio Watches: Durable Watches That Won’t Break the Bank

If you're looking for a timepiece based on your budget but still don't want to compromise its quality, opting for a Casio watch is definitely a great decision. This is a brand that ensures to provide high-caliber watches in line with your needs, style, and preferences. With the brand’s wide variety of collections, these watches are the perfect option if you want to own a premium watch that has all the features you need and more!

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