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Great dealer. Super quick shipping. I now have six Sumo’s and the SPB181J1 is by far my favorite!
by Eugene D.
Great transaction
by Dr Chris F.
Quick replies. Everything as expected.
by Fernando M.
Great purchasing experience! Very good communication throughout the process.
by scott k.
All went well, including international shipping.Great price / Great service.
by Sam N.
Excellent Dealer!
by Ibrahil H.
Thank you!
by Maxwell S.
I was hesitant with some of the reviews. I wasn’t purchasing the most expensive watch, so I figured I would take the risk. I was pleasantly surprised with the speed and quality of the transactions. Thank you!
by Mike M.
You will Be very happy With this dealer
by Eric J.
Shipping was a little slow, especially since they are so close to my location. Otherwise, great price and great service!
by Béla
by Cosell Bell
Excellent service have nothing but good…
Excellent service have nothing but good things to say about site order came as expected✊
by Antorenzo Jackson
Best watch i ever owned
Best watch i ever owned in my entire life came from this business her. All gold michael kors fashion watch. Nice price. It’s just the shipping that had took forever. Even tho i paid for 2 day shipping. Took a week. So don’t pay the extra money. Choose regular shipping. Samething
by Ken Bass
I’m going to be 110% honest. I had my concerns. I ordered an omega seamaster, and chose this site on a whim (what can I say, impulse buy). Immediately I felt that familiar sick feeling, especially with a boutique less than an hour away. *BUT* everything went fine. Quick customer service response the next day after I sent a question, and the watch came with all paperwork, cards, and boxes. I will consider them highly for my next purchase. The watch arrived VERY well packaged (to include it being better secured for shipping inside the display box), no fingerprints, scratches or the like. All hang tags were present and on the watch.
by Richard Ye
Watchshopping demonstrated a high commitment to customer satisfaction
I ordered a new Omega watch from Watchshopping, and was disappointed to have it arrive without the accompanying papers. This is a key part of the authentication and the value of the watch (along with the original box).I called their customer support line and was immediately answered by one of their agents. They were sympathetic and assured me that they would look into the situation. After emailing them a picture of the package (without the papers), they called me back saying that they were looking into it. Naturally, I had my doubts, but they were at least in part relieved by phone calls and email updates over the next couple of days, informing me that they were still looking into the issue. This assured me that my case was a rare incident that they were treating seriously.After a few days, I got another update over the phone informing me that the papers had been found. Evidently, the watch that I had purchased was shown on display, and the papers were probably inadvertently left out during the packing process. They express shipped me the papers, and everything now checks out.And, by the way, the watch itself was examined and measured professionally, and was found to be 100% genuine. An absolutely stellar customer service experience -- missteps happen in life, and it's what happens afterwards that counts. In this case, Watchshopping did the right thing, every step of the way.
by Leigh Peckham
Great company
I've used this company twice so far and they have been great. They do exactly what they advertise doing and that sadly seems like a rarity nowadays. Top notch company. Will recommend.
by Amy Hamid
The watch was nice loved it!!!came in a…
The watch was nice loved it!!!came in a very secure nice packing
by Gwyneth Smith
Excellent. The watch is beautiful and the packaging and everything included is superb. Very happy with this purchase and will be back for more.
by customer
The item descriptions were accurate
The item descriptions were accurate. I think the price is kindof high considering the product. The part that goes into the hole to close the watch around your wrist, is very short making it difficult to latch.
by Cecilie
Always pleased with the quality and the…
Always pleased with the quality and the rapid and professional response from staff. Cannot fault NYTHING.
by Alasdair Bailey
First time review
I asked several questions initially as to condition if the watch came with box, papers etcPrompt accurate friendly replies with no urgency to push for sale, willing to answer further questions if requiredKept up to date with sale, posting and delivery detailsWithout any reservation I would recommend this company and appreciated their excellent customer service
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