Used Omega Watches: Tips on Buying One

Purchasing a new watch from Omega can cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 in today’s market. While those prices are accessible for a tiny percentage of the population, they aren’t for most others. As a result, collectors often buy used watches. This practice lowers their costs substantially, while at the same time giving them a timepiece that is every bit as good as a new one. Unfortunately, doing so comes with a bit of risk, as purchasing a used watch is less reliable than brand new. I offer some tips on buying used Omega watches in the sections below.

Omega Speedmaster

Used Omega Watches: Understand What Makes a Seller Risky

The biggest mistake you can make is choosing the wrong seller. These people can scam you in two ways:

  • Not Delivering – In the first example, the seller you choose doesn’t send you a watch at all. Whether it be on eBay or through an unestablished website, this person will take your money and never deliver your Omega. This outcome is relatively uncommon.
  • Under Delivering – Our second example is much more prevalent. It is under delivering, which frequently happens when the watch you receive doesn’t match the website’s photos and description.

When choosing a seller, look at sales history, pictures of the product, and how clean the website looks. If they have no track record, blurry photos, or a poorly constructed site, then it is best to find someone else.

Choose a Reputable Dealer

Find a reputable dealer like Watchshopping.com! The following are a few indications of a reliable seller.

Omega Seamaster

  • Professional Website – Though looks can be deceiving, having an aesthetically pleasing and functional website is always a positive sign.
  • Good Looking Pictures – Blurry photos or ones that don’t match the watch you want are both negative indicators. Choose a seller with high-quality pictures instead.
  • Customer Support – The best vendors on the internet have customer support that you can chat with or email at any time.
  • Content – When someone is a scammer, they generally don’t put a lot of time into their website. Having blog posts, YouTube videos, or social media accounts is a sign of legitimacy.

Remember the Cost of Service

At this point, you’ve settled on a reputable seller and it is time to buy your Omega watch. One thing that you have to remember is how much it will cost to service your new timepiece. Most manufacturers recommend taking their products into an expert every 5 years. Each time that will run you a few hundred dollars, so be sure to note that when looking at your financial situation.

Omega Seamaster

Another issue you often run into is watches needing servicing right away, as they are more than 5 years old and perhaps have not had the service they need. This will add to your purchase price because you will need to spend some amount of money right away.

Used Omega Watches: Look for Dents and Scratches

When you buy a new watch, you never have to think about the condition of it. Presumably, it has never been worn, so there should not be any damage. Used Omega watches are different. They’ve generally been worn a fair amount before you ever get your hands on them, so there is always a risk of minor damage. You can defend against this by requesting photos of the watch and inspecting them carefully. Doing so should reveal any imperfections.

Omega Seamaster

Get the Box and Papers (If Possible)

Optimally, your purchase will come with the original box and papers. This means that in addition to the watch, you’ll receive its packaging and the documentation that proves its legitimacy. If you purchase a relatively new watch, you should get one or both of these. Older timepieces have a higher risk of not having either of them. Ultimately, the box and papers aren’t required, but they are nice to have.

Buy What You Like

This is a tip for all watch buyers, and it definitely applies to purchasing a used Omega. If you love the Seamaster or Speedmaster, you’re making an excellent choice. That said, you don’t need to go with a big-name model. A different timepiece might speak to you, and you should choose whichever you like best. The good thing about Omega is that they are an exceptional brand, and any watch you buy from them should impress.

Omega Speedmaster

Enjoy Your New Watch! 

Once you get your Omega in the mail, it is time to start enjoying it. Some of you will make it your everyday watch, while others will keep it under wraps and only bring it out for special occasions. However you plan to use it, I ask that you enjoy it. Collecting timepieces is one of the most enjoyable hobbies in the world and purchasing used Omega watches is an excellent way to explore it.

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