Statement Watches: What Your Timepiece Says

Looking for a watch that speaks for itself? Statement watches do just that. Putting a watch on your wrist has a larger impact than a simple fashion accessory. The world sees the timepiece that you choose to wear so make sure it represents you.

The Mixed Messages of Rolex

Welcome to the complicated world of Rolex. The iconic brand often sends differing and even conflicting messages. While a Rolex exudes a sense of sophistication and success, it also risks looking like overcompensation. Like the mid-life crisis decision to go out and buy a flashy sports car, you may look like you are trying too hard to impress. It depends on what you wear and how you wear it.

Rolex Submariner

A Rolex Submariner is a show of masculinity. Made famous by rugged movie icons from Steve McQueen to James Bond, the Submariner is a time-honored style statement that inevitably comes with a touch of testosterone. It’s a sports watch for the well-heeled, worn with a custom-tailored suit as easily as with a casual-chic ensemble that says your conservative side seamlessly blends with a bold desire for exploration.

Flashier Rolex models offer quite different messaging. Sporting a gold Yacht Master indicates you want to be seen as you cruise around town in your sure-to-get-noticed luxury car. A steel Rolex Datejust flips that script, telling the world that you appreciate elegance but also value functionality and downplay the need for attention. A Rolex Daytona is all about action. Like the world of high-end racing that inspired the classic watch, you like a fast lifestyle filled with glamorous people and have the cash to keep the adventure going.

Rolex Datejust

“Sporty But Still Practical”

While titans of business and fashion-forward watch aficionados may gravitate to Rolex, lovers of active lifestyles lean more toward Omega. A classic Omega Speedmaster offers luxury and durability that says you’re equally at home on the golf course or hiking the Himalayas. You’ve chosen a luxury timepiece that can take a few bumps and hold up to get passed down as a family heirloom. You’re precise, dependable and have a sense of upscale style. Your watch should be the same.

Omega Speedmaster

“Well Rounded and Appreciate Understatement”

While it may cost as much as a Rolex, an IWC is much less known and not as likely to get recognized as a pricey timepiece. And that’s a good thing! Someone who wears an IWC Portugieser showcases their exquisite taste with no need to show it off to the world. Other like-minded people will appreciate the classic Swiss watch.

IWC Portugieser

An IWC shows you are comfortable in your achievements and need not be defined by your watch. With the elegance of a Patek Phillippe, upscale vibe of a Rolex and boldness of a Breitling, an IWC can go with a sharp suit or sporty weekend wear with equal ease.


Slipping a splashy Hublot Big Bang or bold-faced TAG Heuer on your wrist tells the world you’ve come to have a good time and want to be seen doing it. You’re given to forward-fashion style with sleeves rolled up to convey both a vibe of laid-back luxury and to show off your timepiece.

Hublot Big Bang

Larger models made of precious metals with brash faces tell all you’re successful and you want them to know it. You may not be begging for attention but that watch you are flashing is sure to get some.

“Up for Adventure”

Want to let the world know you’re ready to shove off and discover new lands? Slip on a Panerai Luminor. Developed for special forces in the Italian Navy, Panerai is both durable and dripping with a sense of Old World style.

Panerai Luminor

You like your suits well cut, steaks rare and could be heading off to skydive or scuba along exotic shores at a moment’s notice. Breitling is another brand that tells the world that adventure is at hand.

“I’ve Made It”

Putting one of the world’s most-expensive watches on your wrist broadcasts an unmistakable message that you breathe the rare air of the ultra-successful. But you need not be uptight about it. The classic design of a Patek Philippe Nautilus gives off a sense of simple elegance with just a hint of a sporty side.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

You may be among the world’s elite with an appreciation for life’s finer things but don’t make a big show of it. Why go bold on your wrist when your success speaks for itself?

But the most important element in the message you send the world is you. Statement watches will help you out with that. Stay true to a sense of style that matches how you feel and how both you and your watch are perceived will follow.

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