Everything You Need to Know About Seiko 5 Watches

Almost every watch collector runs into the same dilemma when they begin their horology hobby — finding a healthy balance between low prices and high quality. The former is essential because most do not want to make a massive financial investment when they’re just a beginner. The latter is crucial too, given that you’ll want to find a piece you can fall in love with and build your collection around. Luckily, there is one family of watches that represents both of those desires: The Seiko 5. Below, I’ll go over why these timepieces are so popular and provide three picks for you to check out right away.

Excellent Hardware

When you’re spending under $150 on a watch, you might be a little skeptical of the materials of it. But it’s a little different with Seiko. This Japanese brand manages to pack as much high quality into their pieces as possible. The result is a relatively high grade of steel making up the metal portions of these watches, a reliable automatic movement, and useful complications.

front view of Seiko 5 black dial watch
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The most impressive of those features is likely the movement, which functions well beyond this price range. With most other brands, you’d be getting conventional quartz machinery at this price. Seiko breaks bucks that trend by providing excellent in-house movements at a radically low price.

A Versatile Range of Looks

The next thing I love about the Seiko 5 line is the aesthetic versatility of its models. Perhaps the most popular of the entire bunch is the SNK805. It is a rugged green field watch that is perfect for outdoor adventures. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the SNK789, a classy dress watch that fits in at luxury events. What this trend means for you is that you can enjoy the reliable Seiko 5 movement in just about any type of watch. You can also purchase a few of them and have a piece for any occasion that might come up.

front view of Seiko 5 white dial watch
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One of the Best Brands on the Market

One of the things you find when you delve into the watch community is that Seiko is by far the most loved affordable brand out there. While almost no bad things are said about brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe, their products can be a little out of reach when it comes to the pricing for most people. Seiko, on the other hand, is highly accessible.

front view of Seiko 5 watch

What you hear over and over again from experts are that these watches have the quality of pieces that are much more expensive than them. This assertion is not some marketing tagline that this brand pays people to say, either. It is merely an opinion that you come to after handling a wide array of brands and individual watches. The esteem that Seiko has gives you peace of mind when ordering. That feeling comes from knowing that you’re getting great value out of your purchase.

Three Most Popular Models

Though there are scores of Seiko 5 models, let’s go over three of the most popular of them. I’ve selected these because they are well reviewed and represent a diverse range of styles.

  • The Classy Dress Watch (SNK789) – This piece is everything you’d ever want out of a dress watch. First, you have the small, minimalist, white dial which gives it a classy look. Next, you get a simple silver case that doesn’t attract too much attention. Combine those aesthetic components with the movement inside and you have a watch with an incredible amount of value.
front view of Seiko 5 SNK789 watch
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  • The Resilient Diver (SNZF17) – Whether you want a tougher piece or just like the diver style, this model is an excellent option. What many find when they purchase this watch is that it looks and wears like a much more expensive option. That feeling is a fantastic indicator that this piece is a smart pick.
front view of Seiko 5 SNZF17 watch
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  • The Functional Field Piece (SNK805) – This model might be the most popular of the entire Seiko 5 family. It is good looking, well built, and has thousands of reviews to back up its quality. One of the great things about it is that you can customize the coloring as you wish. While I like the green aesthetic of the SNK805 best, you can opt for SNK807 or SNK809 if you want to switch it up. No matter which color you choose, you’ll be getting a piece of horological mastery.
front view of Seiko 5 SNK805 watch
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Seiko 5 Conclusion 

The Seiko 5 is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to find a happy medium between affordability and quality. This esteemed Japanese brand manages to put together products with fantastic craftsmanship and materials, while still keeping the price of almost every piece under $150. If you choose to get one, there is practically no doubt that you’ll be satisfied with it. So, don’t be afraid of making a purchase if one calls out to you. The odds are that whichever piece you pick will end up will be staple in your rotation for years to come.

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