Rolex Starbucks: A Review of the Rolex 126610LV

Folks who are into watch collections know that the timepieces from Rolex are just about the most prestigious luxury watches money can buy you. Consider, for instance, the highly-coveted Rolex Submariner series. 

The Rolex Submariner is famous for establishing the dominance of dive watches in the horological industry. As part of this repute, many Rolex Submariners are given a certain elite status and identity. This is why many popular Rolex Submariner models, like the Rolex Bluesy and the Rolex Smurf, have their own catchy nicknames. This also helps to distinguish each model in the eyes of the public. 

In this article, we will be looking at a brand-new Submariner model: the Rolex Submariner Ref. 126610LV-0002. Despite its recency, the Ref. 126610LV-0002 has already received its own clever nickname, with many watch enthusiasts referring to it as the Rolex Starbucks. As one of the latest releases from the acclaimed Swiss watch brands, we are indeed intrigued by what Rolex Starbucks has to offer. Read on to find out more about the Rolex Starbucks, including its brief background and all its specifications. 

Overview of the Rolex Starbucks

Front View of Rolex Submariner Ref. 126610LV-0002 Starbucks
Image by: Rolex

Not even the pandemic could get in the way of Rolex releasing a new and handsome Rolex Submariner piece. Launched in September 2020, the Rolex Starbucks is quite a fresh entry into the watch industry. It is widely available in the market today.  

As we mentioned, Rolex is quite well-known for its intriguing naming conventions. For decades, watch enthusiasts have gotten into the habit of associating specific Rolex models with famous figures and things in the field of popular culture. The Rolex Submariner Ref. 126610LV-0002, in particular, gained its name because its green-and-black colorway resembles the logo of the popular coffee chain, Starbucks. The Rolex Starbucks joins the ranks of other iconic green-themed Submariners like the Rolex Kermit and the Rolex Hulk

Some people also refer to the Rolex Starbucks as the discontinued Rolex Kermit, because of its near-identical color palette. However, it should be noted that the Rolex Starbucks is actually far more advanced than the Rolex Kermit. It is packed with brand-new in-house construction and runs on the brand’s latest innovative movement. 

Unlike vintage Submariners, you will not have any difficulty finding this watch in the market today. In fact, you can easily buy one in official Rolex stores and, of course, on our own WatchShopping website

Anatomy of the Rolex Starbucks

Case and caseback

Case of Rolex-Submariner-Ref-126610LV-0002-Starbucks

The Rolex Starbucks is presented in a 41mm case. It is made from the brand’s patented Oystersteel material. This case has a height of 12.4mm and a lug-to-lug width of 47.6mm. With these measurements, the Rolex Starbucks is relatively chunky. It will fit very nicely on medium-to-large-sized wrists. That said, if you have a slimmer wrist and you enjoy wearing oversized watches, the Rolex Starbucks can still serve as a great choice.  

The watch’s robust Oystersteel composition makes it highly resistant to all sorts of cosmetic wear and tear such as corrosion and rust. In addition, the surface of the case is treated with a lovely satin finish, which is consistent with the finish on the watch’s lugs. This is contrasted against the polished flanks on both sides of the Rolex Starbucks’ case. This captivating interplay of different finishes gives the Rolex Starbucks a very visually interesting quality so that it has an especially lustrous look. 

Flipping the Rolex Starbucks over, you will find a plain screw-down caseback. Like the rest of the case, this caseback is also made from solid Oystersteel. It is tightly screwed down, keeping the watch’s movement safe from any impacts or water damage. 


Bezel of Rolex-Submariner-Ref-126610LV-0002-Starbucks
Image by: Rolex

One of the most distinctive aspects of any Rolex Submariner watch is its bezel. Like its Submariner peers, the Rolex Starbucks is equipped with a 60-click unidirectional Oystersteel bezel. It has knurled edges, which provide wearers with a better grip so they can turn it more easily. This is especially useful when you are trying to turn the bezel with wet hands or while wearing thick diving gloves. 

The Rolex Starbucks’ bezel is fitted with a striking green Cerachrom bezel insert. It bears a 60-minute track for the watch’s elapsed time scale. Thanks to its high-tech Cerachrom composition, this bezel is also extremely scratch-proof and will not fade over time. The bezel also has a clean, polished finish. This gives it an exquisite shine, allowing it to strike an extraordinary contrast against the watch’s jet-black dial. 

One advantage of having a bezel that only rotates unidirectionally is that you can prevent any accidental adjustment or backplay. This ensures that you will be able to track your elapsed time underwater more accurately. 


Crown of Rolex-Submariner-Ref-126610LV-0002-Starbucks

On the right side of the Rolex Starbucks’ case, you can find a polished screw-down crown. This crown has grooved, teeth-like edges, which give the wearer a trouble-free way of winding it. On the left and right side of the crown, you can find two hefty crown guards made from Oystersteel. These help keep the crown safe from any accidental impacts or shocks. 

In addition, this crown is built with the brand’s innovative Triplock system. This offers top-notch security against the entry of any water, moisture, or dust. Thanks to its screw-down caseback and Triplock crown, the Rolex Starbucks has an outstanding depth rating of 300 meters. This makes it the perfect dive watch for all your underwater conquests like deep-sea diving, scuba diving, and more. 

The top of the crown bears a delicate stamp of Rolex’s iconic crown emblem, adding an air of refinement to the Rolex Starbucks. Below the crown logo, you can find three small dots. These signify that the crown is equipped with a Triplock system. 


Dial of Rolex-Submariner-Ref-126610LV-0002-Starbucks
Image by: Rolex

The Rolex Starbucks shows off a very straightforward and easy-to-read dial that is a signature of all Rolex Submariner watches. This dial has a stark black finish, which stands out in sharp relief against the metallic green bezel and all-silver watch case. It is decorated with luminous hour indices in various geometric shapes, classic Rolex Mercedes hands, and a magnified date display at 3 o’clock.   

Rolex also treats its dial with an in-house luminous pigment known as Chromalight. This lume glows a vibrant, neon blue in the dark and is said to last for up to eight hours. It helps to light up the watch face, so wearers can read the time easily even when in the dark or underwater. 

Finally, this dial is protected by a layer of sapphire crystal. As the most expensive watch crystal available on the mark, it is highly scratch-resistant and also shock-proof. It also keeps the dial away from any external damage like water, dust, or dirt.


Bracelet of Rolex-Submariner-Ref-126610LV-0002-Starbucks

The Rolex Starbucks is paired with an elegant three-link Oyster bracelet. Much like the watch case, this bracelet also comes with a mesh of different finishes. It has satin-finished top links, while the sides of the links are given a glossy polished finish. 

This watch is also equipped with the brand’s Oysterlock system, which is an in-house safety deployant clasp. This deployant clasp comes with an additional flap, which ensures that the strap is securely fastened to your wrist and will not come loose at any time. Engraved on the center of the extra flap is an image of Rolex’s crown logo, which further boosts this watch’s luxurious demeanor. 

In addition, located underneath the watch’s clasp is a built-in Glidelock clasp extension. This allows you to adjust the length of the Oyster bracelet so that it fits nicely even when you are wearing a diving suit. 


The Rolex Starbucks runs on an in-house Perpetual Caliber 3235 movement. This self-winding automatic movement is held together by 31 jewels and beats at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz). It has an incredible power reserve of 70 hours or approximately three days. It also possesses an excellent accuracy rate of -2/+2 seconds per day.

As one of Rolex’s most advanced movements, the Caliber 3235 is equipped with the innovative Parachrom Bleu hairspring. This boosts the movement’s resistance to strong magnetic fields and extreme temperature fluctuations. The Caliber 3235 is also highly resistant to shocks, which further proves the absolute durability of this state-of-the-art movement.


Rolex watches are famous for their expensive price tags. As one of the latest creations from Rolex, the Rolex Starbucks certainly does not deviate in that respect. It has an exorbitant price tag of $19,599 USD. On the whole, the Rolex Starbucks is a great investment watch that will surely appreciate in price in the future. 

Alternatives to the Rolex Starbucks

If you want something a little different, or if the Rolex Starbucks is too expensive for your tastes, we have listed down a few excellent alternatives below. 

1. Rolex Submariner Ref. 16610 50anniv

Front View of Rolex Submariner Ref. 16610 50anniv

If you have the budget for it and would like to invest in a more expensive Submariner piece, take a look at the Rolex Submariner Ref. 16610 50anniv. This 50th-anniversary piece from Rolex is encased in a 40mm stainless steel case, along with a three-link bracelet made from the same material. Its jet-black dial is adorned with luminescent geometric hour indices, Mercedes hands, and a magnified date window at 3 o’clock. 

Affixed to the top of the watch’s case is a polished, lime green unidirectional bezel. This elapsed time scale bezel is the source of this watch’s ‘Rolex Kermit’ nickname. Underneath this handsome watch face, you can find an in-house Perpetual Caliber 3135 movement. Held together by 31 jewels, this self-winding movement has a beat frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz) and a solid power supply of 50 hours. Much like the recent Rolex Starbucks, this watch also has a depth rating of 300 meters.

Rolex has discontinued the production of this anniversary watch since 2010, so finding one can be a little difficult. Fortunately, we still carry them on our website. You can get your hands on this rare Rolex Submariner watch for $33,299 USD.

2. Oris Aquis Ref. 01 733 7730 4157-07 4 24 64EB

Front View of Oris Aquis Ref. 01 733 7730 4157-07 4 24 64EB

If you are looking for a robust alternative to the Rolex Starbucks, check out this dive piece from Oris. The Oris Aquis Ref. 01 733 7730 4157-07 4 24 64EB utilizes a 43.5mm stainless steel case and a sturdy black rubber strap. On top of the watch case is a 60-click unidirectional rotating bezel in steel. Like the Rolex Starbucks, it is also equipped with a green ceramic elapsed time scale insert. This bezel is complemented by a dark green metallic dial, which is filled with luminous hour indices, thick hands, and a compact date aperture at 6 o’clock. 

This Oris Aquis timepiece is driven by an in-house Caliber 733. Based on the Sellita SW200-1 movement, this self-winding automatic movement beats at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz) and has a standard power reserve of 38 hours. Similar to the Rolex Starbucks, this Oris Aquis watch also possesses an impressive water resistance of 300 meters, making it a perfect dive piece to use for your various deep-sea adventures. 

This good-looking Oris timepiece retails at $2,000 USD.

3. Citizen Promaster Ref. NY0084-89E

Front View of Citizen Promaster Ref. NY0084-89E

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative, check out the Citizen Promaster Ref. NY0084-89E. This Citizen dive watch is packed in a 42mm stainless steel case. It showcases the same green elapsed time scale bezel and jet-black dial as the Rolex Starbucks. The dial is furnished with luminous geometric hour indices, oversized syringe hands, and a day-date complication at 3 o’clock. 

This dive watch runs on an in-house Caliber 8203 movement. Fitted with 21 jewels, this manual-winding movement beats at 21,600 vibrations per hour (3Hz) and has an accuracy rate of +/-5 seconds per day. It also has a standard power reserve of 48 hours. In addition, this Citizen Promaster watch also showcases an unusual placement of its crown at 8 o’clock. This makes it the best choice for lefties who wear their watches on their right wrist.

This Citizen dive watch sells at a budget-friendly price of just $259 USD.

Final Thoughts

After delving into the Rolex Starbucks, we have come to the conclusion that it is without a doubt one of the best creations from Rolex today. The Swiss craftsmanship poured into crafting this alluring masterpiece completely reflects how Rolex watches are meticulously produced. 

If you have the money, now may be the perfect time to grab this perfect watch, which is truly a treasure worth keeping.

All images courtesy of WatchShopping website, unless otherwise stated.

Photo Credits: Rolex. Featured image courtesy of Rolex.

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