A Closer Look at the Rolex Root Beer

The Rolex Root Beer has a very mesmerizing history. The antique and classic appearance attracts all collectors. Die-hard fans were very happy when the Rolex released the Root Beer at the Baselworld 2019. This year Rolex brought back the classic iconic model back to the pages. The first GMT watch by Rolex was released in 1954. Just like the airline Pan Am – Pan American Airways, the GMT watches featured a two-tone red and blue bezel. By the specific request of the airline, Rolex created a watch that could show two zones simultaneously.


The Rolex GMT was then created with that specification. It had a 24-hour bezel that can be set by the GMT hand placed on the dial to display local and home times both. Rolex GMT-Master, which was carved to produce the big name of the Root Beer, was the first model to be created by Rolex.

The creative juices really begin to flow in when it came to the GMT-Master collection. The GMT-Master (and subsequently the GMT-Master II) inserted in the red and blue bezel is known as “Pepsi” and the other inserted in the red and black bezel is known as “Coke.” Not to mention, of course, the star of this article – the “Root Beer,” recognized by its black and gold bezel.

Rolex Root Beer watch

This unique art piece has a brown dial with a gold and brown bezel. The soda-inspired look of the watch brought up the nickname “Root Beer.” Although this name was never acquired by Rolex themselves, whenever you talk about “Rolex Root Beer,” every collector knows what model you are talking about. The only two-tone model available before Baselworld this year was the 116713 Reference. The watch is accessible with a golden numeral black bezel. Only this year did Rolex decide to add a few new additions to the GMT-M.


The two new GMT-Master IIs are almost similar to the other pieces in the collection for those who are well versed in Rolex. The 40 mm watch is equipped with the typical Oyster monoblock case, renowned for its water-resistant characteristics. It is also coupled with the Oyster bracelet signature.

Likewise, hands design and the dial are similar to their other options, without a few subtle nuances. The two watches are equipped with a black dial with 11 luminescence plots at 3 o’clock position and a date indicator. Perhaps the distinction here is only the material used for the surroundings of the luminescence plot and the hands in which it is properly produced with Everose Gold.


The main differentiating factor is the “Root Beer” bezel insert. The bezel insert has a finish in two different colors, black and brown, and paired with golden numerals. Notably, the bezel insert in the two-tone model is more pronounced compared to the complete Everose Gold version owing to the color contrast.

Rolex Root Beer watch

The GMT-Master II has an arrow-tipped hand that goes around the whole dial once every 24 hours. As well as a 24-hour graduated bezel that can be rotated bidirectionally. The distinctly colored 24-hour hand shows the reference time “home” in the first time zone that can be found on the bezel’s graduations.

The Oyster bracelet is ideal alchemy of shape and function, aesthetics, and technology to be both solid and comfortable. It is fitted with an Oysterlock folding clasp that avoids accidental opening and also has the Rolex exclusive Easylink convenience extension link. This ingenious scheme enables the wearer to increase the length of the bracelet by about 5 mm.

The Movement

The GMT-Master II is driven by Calibre 3285 from Rolex in-house. The self-winding motion is a newly developed caliber and features a total of 10 patents. One of the primary highlights is the power reserve, which is upgraded to about 70 hours by 40 percent.

The movement is also fitted with the fresh escapement from Chronergy. The escapement of Chronergy is a modified Swiss lever escapement. It’s about 15 percent more effective than the traditional Swiss lever. This is achieved by using a thinner pallet fork, lower pallet stone, and a skeletonize escape wheel to reduce the weight of the escape.

Rolex Root Beer watch

The conventional Rolex fares still apply in addition to these fresh characteristics. The movement is protected from shocks and magnetism. Finally, they all have a 5-year warranty, as with all new Rolex watches.


Well, the Root Beer is a beautiful watch for sure. Since Rolex had succeeded in incorporating two distinct colors into its Cerachrom bezel, we expected the Geneva-based manufacturer to come up with both the GMT-Master II “Pepsi” and “Root Beer” versions.

The two-tone version between the two parts is our top choice. The contrast is merely amazing, and it certainly emphasizes the timepiece’s star, which is the insert bezel.

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