Farer Watches: The Watch Brand You Should Know

We love introducing you to new watch brands—whether we stock them or not. The horological community is one that thrives on learning and so we share the knowledge at every available opportunity.

Today, we’ll be sharing everything there is to know about Farer watches and why this is one brand to watch out for.

About Farer

Farer is one of the youngest successful watch brands on the market today. The Britain-based brand was established by four watch-loving friends in 2015 in response to the shortage of affordable vintage watches. The brand operates entirely online and has no retail relationships nor do they plan on developing any soon.

Although Farer watches are British designed, they are Swiss-made which makes them of the highest quality. It is amongst the few watch brands that are truly boutique and employs only 1 – 10 people including the brand’s quartet of founders: Ben Lewin, Jono Holt, Paul Sweetenham & Stuart Finlayson.

front view of Farer Stark 2 watch
Source: Farer official website

The name of the company, Farer, speaks to its ideal customer. Seafarer, wayfarer, farfarer, and the likes. Farer watches are designed with durability and affordability in mind but also focus on stylishness, premium Swiss design & a spirit of adventure.

In addition to its watches, Farer also produces an assortment of handmade hide watch rolls, as well as a range of different watch straps. Its strap selection includes those made from stainless steel, mesh, Cordovan leather, Horween leather, Barenia birdle leather, as well as perforated natural rubber and Italian calf leather.

Farer Watches

Now that you know a bit more about the brand and its products, let’s focus on what’s really important: its watches. Before we take a closer look at two of the brand’s most notable watches, let’s take a look at Farers watch collection.

front view of Farer Aqua Compressor watch
Source: Farer official website
  • Chronograph sport: the Moritz, the Cresta, and the Bernina.
  • Chronograph automatic: The Cobb, the Eldridge, and the Seagrave.
  • World timer automatic: the Aldrich, the Markham, and the Roche.
  • GMT automatic: the Oxley Silver Le, the Lander III, and the Oxley Black Le.
  • Aqua compressor automatic: the Hecla, the Endeavour, and the Leven.
  • 37mm hand-wound: the Stanhope, the Lansdell, and the Hudson.
  • Three-hand automatic: the Hopewell II, the Beagle II, and the Endurance II.
  • Quartz: the Fairford, the Elvington, the Pendine, the Ainsdale, the Stark II, and the Frobisher II.

The Bernina

The Bernina is Farer’s most notable watch. It’s a chronograph sports watch that acted as the official timekeeper of 2019’s Bernina Gran Turismo. The Bernina is constructed with 316L stainless steel, polished steel, a bronze cap, and sapphire crystal glass. It features 3 sub-dials; a ceramic bezel and a racing-inspired design complete with engraved racing red tachymeter scale.

front view of Farer Bernina watch
Source: Farer official website

It is water-resistant up to 10 ATM, has a Sellita SW510 BH Elabore grade movement, and has a 58-hour power reserve when fully wound. It comes standard with a navy-colored perforated Barenia sports strap, but you can swap that strap out for many other options.

The Hudson

The Hudson is one of Farer’s 37mm hand-wound watches and has been designed with true horological enthusiasts who prefer more traditional watchmaking in mind. This timepiece is named after 17th century English sea explorer Henry Hudson which speaks to the brand’s ethos. This vintage-looking watch has been constructed with polished silver steel, stainless steel, and sapphire crystal.

It has a sunray sea-blue triple stepped dial that not only looks beautiful but adjusts in color according to the time of day or night. The Hudson features a Swiss Made ETA 7001 movement, has a 42-hour power reserve when fully wound, and is water-resistant up to 5 ATM. You can choose from a few different strap options.

front view of Farer Hudson watch
Source: Farer official website
  • Perforated leather: Take your pick from tan, black, or denim perforated strap options
  • Barenia strap: Black, green, tan, chestnut, or navy barenia strap options are available. As are XL barenia straps in tan and navy. Bear in mind that this strap option increases the total cost of the watch.
  • Mesh: A sleek and stylish Milanese mesh option is also available. Maybe you appreciate a modern touch to a vintage design. Bear in mind that this is the most expensive strap option. So the cost to purchase the Hudson increases by $20.

Final Thoughts

As far as watch brands go, we can say with certainty that a prosperous future lies ahead for Farer as a brand. Farer watches are all about resonating with the modern-day consumer.

What do you say? Will you be trying to give Farer a chance? All Farer watches have a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. Each watch’s movement has a 5-year warranty. So instead of taking our word for it, see what the brand has to offer for yourself.

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