Best Watch Brands for Different Price Ranges

One of the hardest aspects of purchasing a watch is simply knowing where to start. There are thousands of watch brands out there, so it is normal to be overwhelmed by choosing which to buy from. The good news is that you are not shooting in the dark when you make this decision. Instead, there are a handful of timepiece companies that have separated themselves from the rest of the market due to their excellent reputations. Below, we go through those best watch brands and options and different price ranges as well.

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Affordable – $100 USD and Below

Looking for good watch brands? If you don’t have a lot of cash  to invest in your watch, this is a good price range to look into. Alternatively, if you need any everyday watch that is likely to get dirty or beat up, you probably don’t want to spend a significant amount of money on it. Either way, you can still purchase a high-quality watch, even if you are only paying a double-digit sum.

Timex – This watch brand has gained a well-deserved reputation for producing reliable watches at the most affordable price possible. Their two specialties are simple quartz movements and digital displays, both of which shouldn’t cost you more than $50 USD. While Timex may not be the top watch brands for men, it’s definitely liked by many.

Casio – Though some of the most versatile Casio watches push $100 USD, most of their pieces come in at under $50 USD. Just like Timex, they are a well-respected name in the watch world and make reliable products that are built to last. Casio definitely falls in the category of good watch brands for men.

closer view of Casio Edifice black dial watch

Entry Level – $1000 USD and Below

This price range comes with a bit more craftsmanship and design. The movements in this category are often quartz, but many of these brands also produce reliable automatic watches. This is an excellent tier for shoppers that have a bit of money to spend but don’t prefer to go more than $1,000 USD.

Fossil – This watch brand has gained a reputation for producing trendy, well-made watches in a variety of price ranges. At the lower end, you’ll find simple quartz watches for around $75 USD. On the upper end, you can purchase automatic watches for $200 USD.

Seiko – Perhaps the most respected watch name in this tier is Seiko, who famously makes ultra-reliable Japanese movements. In fact, this brand invented the quartz movement, which has taken over the affordable watch market. If you opt for a higher priced piece, you can also get a well-made automatic piece.

side view of Seiko dive watch

Starter Luxury – $10,000 USD and Below

This price range includes watches that eclipse $1,000 USD, but usually not by too much. Unlike other tiers, these watches often include handmade aspects and almost always have automatic movements. If you have some money to spend and want excellent quality, the following companies are fantastic choices.

Oris – This Swiss watch brand is famous for producing luxury quality pieces at a somewhat lower price point than competitors. The combination of reliability and attractive designs makes this brand an excellent choice.

Omega – Not only is this watch brand the official sponsor of James Bond, but it also was the first on the moon. Flashy accolades aside, it has a long history of success and customer satisfaction, allowing you to shop worry-free. Omega is definitely one of the best watch brands for men.

Omega Seamaster black dial watch with orange bezel on its side

Mid-Tier Luxury – $20,000 USD and Below

This tier includes some of the most famous and well-known watch brands on the market. Here, you’ll be shopping for products that are primarily handmade, have incredible craftsmanship, and boast extraordinary quality. They won’t come cheap, though, as many of them cost upwards of $10,000 USD.

Rolex – Though there are many watches in this price range, Rolex separates itself from the rest. Not only are their pieces incredibly reliable and attractive, but the reputation surrounding their brand is simply unmatched. When you choose Rolex, you know exactly what you are getting. It’s in the top 10 watch brands and is a top tier timepiece.

side view of Rolex Submariner black dial watch on different leather straps

Ultra-Luxury – More Than $20,000 USD

If you can afford this price range, you are most likely to get a top-quality watch. Not only are they well built, but they are often made from ultra-expensive materials like pure gold or precious stones. If you choose this tier, you’ll likely spend more than $20,000, but the quality will match the price tag. These take nice watch brands to another level.

Audemars Piguet – Two things make Audemars Piguet watches utterly irresistible. The first is their distinct aesthetic, which is instantly recognizable. Second, they take incredible care in crafting each piece to be an embodiment of perfection. These two factors combined make AP a great option.

Patek Philippe – This famous luxury watch brand has been seen in the wrists of Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart and countless other celebrities. In the watch world, it has an unassailable reputation for producing elegant, attractive watches. If you ever get your hands on one, you will understand where this prestige comes from.

While the watch market may seem intimidating at first, once you understand the basics, you can purchase with confidence. We hope this article has done that for you. Now it’s time to get shopping! Remember you have so many options when it comes to nice watch brands. Just choose your desired price range and don’t just choose popular watch brands because of their names.

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