The market of horology is one big fat bundle of surprises and a pleasant source of amazement for watch enthusiasts. The industry, due to horology tycoons and their application, has taken a new turn. Hello, smartwatches.

For watch enthusiasts, Switzerland is heaven, not for its scenic natural beauty but for its massive horology market and timepiece assortment with innumerable choices ranging from basic to smartwatches and luxury timepieces.

The number of watch giants is increasing day after day, and so is confusion among enthusiastic buyers. Indeed, it is very tough to decide on which smartwatches are best without a competitor. But, we want to dig deeper into the most enticing timepieces to decide on one that stands out.

1: Samsung Galaxy Watch

One of the most stylish timepieces is Samsung Galaxy watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Galaxy is a beautiful combination of grey and black. It’s a very masculine timepiece, so to speak. There’s a band which is usually a rubber piece with a square-shaped case made of metal.

The case is black while the rubber strap is grey. There are black watch markers and white hands inside the black dial. There’s also a bezel which functions really well.

It has good battery life and needs charging after a couple of days. This watch is a perfect accessory to flaunt a jagged look. It can be worn on a cafe-meet up, a concert, or any other similar occasion.

2: Motorolla Moto 360 Sport

This Motorolla Moto 360 Sport is a unisex watch, which means that it would look equally good on men and women. It has a moderate-size leather strap; therefore, it bends towards both wrists. It’s an excellent choice if you’re going for the sporty look too.

Motorolla Moto 360 Sport

It possesses a simple and unembellished look yet it is a very elegant amalgamation of a black round case and a white strap. The piece is water-resistant, and there’s no crown attached beside the case to help the user fix timekeeping, unlike luxury watches. Although it is a sports product, nothing keeps an average watch lover from buying it. Its battery life is not that reliable though. It has a short span and needs to be charged frequently.

The screen tech is amazing. The screen of the piece is quite well-built. It depicts some technical creativity of sheer class. Under an average light, it gives the result of a standard LCD display.

It has some colorful indications inside the dial with white hands and a completely black surface. It doesn’t have a sports tracker like some other watches, although, it has several other incredible features.

3: Apple Watch 4

Here comes a masterpiece of the same fall. Apple is one the most celebrated brands manufacturing and selling smart timepieces around the world.

Apple Watch 4

Given that they have a history of marvel and excellence, this Apple Watch 4 product is not expected to disappoint the smartwatch enthusiasts. Your collection would be incomplete without this timepiece.

This timepiece is a wonderful combination of black and silver. It has a silver case and a black band with a buckle. The band is made of rubber hence you can elasticize it. Two push buttons are attached beside the screen.

The large display of this watch is a source of drawing people’s attention toward it. It is as light as air. The look is worth dying for. It is inch-perfect for those who are stalwarts of a sports club or simply have a likelihood for sports.

4: Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is a class apart from the rest in many ways. The look is ridiculously good, beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is an all-black watch with no contrasts.

Fitbit Versa

Since the brand is not among the top-tier brands, the price is comparatively lesser. You can get almost the same features in a relatively less amount. Therefore, it’s an economic choice.

The band and case both are black. Battery life is amazing and can last up for 3-4 days on one-time charging. Water resistance is really bad; it is up to 50m which means that you cannot wear it while taking part in watersports. It has one of the finest fitness tracking systems. The storage for music and battery is up to 3.5 GB.

There are tons of reasons why you might be looking into purchasing a smartwatch, but whatever your reason – we hope you make the right choice for you!

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