Best Casual Watches for Everyday Comfort

Let’s be honest: modern marketing campaigns can prompt you to buy items you don’t really need, or even like. This is especially relevant in the fashion industry where we all wish we can look the way supermodels do. But items you see on a catwalk aren’t always comfortable. Don’t you want something that’s for everyday comfort? Like casual watches perhaps, either a simple watch from Patek Philippe or a tool watch from Seiko?

In that regard, we want to help!

If you need a new watch, but you want to ensure comfort, we’ve created the perfect shopping list for you. By considering weight, materials, diameter, and other specifications, we’ve identified four of the best casual watches you can add to your watch collection.

Don’t worry; we know when it comes to comfort, each person has unique watch preferences. Here, we’ll showcase four models that are appropriate for casual wearing while being comfortable for regular use.

Casio F91W

This design has been around for more than two decades and it’s still a winner; sales figures are still remarkable. Why? Because impressive features were combined with a practical design that you can wear any day of the week.

Casio F91W

The 33mm watch size is on the small size, so it’s ideal if you don’t want a large, bulky item on your arm. It’s also lightweight, so comfort is ensured.

Though the super affordable Casio design is a few years old already, it still has innovative characteristics, such as being waterproof up to 30m. The digital watch provides you with the most important information such as time and date. You also have helpful tools like a stopwatch, so your casual watch can serve you well as a sports watch too.

It’s not the most advanced digital watch on the 2020 market, but the F91W appears to be a consumer favorite; indefinitely!

Citizen Chandler

Not everyone prefers the digital look of the F91W, so why not try the Citizen Chandler BM8180-03E model? Yes, it reminds one of military gear, but this one is one of the most comfortable fits you’ll experience. That is thanks to the 37mm face that isn’t as large as some other tactical watches. You’ll also appreciate the nylon strap. The watch won’t get too heavy or chafe your skin.

Citizen Chandler

It’s stylish enough to wear in most scenarios. Thanks to the date and time, it’s a practical watch. You can upgrade to the AT0200-05E model if you’re also in need of a chronograph watch.

A sturdy buckle keeps it in place so it will fit securely.

This one is comfortable to wear and use, thanks to innovative features. Also, you won’t have to exchange batteries, credits to Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology which uses light to power the watch. You never have to worry whether your watch will keep working. That’s the pinnacle of comfortable living!

It does have a water resistance rating that tells you it’s safe up to 333ft.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date

If you’re someone who only believes in using leather straps, we have something for you too. This Big Crown Pointer Date from Oris has a slightly larger case than the ones we’ve reviewed so far. But for others, a watch of at least 40mm is better. It’s easy to view all the details, even at a quick glance.

And when it comes to comfort for casual watches, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of the leather strap; no stitching or any other features that may irritate the skin. You’ll also be happy to know the brand only uses natural materials like leather that has been sustainably sourced. A stainless-steel buckle will keep your new watch securely in place.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date

Simplicity doesn’t mean you’re not getting value for money. With this Oris model, various components contain a luminous material that will make for easy reading in low light conditions:

  • The hands
  • All numerals
  • The indices

We’re impressed by the unique blue face of the reviewed watch, but the brand also has other color schemes in its ‘Big Crown’ range. You’ll find other models with different types of casual watches and straps, so shop according to your own style and comfort checklist.

Seiko Recraft SNKP23

There is yet another category of watches; those that allow you to experience the cool, hard surface of metal against your skin. If that’s what you find comfortable and what you prefer for daily wearing, then head over to Seiko!

Seiko Recraft SNKP23

The brand offers you many casual watches, but the Recraft SNKP23 is an excellent balance of features that ensure comfort, while you enjoy using the watch. With a 39.5mm, this is once again not as large as some others in the industry, so your watch won’t weigh down your arm when you wear it for long periods.

You’ll enjoy the self-winding feature that gives you 41 hours of reserve power. It’s water-resistant up to 50m, so you know you’re buying a piece of quality.

Casual Watches Conclusion

Pick a watch you’ll be proud to show off, but not one you’ll resent by the end of the day. These four models have innovative features and they’re comfortable to wear. Buy smart and enjoy your fashion wearables!

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