6 Reasons To Love TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer watches may not be as popular in the watch community as brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe. But that’s perfectly fine as they all have different types of audiences. Rolex sells their watches to the general audience while Patek Philippe (PP) takes the high-class route by putting huge price tags on their watches.

6 Reasons to love TAG Heuer Watches infographics

So, just like those two, TAG Heuer sells their watches to another audience entirely — one who has their reasons to respect them. Now, what we’ve done is that we’ve compiled a couple of facts. You should allow yourself to see it from the perspective of someone who wears TAG Heuer watches all the time.

Tip: You can also think of this post as a compilation of the reasons why TAG Heuer watches are even worn at all. Seeing as most people go for either of the aforementioned brands (Rolex and PP).

side view of Tag Heuer black dial watch

1: Reached the Totem Pole of the Sports World

Tag Heuer watches have always been a favorite in sports because of a single advantage. They simply have the ability to keep time extremely well due to their movements.

So, it was only a matter of time before Heuer watches started ruling the Olympics at the time (pun not intended).

Charles-Auguste Heuer noticed that the Olympics needed a stopwatch for their timing races to work as intended. Hence, the brand introduced to them the TAG Heuer Mikrograph. It started being used in the 1920 Olympics and was the first stopwatch that could measure 1/100th of a second. Since then, it was used in the next consecutive Olympics in 1924 and 1928.

2: TAG Heuer Dedicated an Entire Line of Watches to Racecar Drivers

The Carrera Panamericana auto race was a border-to-border race that was 2,096 miles long. It also lasted for 5 years (from 1950-1954) and was one of the most dangerous car races in sports history due to the number of lives lost during the event’s duration.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 blue dial watch on its side

So, for a watch brand that’s clearly as invested in racing and sports as TAG Heuer have been, Jack Heuer decided to create the popular TAG Heuer Carrera. It’s a chronograph watch that acts as both an icon (meaning behind its creation) and a performance watch to race car drivers. If you were planning on owning a Carrera piece before, you now know that the watches weren’t only built for the looks and performance alone.

3: Edouard Heuer Made Building a Chronograph Easier

The original founder, Edouard, released TAG Heuer’s first chronograph in 1882. He felt both the full brunt of the production costs and the issue of time itself. To avoid these things, he started working on a solution, that is, the rocking pinion (also known as oscillating pinion). The goal was to make building a chronograph cheaper and simpler. At the same time, side goals like making the watches easier to adjust and repair were present as well, all without any reduction in performance. In 1887, the pinion was released and he consequently cut down on both cost and time and even completed the side goals.

4: First Swiss Watch to Visit Space

Despite the large prestige, most watch enthusiasts associate with the Rolex and Audemars Piguet brands. But you’ll be surprised to find that the two Swiss brands weren’t the first to enter space. Instead, that honor solely belongs to the Heuer 2915A. The watch was used by John Glenn in 1962 to orbit the earth 3 times. Round the globe, John went with a Heuer 2915A acting as a backup timer throughout the mission.

5: ‘The King of Cool’ – Steven McQueen

If you had enough time to watch any movie in the 1960s and 1970s, Steve McQueen should be on the TV. His “anti-hero” persona was the publicly accepted norm in filmmaking and acting at the time. So, when the King of Cool was needed for a role in a sport/indie film, he chose the best statement watch for that field: the TAG Heuer Monaco.

TAG Heuer Monaco blue dial watch on its side

The fact is that the watch was an instant hit since that’s not news to the brand’s enthusiasts. What’s new here is that McQueen’s decision recognized TAG Heuer as the predominant owner of the automobile department. Specifically when it concerns making watches that make both a profession (driving) and the acting of that profession easier.

6: Chronomatic Caliber 11 was the First Water-resistant Automatic Chronograph

Not a lot of people that know the first automatic chronograph to be water-resistant was created by TAG Heuer. The development of the chronograph started in 1965 and it was released in Basel in 1969. That means it took watchmakers at the company 4 years to create a watch that could function as both a display and also as a timer. This was one of the earlier problems of a chronograph that the company personally solved. Why? Because if the company is ever known for anything other than its association with sports, it’s about the quality of their chronographs.

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