5 Common Misconceptions About Watches

Like with all technological devices, numerous misconceptions also surround watches. Once you become a victim of these misconceptions, you can end up buying the wrong watch! For this reason, we have listed five common misconceptions about watches.

1: Swiss-made Watches Are 100% Manufactured in Switzerland

Just because a watch says that it is Swiss-made, don’t be fooled that it’s all fully made in Switzerland. Swiss law states that Swiss-made only means that, at a minimum, 50% of the parts used in the watch are made in Switzerland. Swiss-made also means that both the first and the last wheel were added to the watch in Switzerland.

So, while this ensures that half of it is made in Switzerland, the remaining parts are made elsewhere.

Tag Heuer Carrera

2: Jewels Determine the Watch’s Quality

Manufacturers often refer to the number of jewels they have in the watches to demonstrate its quality. However, extra jewels don’t always mean the watch is automatically higher quality. Primarily, jewels had been originally used in watches to reduce the friction in those parts of the watch that are most likely to experience heavy wear and tear.

Since jewels are harder compared to metal, they are used to counter metal on metal wear. The most suitable jewels for this purpose are rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. However, the jewels that are often used today are rubies that have been synthetically created. So, since these jewels are synthetic and hardly of any value, they don’t really increase your watch’s value.

So, if you come across a watch that has more jewels than other watches, it is better if you ask the purpose of the jewels before spending so much.

3: NASA Has Only One Official Watch

Numerous articles on the web mention that the Omega Speedmaster is the only official watch of NASA which it trusts. However, this is far from the truth. NASA proves again and again that it has a good relationship with Omega since the Speedmaster has been used on many missions since 1962. In fact, it is the only watch that astronauts wore on their mission to the moon back in 1969. However, it is not the only official watch.

NASA has deemed numerous watches as official watches certified for space travel. Apart from the Omega Speedmaster, other watches include the Timex Ironman and the Casio G-Shock.

Omega Speedmaster

4: Best Watches are Always Rolex Watches

In the watch world, Rolex has made a name for itself and has become the manufacturer of some of the most desirable watches. Of course, factors like numerous innovations they have introduced to the world: excellent craftsmanship, and high-quality design are partially responsible for the hype, but it is also because of their incredible marketing campaigns! So, while Rolex is the most recognized platinum watch and is without a doubt one of the top players – there has been talks that watch enthusiasts state other manufacturers to be the more premium watchmakers in the industry.

Depending on the things you look for in a watch, options from other manufacturers might suit you better.

Rolex Yacht Master II

5: Higher Price Ensures a Better Watch

You’ve probably heard people discussing how sometime you pay for what you get, but that may not always be true. Of course, many only stand by this reason as this is the case with many other items like laptops. However, with watches, that might not always be the case.

For instance, a Timex watch available at a much lower price might keep a much better time as compared to many highly priced watches available on the market. This is all really because of the watch’s movement. Generally, lower-priced watches make use of quartz movements which are not only cheap to produce but are highly accurate too.

Meanwhile, high-end watches use mechanical movements that are not only more expensive and complicated to produce, but they also don’t tell the time any better than quartz watches do. At the same time, the design quality and craftsmanship of the highly priced mechanical watches will be much higher. Similarly, you should also expect a costly watch to last much longer and be more durable than the cheaper ones.

Patek Philippe Nautilus


These five popular misconceptions about watches have been growing more and more popular so don’t be feel bad if you believed in them! The good thing is, now you know what is true and what is not. Happy watch shopping!

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