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ToyWatch Locations

ToyWatch sold in over 2,000 stores and over 25 boutiques spread all over the world by 2015. Flagships stores are located everywhere in Italy, including Milan, Venice, Rome, Porto Cervo, Forte dei Marmi and Florence. You can also find boutiques in cities including Paris, Puerto Banus, Kuala Lumpur and London.

ToyWatch Materials

Best known for making colorful watches made from plastic, ToyWatch now makes watches from other materials as well. Other watch materials include aluminum, plastic, plasteramic, polycarbonate and steel. Watches also have Swarvoski elements like ceramic, gold, diamonds and silicon.

ToyWatch Watch Collections

In the years between 2006 and 2015, ToyWatch released 13 watch collections. In 2006, it all started with the Total Stones collection. The next year in 2007, the Skull collection. In 2008, ToyWatch released three collections: Fluo, Ceramic and Kris. One year later in 2009 came the Skeleton and Heavy Metal collections. After that was the J-Looped collection in 2010. The Velvety made its debut in 2011. Metallic Aluminum and Maya was introduced in 2012. A year later, ToyMrHyde arrived. And in 2015, we saw the Maya Natural Stones collection.

Notable Features

In 2007, ToyWatch was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things list. Two years later in 2009, ToyWatch was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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