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Patek Philippe Complications: A Timepiece that Exceeds Expectations

Known for its iconic contributions that certainly changed the world of horology one way or another, Patek Philippe truly deserves its place as one of the finest watch brands that exist today. Because of its diversified and well-crafted collections, it is no wonder why many people patronize the brand. 

One collection that truly stands out is the Patek Philippe Complications. While it demonstrates the brand’s excellence, the flagship collection is also known for valuing accuracy, rarity, and durability above all, while still maintaining eye-catching classic designs that both seasoned and novice collectors love. As its name suggests, the Patek Philippe Complications series bears timepieces that provide additional practical serviceability other than merely telling the time and date. From Annual and Weekly Calendars to the brand’s patented World Time indication, the refined complications that each watch from this line sports make them worth every penny. With over 30 distinctive and attractive models that have at least one to three practical features to choose from, it is nearly impossible not to find one that suits your exquisite taste.

Prices at a Glance: The Most Popular Patek Philippe Complications Watches

ModelPrice (approximate)SizeMaterialFeatures
Patek Philippe Complications 5396R-011 Annual Calendar, Moon Phase$55,790 USD38.5mmRose gold
  • Caliber 324 S QA LU 24H/303 Automatic mechanical Movement 
  • Silver opaline dial
  • Gold hour markers
  • Water resistant of up to 30m
  • Day, date and month displays
  • Moon phase and 24-hour indication
Patek Philippe Complications 5205G-013 Annual Calendar, Moon Phase$56,000 USD40mmWhite gold
  • Caliber 324 S QA LU 24H/206 Automatic mechanical Movement 
  • Blue sunburst dial with black gradient
  • Gold hour markers
  • Water resistant of up to 30m
  • Day, date and month displays
  • Moon phases and 24-hour indication
  • Prong buckle in leather strap

Patek Philippe Complications 5905P-001

Annual Calendar, Flyback Chronograph

$91,700 USD42mmPlatinum
  • Caliber CH 28-520 QA 24H Automatic mechanical  Movement 
  • Blue sunburst dial 
  • Gold hour markers and numerals
  • Water resistant of up to 30m
  • Day, date and month displays
  • Day or night indication
  • Prong buckle in leather strap

Patek Philippe Complications 5230R-012

World Time 

$54,500 USD38.5mmRose gold
  • Caliber 240 HY Automatic mechanical Movement 
  • Charcoal gray lacquered dial
  • Gold hour markers 
  • Rose gold hands
  • Water resistant of up to 30m
  • World Time zone feature
  • Prong buckle in leather strap
Patek Philippe Complications 7121J Moon Phases$39,675 USD33mmYellow gold
  • Caliber 215 PS LU Manual mechanical Movement 
  • Silver grained dial
  • Gold hour markers and hands
  • Water resistant of up to 30m
  • Seconds sub-dial
  • Prong buckle in beige leather strap
  • Bezel with 66 diamonds
Patek Philippe Complications 5235/0R-001 Annual Calendar, Regulator Style Display$58,200 USD40.5mmRose gold
  • Caliber 31-260 RED QA Automatic mechanical movement 
  • Two-tone graphite and ebony black dial
  • Thin hands
  • Water resistant of up to 30m
  • Hour and seconds sub-dial
  • Day, date and month display
  • Prong buckle in black leather strap
Patek Philippe Complications 5930G, World Time Chronograph$83,000 USD39.5mmWhite gold
  • Caliber CH 28-520 Automatic mechanical movement 
  • Blue dial with white accents
  • Water resistant of up to 30m
  • Small seconds sub-dial
  • Chronograph function
  • Fold-over clasp in black leather strap
Patek Philippe Complications 5524G-001, Calatrava Pilot Travel Time$56,400 USD42mmWhite gold
  • Caliber 324 S C FUS Automatic mechanical movement 
  • Blue dial with luminescent hour-markers
  • Water resistant of up to 60m
  • Dual time zone display
  • Presence of sweep seconds hand
  • Clevis prong buckle in brown leather strap
Patek Philippe Complications 5212A-001, Calatrava Weekly Calendar$37,000 USD40mmStainless steel 
  • Caliber 26-330 S C J SE Automatic mechanical movement 
  • Silvery opaline dial
  • Black hour markers
  • Water resistant of up to 30m
  • Day and week indication
  • Prong buckle in calf leather strap
Patek Philippe Complications 5172G-001, Chronograph$82,000 USD41mmWhite gold
  • Caliber CH 29-535 PS manual mechanical movement 
  • Blue dial with tachymeter scale
  • Small seconds sub-dial
  • Water resistant of up to 30m
  • Fold-over clasp in calf leather strap


How much is a Patek Philippe Complications watch? 

Due to their remarkable characteristics, the Patek Philippe Complications are some of the most expensive watches being offered by the brand. If you are wondering how much you should shell out for you to get your very own piece, here’s a lowdown of the collection’s most popular models, with their prices as well as features.

Prices for the Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar Watches

As emphasized earlier, the Patek Philippe Complications collection stands out among the impressive Patek Philippe lineup because of the grandiose functionalities it offers to the wearer. While time-only watches deliver great results, those with several complications elevate the timekeeping experience to a whole new level. Among the notable models from the collection are those equipped with an annual calendar attribute that displays date, day and month all at once. What’s more, it also automatically changes the date, with only very little adjustments needed as long as it is wounded properly. Known to be a coveted one, the complication brings wonders to any user who likes to keep things in order.

An ultimate fan favorite is the Patek Philippe Complications Ref. 5396G-011, which you can get for around $53,400 USD. This timekeeper is made with luscious white gold material and sports a beaming strap full of alligator patterns. Other than the fact that it has a clean and silvery — almost white — dial, this model also comes with a crisp caseback made with a durable sapphire crystal. The dauphine-shaped hands and the hour-markers in baton style also have the same elegant and polished feel as the watch’s case. In terms of potency, the watch runs on an in-house Caliber 324 S QA LU 24/H303, with a strong power reserve of 45 hours. Other focal points of this watch besides the annual calendar are the gorgeous moon phase display with navy blue accents placed adjacently to the 6 o’clock position as well as the 24-hour indication that wraps around the sub-dial dedicated for the sweep seconds hand. A rose gold version of this watch is also available for the same price, while the one with a blue sunburst dial and diamond indices costs around $62,000 USD.

Prices for the Patek Philippe Complications Flyback Chronographs

Just like any other watch brands, Patek Philippe also offers chronograph watches that will surely steal your attention — perhaps even your heart. Other than the fact that these kinds of tool watches are useful especially if your job or hobby requires you to measure an exact length of time, chronographs also have a commanding look, making them the perfect watches for men. Being a master in coming up with unprecedented complications along with strategic layouts, Patek Philippe decided to take things up a notch by incorporating flyback chronographs to their captivating lineup. Extremely beneficial to military pilots, this kind of chronograph will allow you to keep track of multiple events in a sequence, which makes time tracking not only fun but systematic.

One notable example with this kind of mechanism is the Patek Philippe Complications Chronograph 5905R-001. This pristine 42mm model comes with a shiny black strap that complements the rose-gold and brown color scheme of the case and sunburst dial. When it comes to the baton hour-markers, this watch takes the cake because they are furnished with gold details around their edges. The hour and minute hands in Dauphine style also sport a rose-gold color, together with the casing of the date display at 12 o’clock. Beneath the 5905R-001’s surface is the 37-jewel Caliber CH28-520 QA 24H automatic movement that runs for a minimum of 45 hours. What’s more is that you could also take note of the day and month as this gem comes with an accurate annual calendar feature. While it is not a limited edition, this model comes at a hefty price of around $73,700 USD for a brand-new one, and around $65,000 USD for a pre-loved unit. 

Prices for the Patek Philippe Complications GMT Watches

There are simply endless possibilities when it comes to Patek Philippe Complications. While a GMT characteristic is already common even for other brands, Patek Philippe still decided to include it in the collection in question as it carries a lot of significance in the industry of horology. If you are the type of person who considers traveling as an essential part of life, then you should not even think twice about getting a Complications GMT watch. Aside from the fact that it allows you to view two distinct time zones at once, the timepiece also screams modernity and sophistication.

Spearheading the popularity list, we have the Patek Philippe Complications Calatrava Pilot Travel Time in 5524R-001 variation, which can set you back for around $53,000 USD to $56,000 USD. First launched in 2015, it has a 42mm case in rose gold color, with the 294-component and 29-jewel Caliber 324 S C FUS at its very core. Despite not having a day, date or month indicator, the watch runs on a maximum of 45 hours power reserve with 28,800 vibrations per hour (“vph”). Not to mention, this men’s watch can also resist water pressures of up to 60m, which means that you can bring this beautiful timepiece to your casual water sports ventures. Another great thing about the 5524R-001 is that its high-contrast brown dial matches the soft color of the case, lugs and crowns. The Arabic numeral indices are also humongous enough to be seen at a distance and they are also adorned with luminous elements to make time tracking easier even during the night. If you prefer to have vintage-inspired details on your timepiece, then this model should be your top choice as it sports a handsome brown calfskin strap with 18ct Clevis Prong buckle that is reminiscent of the old times as well as the traditional pilot watches you typically see online.

There is also a counterpart watch for the urbane and adventurous ladies out there, who want to experience the essence of a GMT watch. The Complications Calatrava Pilot Travel Time with reference number 7234R-001 has almost the same features as the 5524R-001. From the powerful movement and water resistance down to the dial and sapphire crystal exteriors, everything looks exactly the same, particularly the local and home indication placed in the middle of the watch’s surface. The only noticeable difference you will recognize is the sizing of the case. At 37.55mm, the watch does wonders with its lovely sweep seconds hand. Making it more special, this watch is also the very first automatic Travel Time model in the company’s gorgeous women’s collection.  If all of these sound appealing to you, the 7234R-001 costs around $50,800 USD.

Prices for the Patek Philippe Complications World Time Models

It is nearly impossible to talk about world time watches without mentioning Patek Philippe. The brand makes sure that wearers would have an equal opportunity to appreciate the charms of a complicated watch, while at the same time not compromising the grandiose aesthetics and premier reliability it comes with. All Patek Philippe Complications World Time watches may seem quite intimidating at first glance because of their extensive layout, but it attests to what the company truly specializes in. First released in 1939 as homage to Louis Cottier’s invention, these models are truly a must-have for everyone who wants a conversational and jaw-dropping timepiece lurking around their closets. Once you get a hold of these robust yet stylish watches, there is no need for you to look in other brands anymore.

First up, we have the Patek Philippe Complications World Time 5230G-013 as the popular go-to choice and it costs approximately $54,500 USD. Despite being on the cheaper spectrum, this one contains trailblazing elements that will surely change your perspective about watches. For one, this particular model relies on a 33-jewel Caliber 240 HU, which creates 21,600 vph. Similar to the GMT watches, this one is also made for travellers who always prefer to explore rather than stay in one location in a long period of time since it exhibits 24 distinct time zones, which you can control by rotating the bezel. In terms of the appearance, it boasts a charcoal gray lacquered dial, with its center exhibiting a guilloche finish. The gold applied hour markers and the brand’s signature pierced pointer at the center also adds a bit of character to the watch. The texts around the edges are confusing at first but once you get to learn how this timepiece works, everything will just be a smooth-sailing process. 

If you’re in the mood for something fancy that will make you stand out among the crowd, why not try the Complications World Time 5231J-001? This is the rightful option for those of you who can allot a bigger budget for a watch that screams regality and prominence. Aside from sporting a world time feature, this one has a rare enamel dial that shows the surface of the European, African and American continents. Also called cloisonné, the design of the dial is breathtaking in all ways because of the addition of an 18ct gold plate at the center and the fact that it is hand-crafted means that Patek Philippe really went beyond their usual concepts as well as their comfort zone. Like the 5320-013, this timepiece also runs on a Caliber 240 HU, while boasting the same blueprint for the placements of the country names and day and night indication. Perfect for any wrist types, the case is only 38.5mm in diameter and 10.23mm in height. The inclusion of a shiny chocolate brown strap makes the watch even more enticing to own.  If all of these sound appealing to you, the 5231J-00 is available for purchase for around $83,000 USD.

Prices for the Patek Philippe Complications Watches With Regulator Dial

Considered a true icon of this collection, the Patek Philippe Complications Watch with a regulator dial is something you should not miss out on. Watch connoisseurs who are very meticulous when it comes to how they keep track of time will surely love this model. Aside from the fact that it has a sleek and manly feel to it, the timepiece gives you a neat glance over the hours, minutes and seconds since they are separated from one another with a use of two subdials.

The 5235R/50R is Patek Philippe’s newest regulator model. It features a stunning rose gold colored case and a sapphire crystal exterior. The crown has a subtle engraving that gives an ode to the symbols used by royalties, while the dial has an intense two-tone color that mixes the charms of graphite and ebony black. The satin finish also makes this model masculine and sturdy, while the hands gives it a minimalist image. The strategic placement of the day and month display is also commendable as it does not produce a distraction at all. Unlike the typical layout you see in watches wherein the logo of the watch is placed below the 12 o’clock position, the 5235R/50R’s signature is swept to the side, with the date indicator blending in with the seconds counter. Inside, the watch runs on the Caliber 31-260 REG QA, which can power the watch up to 48 hours. When it comes to price, this timepiece will set you back for around $58,200 USD.

Not a fan of the rose gold color? Don’t fret because there is another model that sports the same features as the abovementioned model but comes with a white gold material and silver dial. From the arrangement down to the position of the signature, everything is almost identical. The difference only boils down to the crisp color of the sub-dial that is almost close to milky white. The hands also sport a blue hue together with the indices rather than the silver ones you will see in 5235R/50R. Called the Patek Philippe Complications 5235G-001, this timepiece also has a cool navy blue alligator strap. This one has a price tag of around $46,449 USD. 

Vintage Patek Philippe Complications: Are they worth investing in?

Patek Philippe’s vintage watches deserve to be on everyone’s radar because they are all products of the brand’s top-tier methods and incomparable practices. Moreover, they are also made with tough and premium materials like solid gold, which surpasses the quality of the ones you typically see today. If you want something that has a good story behind it, a vintage timepiece from the brand is an excellent choice given how it was able to contribute significantly to the history of horology. Aside from these, the watches are also good investments given that their value does not depreciate at all. 

While time-only watches from Patek Philippe usually have an entry point price depending on which year it was released as well as its rarity, those pieces that have one or two complications fall on the other side of the spectrum. Chronograph watches, like the Patek Philippe Complications Ref. 1463, are typically the stars during auctions because they are made with either yellow gold or pink gold. Not to mention, it also has the perfect size of 35mm, making it quite comfortable on the wrist. Released in 1940 in limited quantities with a retail price of only $400 USD, the price of the 1463 can now go around $30,000 USD. 

More expensive options that have an automatic movement, perpetual calendar and a moon phase display like the Patek Philippe Complications Ref. 3940 are also great timepieces to add to your collections. Even though it was launched in the 1980s, it is still one of the valuable releases by the brand since it helped them regain their reputation after the quartz crisis. What’s more is that these watches present variety in terms of the designs of the dial and straps. With an original retail price of $25,000 USD, expect that this watch will give you the utmost accuracy you need. Today, most 3940 models are valued at $40,000 USD, but it can go up to at least $60,000 USD depending on the composition and components used. 

History Behind the Patek Philippe Complications Watches

Many watch collections not just under Patek Philippe but also in other luxury watch manufacturers have a fixed history as well as establishment dates. However, the Complications collection differs from them all as it specifically compiles some of the celebrated timepieces that were ever produced by the booming brand. As emphasized earlier, this line can go from simple to extravagant. This guarantees that every person will find something in the series they can best resonate with. With two to three functions that go beyond plain timekeeping, a Patek Philippe Complications watch is truly a must-have especially for those who want a bit of thrill and excitement.

Among the timepieces you will see in this collection are the Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar, which was first released in 1996 and the classic World Time unveiled to the public in 1937. There are also chronograph watches, which attests to the brand’s loyalty to its heritage as well as moon phase timepieces that will unleash your geeky side. 

Today, you will notice that Patek Philippe is fond of combining several features within a single watch. For instance, the Complications 5930G-010 model has a world time function, while maintaining its stopwatch abilities. In fact, it is also the first World Time watch in the Patek Philippe lineup that sports a smooth chronograph function. Aside from having an automatic movement, it is also water resistant of up to 30m. This means that you do not have to worry if you accidentally brought it to the shower. 

In addition, the brand, being a prodigy in horology, made sure that potential owners would benefit from this watch not only by using only the best materials but also ensuring that it would go well with any style they decide to pair it with. Browsing through its catalog, you will see that Patek Philippe only opt for rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and platinum for the base. However, there are also few stainless steel models with a slightly low price point. The dials vary a lot because of the several complications they sport but they are all pleasing to look at. When it comes to the band, the brand likes to stick with the basics. Almost all of the straps have earth tones, while a few also sport bright red and blue colors. Majority of the watches are also equipped with 30m water resistance except for the pilot watches that have 60m. Lastly, those of you who will opt to buy from this collection will also have the freedom to choose whether you want an automatic movement or a manually wound one. 

Why should you buy a Patek Philippe Complications watch?

People who know how to pick their timepieces always opt for Patek Philippe. Even those that are just starting out always rave about the brand. There are just so many varieties to choose from and just merely learning about them is already quite an experience. A Patek Philippe Complications remains a sought-after model because of its amazing qualities. You will never get tired of this watch given that it always delivers dependable results. If you are already contemplating whether you should get yourself one, here are a few reasons to convince you further and remind you how great this watch is.

1. A Patek Philippe Complications watch features a good number of complications, which is good if you like timepieces that would challenge you and urge you to come out of your shell.

2. Every model from this collection has distinct styles and charms you will appreciate. These timepieces are not too extravagant yet they still manage to to make you the center of attention. The designs are just enough to show what it can do but they can still fit well with whatever outfit you pair it with given their neutral colors.

3. Patek is already a widely-recognized brand that has been up and running for about 182 years, which means that you can already trust the efforts it puts into making watches that have in-house movements and tough cases. 

4. The collection exemplifies Patek Philippe’s extensive history, which is marked by genuine excellence.

5. All Patek Philippe Complications watches have great value and attest to the company’s title of being the leader in innovation. They have done a lot of innovations for the industry and we can expect that they could come up with something more grandiose in the future given how their legacy still thrives up until this day. 

Patek Philippe Complications: Ultimate Swiss Watchmaking Legacy on the Wrist 

When it comes to luxury mechanical watches, the Patek Philippe Complications is undeniably one of the first models that come to mind. Besides the fact that it carries the company’s great legacy, the flagship collection goes beyond everyone’s perceptions about a watch. While many people think that watches are only for telling simple time, this collection proves them wrong. It proves that a watch is extremely useful in all situations whether you are travelling or busy with your day jobs. Indeed, nothing could go wrong as long as you have a Complication watch on your wrist. 

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