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Held in high esteem throughout the world of watchmaking, the IWC Pilot series boasts some of the very best Pilot watches on the planet. Made up of five distinct families, IWC Pilot’s watches represent beautiful incarnations of classic timepieces inspired by the golden age of aviation. From the Double Chronograph to the Big Pilot’s watch, IWC has produced some true classics down the years and this is a testament to the brand’s sterling reputation that exists to this day. 

In fact, IWC continues to push the boundaries of Pilot’s watches, releasing new lines and products within its families year on year, constantly seeking to improve and expand what exactly a Pilot watch can be. Perhaps the most famous family in the extensive IWC Pilot’s watch roster is the Spitfire. Named after the iconic RAF jets that fought off the Luftwaffe during WWII’s Battle for Britain, this timepiece has likewise developed into a cult icon. With a diameter of 41mm and a distinct bronze case, the Spitfire Chronograph features a stunning, luminescent green dial complete with three sub dials. 

The hours, minutes and seconds can be timed to a tee using this chronograph function, which harks back to a time when pilot’s had nothing but their wrist watch to rely on. Inside there’s a 69380 calibre movement and a 46 hour power reserve, too. Then there’s the Big Pilot’s watch Spitfire, the Automatic Spitfire and many more iterations of this iconic watch, all crafted from bronze with distinct green dials to match. 

The Le Petit Prince family within the IWC Pilot watch umbrella is also a stunning collection. Named after the famous story by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The gorgeous Chronograph Edition Pilot’s watch is renowned for an 18 ct gold case and large 46.2mm dial. With a moon phase display and striking blue dial, this is a Pilot’s watch that is as luxurious as it is practical. 

The Petit Prince family includes a Big Pilot’s watch, a Mark XVIII and a stunning Constant Force Tourbillon Iteration. Then there’s the Top Gun family, launched in 2012 to huge fanfare and so popular that it is now its own independent line in the IWC collection. With black ceramic casing and a utilitarian bracelet, this is perhaps the most overtly practical and masculine of all the IWC Pilot’s watches, yet nonetheless delivers on tech specs and watchmaking of the highest calibre. 

The Double Chronograph Ceratanium in particular is a modern day marvel, with a 44mm case and 79420 calibre movement, it is one of the most durable and powerful in all the IWC history. The classic family is, as you might imagine, based on the classic aviation watches of the 1930’s and 40’s. With dozens of variations on the classic IWC Pilot’s Watch and the Big Pilot’s watch, this family of IWC Pilot’s watches is the best selling of all and features enough styles that there is something for every watch enthusiast. From the classy Pilot’s Watch Automatic 36 to the more bold Big Pilot’s watch with its iconic diamond shaped screw in crown, the family is about as eclectic as any collection of Pilot’s watches could be.  

Finally, the Antoine de Saint-Exupery family features classic IWC models such as the Big Pilot’s watch and the Chronograph Edition. All have been given a tobacco brown infused makeover in honour of the legendary writer who brought to life the pioneering days of aviation better than any writer. With 18 ct gold or stainless steel cases, all watches in this family have brown dials and brown calfskin straps as an homage to the writer. 

Without a doubt, IWC Pilot’s watches are among the most iconic on the planet. They are unrivalled in their variety and quality both in terms of design and technological capability. From the masculine Big Pilot’s watch to more classic version such as the Mark XVIII, IWC Pilot’s watches sit at the very pinnacle of the field and provide a day to day watch of the highest quality to suit all tastes.

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IWC Pilot's Watches
The name says it all - this Pilot watch is one of the best you can get your hands on. IWC's Pilot watch has amazing technology and is as precise as ever. It was introduced in the mid 1930s for aviation purposes. Fast forward to now and IWC is still producing new and improved Pilot watches. IWC has made a variety of options when it comes to the look for this watch, there is something for everyone!
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