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The Grand Seiko Spring Drive chronograph watch was born in 2007, after 28 years and 600 prototypes created by watch engineer, Yoshukazu Akahane. Deemed the ‘everlasting’ watch, Akahane’s dream was to create a watch that would forever keep time. These timepieces live up to a standard of quality utility and mechanics, staying power, and time-keeping accuracy. 

Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are a unique technology that generates energy and combines it with an electronic regulator to deliver a level of precision unmatched by other mechanical watches. The Grand Seiko quartz movement calibers offer highlights in high-frequency precision and are ideal for divers, chronographers, and fashionistas looking to marvel friends and peers. Achieve the function and elegance of the Grand Seiko watch, with all the added benefits of its high-performance time control system in one gadget. Other watch brands do not compare. These watches come in selections of titanium and ceramic cases so you can choose the style that best suits your preference. 

Grand Seiko Mechanisms

Powered by the mainspring, Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are relatively like other mechanical watches, except that it has no need for a battery or other power sources. Wind this watch by turning the crown or by moving your wrist. Energy is stored and transferred to the internal gears, which moves the watch hands as the spring unwinds over time. 

The Spring Drive utilizes an exclusive speed control mechanism, incorporating electronic brake, an IC, and a quartz crystal. Using a tri-synchro regulator, the Spring Drive is controlled to adjust the speed of the mainspring as it unwinds. This regulation harmonizes the force at which the spring mechanism unwinds, making the second hand of the watch as precise as possible.

Get the best of both worlds with a luxury mechanical and electronic Grand Seiko Spring Drive watch from Contact us to learn more and make your Grand purchase today.

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Sara West
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Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive Watches
Grand Seiko's 9R Spring Drive has been referred to as unique because of its movement. It creates energy as well as works with an electronic regulator to give you the most precise timing a watch can possibly do. You can also save some money on batteries with this watch! You can just wind the watch yourself to store its energy instead.
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