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Cvstos HMS Watch: In a League of Its Own

Cvstos was launched in 2006 with hopes of putting out modern timepieces. The company didn’t fail to do this as they crafted luxury timepieces and presented itself as a strong competitor in the contemporary luxury watch market. Unlike other Swiss luxury watchmakers, watches from the brand don't carry conservative designs. Instead, they’re driven by the future of watchmaking. Among the ways that Cvstos does this is by exposing the mechanical movements that power the watches not only through a see-through case back but also by having a crystal or skeletonized dial. This allows the wearer to be truly immersed in the functions of his or her watches.

Even the line that’s supposed to be the most basic of all reflects this idea. Cvstos HMS watches deliver exactly what you expect in a watch. HMS stands for Hours, Minutes, Seconds and this is a widely used term in the industry. However, Cvstos managed to stand out in the market with its designs. You can expect varied designs from this collection featuring GMT functions, date windows, and even a day/night indicator.

Prices at a Glance: Most Popular Cvstos HMS Watches


Price (approximate)

Key Features

Cvstos Challenge Jet-Liner Proud to Be Russian

$30,000 USD

  • Bicolor 5N Red Gold
  • Gérard Depardieu signature on case back
  • Skeletonized Cvstos CVS350 with black plasma treatment
Cvstos Sealiner GMT Black Sea Limited Edition

$17,000 USD

  • 53mm vertical diameter case
  • Steel and 5N gold case
  • Cvstos 6511 GMT automatic movement
Cvstos Challenge GT Jetliner Brancard

$15,000 USD

  • 53mm vertical diameter case
  • Titanium case
  • Cvstos CVS350 automatic movement
Cvstos Challenge Gustave Eiffel

$14,500 USD

  • 53mm vertical diameter case
  • Bronze Steel case
  • Skeletonized Cvstos CVS350 automatic movement
Cvstos Challenge Jet-Liner Inkvader Skull

$12,000 USD

  • 53mm vertical diameter case
  • Black Steel with Titanium case
  • Skeletonized Cvstos CVS350 automatic movement with black plasma treatment
Cvstos Challenge Jet-Liner II P-S Titanium Ceramic White

$12,000 USD

  • 53 mm vertical diameter case
  • Titanium and ceramic case
  • Skeletonized dial
  • Cvstos CVS410 automatic movement
Cvstos Challenge Jetliner II P-S Titanium Ceramic Black

$12,000 USD

  • 53mm vertical diameter case
  • Titanium and ceramic case
  • Skeletonized dial
  • Cvstos CVS410 automatic movement


How much is a Cvstos HMS watch?

Generally, Cvstos watches demand anywhere between $12,000 USD to 30,000 USD. It could be more, especially if it’s a limited-edition timepiece. However, this luxury watch company is beginning to rise in fame for its designs. Many collectors now see Cvstos as a brand for investment, especially with materials such as 5N gold and movements plated by various materials such as plasma and rhodium.

Prices for the Cvstos HMS Challenge Sealiner Series

When the brand debuted the Cvstos HMS Challenge Sealiner series, it became a hit amongst lovers of modern luxury watches. Its design was truly unparalleled. For an HMS watch, the Challenge Sealiner proved true to its name. It posed a challenge to reinvent the way we experience time.

The Challenge Sealiner measures around 53mm in vertical diameter which, at first, would seem pretty big. However, this should feel just right around the wrist. It can go even bigger with a 59mm x 45mm Challenge GT case available. As expected from Cvstos, they employ the use of different materials for its watches. You can avail the watch in either steel, blue steel, or bicolor 5N red gold. Aside from that, models set with precious stones such as diamonds are available. Some models are also sapphire sets which look just as stunning.

Powering the watch is the Cvstos CVS350 caliber, an automatic movement skeletonized for a wonderful aesthetic appeal. This movement gives the watch 42 hours of power reserve. As expected, this timepiece features HMS functions. However, this watch isn’t as simple as a three-hand watch. For an even more fascinating view of the inner workings of the watch, the date disc comes skeletonized.

How much is the Cvstos Challenge Sealiner? The Challenge New Sealiner watch costs around $14,500 USD in retail. However, they can cost a lot less in the pre-owned market. You can avail of different iterations of the watch such as a GMT version. It should cost around $20,000 USD for added features like an additional 24-hour counter and day/night indicator for ease. Meanwhile, the Challenge Sealiner PS is a tad more expensive at $20,350 USD. This timepiece comes with many other extra features such as a Teck wood base dial finished with cote de Genève and rhodium-treated caliber.

Prices for the Cvstos HMS Jet-Liner Models

The Jet-Liner from the brand’s HMS series is the quintessential Cvstos watch. It embraces everything great about Cvstos watches such as the amalgamation of materials and stunning skeletonized dials. The Cvstos HMS Challenge Jet-Liner measures 53.70mm by 41mm, while the Cvstos HMS Challenge GT case measures around 59mm by 45mm. As usual, you can get the timepiece in either titanium, steel, or bicolor 5N red gold. 

This watch is powered by the Cvstos CVS350 movement. What stands out about this timepiece are the large numerals that make reading the time easier no matter where you are or what you do. 

In retail, this Cvstos men’s watch costs around $12,500 USD brand new. However, if you choose to purchase in the secondary market, you can avail it for a few thousand dollars less.

Prices for the Cvstos HMS Re-Belle Sakura Series

Women’s watches from Cvstos are truly one of its kind. It’s exemplary for the luxurious appeal it provides and charming in its design. Inspired by the bloom of Spring in Japan, the Cvstos HMS Re-Belle Sakura is every woman’s dream. Not only does it feature delicate flower designs but also comes with diamonds set around the dial and case.

Sakura or cherry blossoms bloom in Japan every spring, stunning with its soft pink petals. To capture this detail, the Re-Belle Sakura watch features the same image in enamel. Each branch comes with gold and enamel blossoms, individually crafted to perfection. The case comes with either Tsavorites or diamonds. Diamond-set models have 408 stones in total with 3.9 carats for a graceful weight. Powered by the Cvstos 551 automatic caliber, it has HMS features plus a large date window and second time zone. The second time zone sits at 6 o’clock on a rotating flower, which is a beautiful and experimental detail to have.

With such features, grace, and elegance, the timepiece costs around $40,000 USD. You can save a few thousand in the secondary market. However, know that with the diamonds and golds in this timepiece, it’s a great investment piece to have. Diamonds and gold tend to appreciate in value over the years so you can only imagine the value this watch would have in the future.

Prices for the Cvstos HMS Coat of Arms “Proud to be Russian” Watches

Cvstos has a collection of limited-edition watches in its catalog. One of the most prominent limited-edition watches from the brand is an HMS watch made in collaboration with Gérard Depardieu. The watch nicknamed “Proud to be Russian” is exactly what you think it is — a watch made for the Russians. People know the story of Depardieu’s journey to becoming a Russian citizen from his roots in France.

What better way to celebrate his nationality than this? The timepiece is sold exclusively in Russia. That said, know that there are restrictions to buying this watch. To be able to purchase it, you must present a Russian passport. It’s a unique requirement that upholds the very value of the watch to this day. For about $30,000 USD, this is — in no way — excessive. The watch, after all, is named in a way that only Russians can relate to. The watch features the Russian Imperial Eagle to capture the Coat of Arms dial. Meanwhile, the case back comes with Depardieu’s signature.

Prices for the Cvstos HMS Gustave Eiffel Models

Another popular Cvstos limited-edition HMS watch is the Gustave Eiffel watch. Eiffel is a celebrated engineer that truly was ahead of his time. His works are defined by defined structures and lines that make up a whole. His most prominent works are the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in New York. Other recognizable Gustave Eiffel works include Church of Notre Dame des Champs also in Paris and Budapest Nyugati in Hungary.

The Cvstos HMS Gustave Eiffel watch features clear lines similar to his works. The intricate details of the dial are true to its reference with Eiffel’s ever-present influence. This was made sure by Philippe Couperie-Eiffel, a direct descendant of the engineer. This watch features a skeletonized Cvstos CVS350 movement. This makes the watch a real sight to see. The watch costs around $14,500 in retail, but you can avail it for less, pre-owned.

Prices for the Cvstos HMS x Inkvader Watches

Christian Nguyen, also known as Inkvader, has been one of the most celebrated tattoo artists of his generation. Inkvader has inked many prominent names with unique designs that made him a young icon. His clientele includes Fred Durst and John Otto from rock band Limp Bizkit. The Geneva-based artist is known for traditional Japanese designs, skulls, and lettering. 

In his collaboration with Cvstos, the watch comes with a skull design that truly captures the Inkvader ideals. It features either Black Steel with Titanium or 5N pink gold components. The automatic Cvstos CVS350 movement also comes skeletonized for a great aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it has black plasma treatment as well. Limited to only 100 pieces, the watch truly is a collector’s must-have. This watch costs around $12,000 USD.

History Behind the Cvstos HMS Collection

Cvstos means “guardian” or “custodian” in Latin. This company, founded by Sassoun Sirmakes and Chief Designer Antonio Terranovato, puts out modern watches. According to the founders, this brand’s philosophy is to keep its patrons one step ahead of time. This is by creating cutting-edge designs that are truly made for the future.

Sassoun Sirmakes was made for this game with his father Franck Muller co-owner and chairman Vartan Sirmakes. Meanwhile, Antonio Terranovato has worked with prominent brands such as Cartier, Piaget, TAG Heuer, Breitling, Ebel, and Zenith. The company hasn’t been in the industry for a long time, but it surely projects a great future ahead. Many of its designs focus on contemporary designs. Most of its designs come with clean lines, skeletonized dials and movements or sapphire dials.

The Cvstos HMS watches feature the fundamental functions of a watch. However, these timepieces are anything but ordinary. They’re truly unique and powerful with wonderful designs, collaborations, and more. With watches for both men and women, the Cvstos HMS series is every collector’s gateway to this young Swiss luxury brand.

Reasons to Buy a Cvstos HMS Watch

Cvstos, despite being a relatively new company, is one of the most prominent names in modern luxury watches. The brand’s HMS watches in particular, hold great value for a number of reasons. Aside from the mechanical movements that power the watch, it’s reassuring to know that they’re Swiss-made watches. Here are more reasons why you need to buy a Cvstos HMS watch now.

1. The dials provide a clear view of the movement inside.

2. Its breathtaking design cues are unparalleled and one-of-a-kind for an HMS watch.

3. Aside from fundamental functions, you get other features such as a second time zone as well as a day/night indicator.

4. Watches from this collection come in different materials such as steel, titanium, and gold or a combination of all.

5. You can expect high-quality collaborations such as with Switzerland-based tattoo artist Inkvader (Christian Nguyen) and actor Gérard Depardieu.

Cvstos HMS Watches: Ahead of the Game

Cvstos is a relatively young company and this is what drives them to be unique. Its watches feature designs that aren’t for the faint of heart. They’re extravagant as they’re intricate. With its HMS series, Cvstos made sure that even the simplest form of time can be truly magnificent if designed right.

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