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Introduction to Casio Edifice Watches  

Casio Edifice watches tend to possess designs that split watch lovers. Often, these watches have highly detailed and fancy faces that revel in their complications. Where there is no script or some kind of explanation here. Lots of folks enjoy these watches although there are critics, too. These watches tend to have simple colourways and big details. There are tachymeters and a rugged masculinity reigns supreme with the Edifice watch.  

With more than 50mm in diameter, these watches are certainly on the larger side and this, combined with the busy face, make the Edifice a modern timepiece in every sense of the word. Where this watch really excels is in the wafer thin 14mm width, which serves to add a real sense of luxury to the Edifice and only serve to make the size of the face seem even larger.  

Casio Edifice Features  

Whilst the Casio Edifice certainly looks great, it can be said that the watch truly comes into its own in terms of technical prowess. This timepiece matches users’ smartphones with Bluetooth technology in built and an onboard app serving to automatically set the time to the correct global timezone. Indeed, this app come with directions for exactly 300 locations across the world and always serves to take in timezone changes. In order for this feature to fully function, the smartphone must always be connected to the Casio Edifice watch.  

Truly, this is exciting news for those seeking a timepiece that can withstand the pressures of survival in the toughest of situations. Indeed, travellers in particular adore the Edifice because of its ability to not only look great but to automatically adjust its time zone according to where in the world you are.   

All in all, this is a truly first rate timepiece from Casio, who have managed to blend the classic and the modern into one watch. With all the masculine energy one would expect from such a rugged model, the Casio Edifice also packs a whole load of technology into its 50mm diameter, with the crown jewel undoubtedly its ability to keep track of the time no matter where in the world you might be. With a stainless steel case, strikingly complex dial and gorgeous design, the Casio Edifice is not a watch to be taken lightly. The Casio Edifice is a watch built for adventure!

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Riley Reid
Senior Editor
Casio Edifice Watches
This is a watch that's fitting for anywhere. You can wear it in the office or wear it out on the weekends. The Casio Edifice collection has a strong catalogue with a handful of styles that you can likely find something for everyone. Made with stainless steel and resin, each Casio Edifice has a strong sophisticated look. Take a look for yourself!
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