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New Breguet Tradition Watches

The Breguet Tradition Collection: A Toast to the Old, from the New

Breguet founder Abraham-Louis Breguet had an illustrious career in the watchmaking industry, his tradition spanning over three centuries. And the Breguet Tradition collection is only one of the brand’s tributes to his legacy. Each timepiece from the collection is distinguishable by a series of basic yet complex innovations — namely, retrograde date, excellent precision, patented balance wheels, and the famous Breguet hands, among others.

The collection’s clever usage of color variations (some pieces boast tri-color styles) and masterful engineering make its watches akin to works of art. This is the brand’s toast to old tradition without sacrificing Breguet’s modern innovations.

With its guilloche finishes, high-performing calibres, and centuries-old methods, these watches are coveted by many a watch enthusiast worldwide. 

Prices at a Glance: The Most Popular Breguet Tradition Watches 


Price (approx.)



Breguet Tradition Manual-winding Skeleton Dial Men's Watch (7067BR/G1/9W6) $22,500 USD40mm

● Rose gold material

● Sapphire crystal

● Skeleton color, matte finish

● Breguet hands

● 507 DR1 Breguet calibre

● 50-hour power reserve

● Water resistance of 30 meters

Breguet Tradition Manual-winding Skeleton Dial Men's Watch (7057BB/G9/9W6)$19,829 USD40mm 

● White gold material

● Sapphire crystal

● Guilloche finish

● 507 DR Breguet calibre

● 34 jewels

● 50-hour power reserve

● Water resistance of 30 meters

Breguet Tradition Manual-winding Silver Dial Men's Watch (7067BR/G1/9W6) $24,700 USD40mm

● Rose Gold material

● Scratch-resistant Sapphire

● Transparent back

● Silver & Gray Dial color

● Black Printed Roman Numerals 

● Blue Hands

● 50-hour power reserve

● Water resistance of 30 meters

Breguet Tradition  Automatic Grey Dial Men's Watch (7097BB/G1/9WU)$22,700 USD40mm

● White gold material

● Sapphire crystal

● Grey dial color

● Black Printed Roman Numerals

● Blue hands 

● 505 SR1 Breguet calibre

● 38 jewels

● 50-hour power reserve

● Water resistance of 30 meters

Breguet Tradition 7047PT/11/9ZU$151,000 USD41mm

● Sapphire crystal

● Hand-winding

● 569 calibre

● 43 jewels

● 2.5 Hz frequency 

● 50-hour power reserve

● Water resistance of 30 meters

Breguet Tradition Quantième Rétrograde (7597BR/G1/9WU)$37,800 to $38,600 USD40mm

● Sapphire Crystal

● 505Q, 14 ½''' calibre

● Rose gold or white gold

● Self-winding

● 45 jewels

● 3 Hz frequency

● 50-hour power reserve

● Water resistance of 30 meters

Breguet Tradition 7038BR/18/9V6/D00D$37,700 USD37mm

● Rose Gold 

● Mother of Pearl dial

● 18-carats

● Sapphire crystal

● 505 SR calibre

● Self-winding

● 38 jewels

● 50-hour power reserve

● Water resistance of 30 meters


How much does a Breguet Tradition watch cost? 

A Breguet Tradition watch has one of the most recognizable designs in the watchmaking industry. It is luxurious yet subtle, celebrating the best of watchmaking designs. This collection is also inspired by the brand's founder Abraham-Louis Breguet’s first subscription watch. These timepieces are unafraid to bear it all, best known for their skeleton dials. The Breguet Tradition Collection shows what is behind the curtain all this time: a simple process, heightened to its best potential through perfect engineering.

Prices for the Breguet Tradition Quantième Rétrograde Watches 

While the Breguet Tradition watches primarily pay homage to Breguet’s traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, they are also outfitted with modern accoutrements — thus, the Breguet Tradition Quantième Rétrograde watch was born. 

A celebration of Breguet’s 160th watch (called the “Marie Antoinette” complication), the 7597 timepiece incorporates retrograde date in your daily timekeeping. While this may be a common feature for luxury watches today, it was Breguet who pioneered this innovation centuries ago. Due to this, the retrograde feature deservedly has a spot in the Breguet Tradition Collection. 

Apart from this retrograde feature, the Tradition Quantième Rétrograde is fitted with other lavish embellishments, such as an 18K gold body and a skeleton dial. This dial is engine-turned by hand and employs a 505Q Automatic calibre. This watch also features Breguet's famous hands, balance-spring, and escapement. 

The 7597 comes in two colors: white gold and pink. Depending on which color you pick, this watch will set you back by around $37,800 to $38,600 USD.

Prices for the Breguet Tradition Dame Models

Featuring manual winding and a silver dial, the Breguet Tradition 7067BR/G1/9W6 is a classic timepiece, indeed. Its rose-gold casing, silver hues, and brown leather make this watch stylish and unique. Subtle but masculine, the 7067BR/G1/9W6 goes beyond what is trendy; it sets the stage for what a base watch should be. 

Its features include a traditional GMT setting, a second time-zone indicator, and Breguet’s iconic balance-spring. This timepiece also has a 50-hour power reserve and a 507 DRF calibre. With over 200 components, the 7067BR/G1/9W6 is defined by its precise engineering. This timepiece also has a white gold variant. Whichever variant you go with, the price for a 7067BR/G1/9W6 is around $24,700 USD. 

Following this is the Breguet Tradition 7038BR/18/9V6/D00D. Priced at around $37,700 USD, this is one of Breguet’s most opulent offerings. This breathtaking piece exudes wealth and luxury, sporting a rose gold case and a 68-carat diamond bezel. It is also fitted with the collection’s standard 18K gold, alongside dials crafted out of mother-of-pearl. Completing the piece is a sapphire crystal caseback. While other pieces from the Breguet Tradition feature more subtle styles, the 7038BR unabashedly breaks from this mold with its ornate design. 

Like the 7067BR, the Breguet Tradition 7097BB/G1/9WU has the silhouette and sophistication of an original Breguet watch. However his piece does come with its own distinction, boasting a sleeker look that is more aligned to the modern age. 

Also crafted in 18K gold, this timepiece is fitted with a 505 SR1 calibre. It also comes with Breguet’s self-made balance spring and balance wheel. Its dial is fashioned out of silvered gold, made in-house by hand. Finishing this piece are a 38-jewel movement and a guilloche finish. As the 7097BB/G1/9WU is Breguet’s more modern timepiece, it is best suited for the young at heart. It is where the past meets the present, and costs around $22,700 USD per piece. Like the 7067, this timepiece also has a white gold variant. 

Next is the Breguet Tradition 7057BB/G9/9W6 timepiece. It features a hand-wound movement, a 50-hour power reserve, and polished Breguet-style hands. Made with 18K gold, this Breguet Tradition watch mirrors the modernity of the 7097BB/G1/9WU. As expected, the 7057BB/G9/9W6 also has Breguet’s balance-wheel, balance spring, and skeleton dial. However, compared to other designs, this timepiece has a unisex appeal. 

Striking a balance between simplicity and complexity, the 7057BB/G9/9W6 is an elegant addition to anyone’s wrist. With silver-tone hands and a 507 DR Calibre, this watch costs $19,900 USD. 

Breguet Tradition — Is it a good investment? 

Breguet is founded on three centuries of tradition. And across the annals of history, its timepieces have graced the wrists of many illustrious individuals. This alone is reason enough for you to invest in Breguet’s watches.

Breguet’s watches are not only manufactured with the highest-quality materials, but they are also a distinguishing pillar of the entire watchmaking industry. Founder Abraham-Louis Breguet is one of the best horologists of all time, and as an icon of France, his 947th watch is featured in the Louvre Museum. 

Now a part of the Swatch family, the brand continues to uphold Breguet’s standards and passion for innovation. 

For the Breguet tradition watches, this means incorporating Breguet’s inventions into its designs. Better yet, this means highlighting the architectural beauty of Breguet’s tacts and dials centuries ago. 

Breguet’s importance to the industry is not lost on watch enthusiasts. Its relatively high prices come with its historic value, unique silhouette, and artful engineering. Owning a Breguet Tradition piece shows that you are not only interested in wearing a watch — you want to celebrate it. 

History Behind the Breguet Tradition Watch

Many luxury watchmaking manufacturers have had the privilege of surviving over a century. Breguet outlasted almost all of them, its roots tracing as far back as the late 1700s.

Founder Abraham-Louis Breguet was an inventor and a passionate horologist. Through his rigorous training in France, he became one of the most talented watchmakers of his period. His work with repeating watches and the tourbillon survived centuries of watchmaking. Because of him, timepieces became more than just about time. He transformed pieces into engineering marvels from his workshop in Paris. 

By 1802, Abraham-Louis Breguet was a living icon. His clients included France’s royals, political leaders, and more. Breguet watches were simple, effective, and very successful.

What marks a Breguet timepiece is its ‘Breguet Balance’ and dial. Through these inventions, the brand built its identity. This is what the Breguet Tradition collection recreates a sense of coming home to Breguet’s truest sensibilities.

Reasons to Buy a Breguet Tradition Watch

 1. Historic value. Breguet Tradition watches commemorate the historical innovations of its founder Abraham-Louis Breguet. If anything, these watches are for a true watch enthusiast to add to their collection. While this collection was launched in the 21st century, its sensibilities and technology date back centuries. 

2. Unique aesthetic. A Breguet Tradition Collection watch’s skeleton back and off-center dial makes it so easy to identify. 

3. High performance and precision. The fact that Abraham-Louis Breguet’s balance spring, balance wheels, and hand designs still hold a flame to modern engineering shows how timeless his work is. You get the best of the best with a Breguet Tradition watch.

Famous Patrons of the Breguet Tradition Watch

Breguet has been an affluent watch brand for quite some time. The brand boasts clients such as historic figures like Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI, the Queen and King of France back in the 1780s.

Other famous patrons of the earliest Breguet timepieces also include Napoleon Bonaparte. Best known for his leadership during the French Revolution, Bonaparte owned three Breguet pieces in his lifetime. This included a travel calendar, a repeating watch, and a repeating clock.

Breguet weathered the test of time to maintain its relevance up until today. During the 1900s, famous patrons of the brand included Sir Winston Churchill and The Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII.  

Because of the brand’s previous patrons, Breguet became a watch brand for aristocrats: the powerful and the influential. One of its most popular sightings is through the DC comic book character Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman

Featured in Batman v. Superman, a Breguet Tradition Fusee Tourbillon 7047PT is one of the most expensive Breguet Tradition pieces. This timepiece costs a little less than $190,000 USD. With its opulence and masculinity, this is a perfect match for the privileged Bruce Wayne. This timepiece boasts features such as hand-wound movements and a fusee-chain transmission. It also has a 50-hour power reserve and over 40 jewels. Bruce Wayne wore its platinum variant, but this piece is also available in rose gold. 

Breguet Tradition: Art on Your Wrist

The Breguet Tradition Collection embodies everything that makes watchmaking interesting. From its centuries-old history to its modern engineering marvels, these watches are art pieces in their own right. Getting this watch salutes founder Abraham-Louis Breguet’s life’s work, whose legacy helped shape the watchmaking history forever. Still, there is no stand in for the real thing. The Breguet Tradition Collection is the closest you will get to the original Abraham-Louis Breguet work of art.

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