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Blancpain calmly and frequently reinterprets this family, which has a modern style while keeping its emblematic aesthetic styles. Far from snapping with tradition, the new styles reaffirm the brand’s love of genuine watchmaking traditions, as seen with the launch of dials in grand feu enamel and serpentine hands in steel for the calendar part. 

The Villeret selection has seen an advantage from the outcomes of the latest research into movement styles. Correctors beneath the horns, protected calendar and moon-phase mechanisms, amazing power, all is brought into play to give value to amazing watches like the Carrousel Phases de Lune and the Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel.  

A legendary watch is an amazing mechanism. The skills needed to make these timepieces are rare and stunning. The watchmakers and artists that have these abilities are able to build into these watches the amazing complications that are hard to make – perpetual calendars, tourbillons, carrousels and much more – in addition to aesthetic ornaments.   

With its watchmaking creators, master watchmakers and artists, all living in the Vallée de Joux  in Switzerland, Blancpain keeps up the great legends and expertise of high watchmaking. Love for this heritage and the legendary craft comes into all that the brand undertakes. Indeed, this does not therefore result in an outmoded brand ethos.   

In fact, Blancpain prides itself on innovation. A key idea that guides Blancpain in the making of new watches and allows the brand to launch modern ideas matching the traditional processes. Blancpain now gives all its watches smart balance springs constructed from silicon. The power and magnetic properties and precision gained in using silicon surpass those of the more commonly used materials previously utilised in the past.  

Likewise, technical gains were possible by using titanium on the movement’s balance-wheels, special alloys for mainsprings, Liquidmetal for certain elements of the dial and depth gauges of dive timepieces, ceramic for cases and precision technologies in the making of wheels and pinions.  

The aesthetic of new watches is started by the Blancpain engineers, who love to give freedom to their mind’s eye. In fact, between 2006 and 2018, these engineers were able to launch in over 43 calibres and movements with a wide variety of horological creations, including the Carrousel Volant Une Minute.  

Stunning power reserves therefore come first among performance criteria that guide the brand’s pieces. Blancpain’s knowledge also includes artistic styles that can be given to watchmaking. Design has been a major element in this sector for many centuries and is one of its true loves. Ornamentation shown through the small dimensions of a timepiece have a significant place in the horological history. Indeed, the more intricate the decoration given onto dials and case backs are like miniature portraits.  

Similarly to Blancpain’s horological engineers, the craftsmen are given the support to surpass their own limits, in particular by acquiring new artistic skills hitherto unseen in horological, including techniques like shakudō and binchōtan native to Japan.

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