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  1. TAG Heuer Connected Modular SBF8A8012.11FT6077
    No. 1TAG Heuer Connected Modular SBF8A8012.11FT6077
  2. TAG Heuer Connected Modular SBF8A8001.11FT6076
    No. 2TAG Heuer Connected Modular SBF8A8001.11FT6076
  3. TAG Heuer Connected Modular SBF8A8001.10BF0608
    No. 3TAG Heuer Connected Modular SBF8A8001.10BF0608
  4. TAG Heuer Connected Modular SBF8A8013.82FT6110
    No. 4TAG Heuer Connected Modular SBF8A8013.82FT6110

Digital Watches

A digital watch display is the easiest way to tell time because it literally tells you. The display of time is in digital numbers, versus the analog display with hands. Digital watches work by electrical structures powering the number/digit display. Most commonly, digital watches display time in a 24-hour format. However, there are many digital watches that allow you to set the format according to your format. Digital watches display time in a 24-hour format, versus a 12-hour format on an analog display. Digital watches typically either run on a power supply or batteries that you can replace. 

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Digital Watches
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