45-50mm Watches


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Top 5 Popular 45-50mm Watches Watches
  1. Hublot Classic Fusion 520.NX.1170.NX
    No. 1Hublot Classic Fusion 520.NX.1170.NX
  2. TAG Heuer Carrera CBG2A1Z.BA0658
    No. 2TAG Heuer Carrera CBG2A1Z.BA0658
  3. IWC Pilot IW501001
    No. 3IWC Pilot IW501001
  4. Oris ProDiver 01 748 7748 7154-07 8 26 74PEB
    No. 4Oris ProDiver 01 748 7748 7154-07 8 26 74PEB
  5. Longines Longines Conquest L36974066
    No. 5Longines Longines Conquest L36974066

Watch Case Size 45-50mm

Is bigger always better? That depends on your preference of course. If a watch size is over 45mm, it is then considered as an oversized watch. Some may choose a watch size between 45-50mm because they like their timepiece to stand out more. Or simply because it fits them better overall. When you're thinking about the case size you want, also think about the case diameter, thickness, band width and design! 

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45-50mm Watches
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