Why the Hublot Classic Fusion is a Classic

While many Hublot watches are coveted for their Swiss luxury and iconic style, the Hublot Classic Fusion collection is particularly popular with the brand’s devotees. It has unique mixtures of materials and signature porthole designs. The Classic Fusion serves as a homage to both the contemporary Hublot’s of today and decades-old favorites. Let’s delve into what makes this watch such a classic.

“Fusion” refers to both the literal and a more nebulous practice of merging disparate components with the acclaimed line. The Hublot Classic Fusions brings together things that are not normally joined in traditional watches. But the watches are also fusions of design, drawing inspiration from the first Hublot watches we met in the 1980s and melding that original style to contemporary constructs. The result is a collection that’s at the same time classic and leading-edge, familiar yet still something of a discovery that crosses conventional boundaries.

front view of Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic black dial watch

The First Hublot Classic Fusions Watches

Let’s go back nearly a decade to look at the Hublot Classic Fusions we met in 2010. In that year, fashion, as it often does, was taking a retro dive. We saw lots of returning styles from the early 90s with skater couture and hipster trends that borrowed from the grunge era. Hublot dug into its own roots to take the boldness of the popular Big Bang watches and give it a more simplified spin for a timepiece they debuted at Baselworld under the banner “Art of Fusion.”

This merits a look back even farther in time, as the Big Bang itself is based on Hublot watches from the 80s with screwed-down bezels that echo a ship’s porthole. As Hublot lovers know, the word “Hublot” means “porthole” in French.

The initial and immediately popular Classic Fusions were thinner than preceding Big Bangs, with dials that were decidedly less busy. While the statement-making hour markers and trademark porthole case mirrored Big Bangs, the Classic Fusion mixed things up with matte and carbon-fiber dials and ceramic bezels, available in 42mm and 44mm case sizes.

Some of the Finest Classic Fusions

There are a lot of Hublot Classic Fusions to choose from, with a wide variety of materials, features, and design elements. Hublot has teamed with everyone from a resort in the Maldives, the Dallas Cowboys, and the UEFA Europa League to a cigar brand, Kobe Bryant and Jay-Z to create Classic Fusions. While some of these special-edition Fusions are amazing, let’s look at a few of the more classic offerings.

It doesn’t get much more classic than the Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic in basic black with a satin-finished and polished case. It’s super sporty on a black rubber strap and dresses up well on an alligator strap, slim enough to nicely slip under a dress sleeve. Add in an understated black dial and silver-tone hands and indices and this versatile timepiece can go just about anywhere. Flip it over to wonder at a clear caseback that lets you see the Swiss Calibre HUB1112 movement at work.

Hublot Classic Fusion Watches, Classic with Black and Gold

The “Black Magic” Fusion takes the popular trend of all-black motifs and gives it a royal upgrade. The black case is composed of high-grade zirconia ceramic that’s tougher and lighter than titanium. That gives the watch a sci-fi sheen that’s as durable as it is gorgeous. It’s topped by a striking bezel in Hublot’s signature “King Gold.” With a high proportion of platinum, this rose-gold alloy not only gives off an amazing gleam but is incredibly strong.

Did Someone Say Diamonds?

For a bit of bling with your Hublot Classic Fusion, pick up a Titanium Diamonds model. The polished titanium bezel is deliciously decorated with 36 diamonds while a satin-finished sunray dial is similarly set with eleven glittering stones. The titanium case has a diameter of 38mm, making it a perfectly sized piece to match any classic occasion.

Color Splashed Chronographs

Let’s look at some of the more colorful offerings in the Hublot Classic Fusion chronograph category. Hold a Titanium Green up to the light to behold a marvelous show. The textured green sunray dial has a satin finish that reflects light amazingly, aided by high-polish indices. Subdials complement the color with a deeper shade of olive, while an alligator strap with a rubber backing completes the green ensemble with a lighter shade of emerald and green contrast stitching.

Okay, this one is a bit gimmicky, given that it’s named after a holiday resort in Turkey. Still, the Bodrum Blue Titanium wonderfully captures the deep blue Mediterranean waters. The azure dial reflects an array of hues under shifting light. It’s strikingly complemented by matte black subdials and offset by a black-and-white date disk. Slip this watch onto a deep blue alligator strap for a real summer-fresh yachting vibe.

We sail across the Aegean Sea for the next hue in blue. This time it’s the Classic Fusion Chronograph Mykonos, aptly named for the idyllic Greek isle. A soft shade of sky blue adorns the ceramic bezel of this breezy limited-edition timepiece. It captures the serenity of the Cyclades Archipelago. Satisfy your sporty side with a black rubber strap or really get into island mode with a sky blue alligator strap.

Hublot Classic Fusion Conclusion

From skeleton tourbillions to race-inspired and moon phase models, there are a lot of other choices for a Hublot Classic Fusion out there. However you choose, it’s nice to know you have a true classic on your wrist.

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