Why the Hamilton Khaki King is a Great Watch

Hamilton watches are iconic, bold, innovative, and known for their flawless Swiss precision and American spirit. Hamilton designed timepieces for the United States Army during WWII, which says more than enough about its aviation and military heritage. The Hamilton Khaki King automatic is a beautiful timepiece, underlining its military heritage.

Following are some features which make this model one of the best Hamilton watches for men.

Hamilton Khaki King Size

Though it might be available in other sizes, the standard diameter of this timepiece measures 40mm. This size is perfect for any wrist, being neither too big nor too small. Watches which have a diameter of over 45mm look a bit gaudy, while smaller models look tacky on larger wrists. But, with a 40mm diameter, the Khaki King is the ideal option.

Hamilton Khaki King

This mesmerizing timepiece sits at the height of 11mm, which further complements the size of the dial beautifully. Overall, the sizing of this timepiece is just about perfect.

Watch Aesthetics

The aesthetics of any timepiece usually comes down to personal preference. But, with its rare combination of functionality and elegance, it’s hard not to fall in love with this Hamilton. Flawlessly designed to give a wide array of information, the dial beautifully displays the date, the day, and much more.

While all this can make the dial a bit crowded and cramped, Hamilton still manages to give this timepiece a minimalistic, luxurious look with the impeccable mixture of white, silver, and black coloring. This classic combination surely makes the Hamilton Khaki a truly beautiful piece.

Hamilton Khaki King

The Dial

The dial of this timepiece beautifully captures the military heritage of the Hamilton field. The outer ring is fashioned with large hour markers, while the 24-hour markers are designed on an inner ring. Along the bezel, the minutes are also marked with Arabic numerals on the extremely accurate chapter ring.

As mentioned above, this Hamilton elegantly displays the date and the day at the 12 o’clock position. Some people might not like this style as it takes up a lot of space on the dial and ‘ruins’ the hour markers from 11 through 1. However, if you love this useful feature, then it’s only going to add to the aesthetic appeal of this timepiece. Designed with an easily legible white background, clear black text, and bold, capital sans-serif font, the day and the date are extremely easy to read.

The smooth hands of the watch further complement its timeless elegance. The Hamilton has simple pointed tapers to indicate the hour and minute, while an arrowhead hand with circular counterbalance is designed for the seconds.

Hamilton Khaki King


Although this timepiece was not designed to be a diver, it still features 50m water resistance. It’s simple and durable design makes it a luxurious and high quality watch. The crystal is constructed with resilient sapphire, the steel bracelet is state-of-the-art, and the case feels sturdy on your wrist. All in all, the Khaki King is crafted with quality materials and is tough enough to last you for a long time.

Khaki Field King Case and Bracelet

The case of the Khaki Field King is manufactured with a classic combination of both polished and brushed stainless steel. The polished bezel elegantly accentuates the domed sapphire crystal which provides a lovely curved finish to the dial. Although the crystal is extremely scratch proof, it is important to remember that the polished stainless steel is not designed with the same quality.

The bracelet itself is a stunning quality stainless steel three-piece. It is completely brushed and adjustable in two small positions. The double button safety on the clasp further adds to its ease of use.

Hamilton Khaki King


With a mesmerizing display-back, time exposes all its secrets, offering a glimpse into Hamilton’s proprietary H-40 movement. This flawless timepiece is equipped with the famous Swiss ETA Caliber 2834-2 automatic movement. Although Hamilton does not produce it in-house like other brands, this exceptional piece of machinery has a distinguished reputation in the horology community. With only 5-15 seconds of error all through the day, this automatic movement ensures accuracy and precision.

Both bold and beautiful, the H-40 further features an extended power reserve of almost 80 hours, which is almost double the market standard. The 80-hour power reserve also means that you can take off the watch on Friday, and it will still be working on Monday.

Hamilton Khaki King

Furthermore, Hamilton has reduced the movement to 21,600 BPH, or 3Hz, giving the second hand less of a sweeping motion, and making it more accurate than other movements from Hamilton’s range. Fewer beats also extend the life of the timepiece. This is because higher beats exert more pressure on the parts of the movement, ultimately reducing its life. The Hamilton Khaki King is equipped with an automatic, 80hr power reserve, Swiss Made, 25 jewel movement.

Overall wearability

One of the most important parts of a timepiece is its feel on the wrist. Mostly, wearability is affected by the weight, materials, size, and comfort of the watch. Regarding the Hamilton Khaki King, this model wears well. It is not too heavy, extremely comfortable, and feels and looks great on the wrist. Surely, this is a timeless watch certainly worth having!

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