What Is a Hybrid Watch?

Is there any end to the list of innovations that see the light each year? It’s hard to keep up.

That’s why we thought it best to keep you up to date with a very interesting type of watch that’s all the rage these days. You may not recognize one when you see it, but it’s worth knowing about. Why? Because it’s a true ‘all-in-one’ approach to watch technology.

It’s called a hybrid watch.

A Hybrid Watch Defined

In basic terms, a hybrid watch is a mix between two types of watches:

  • Traditional, mechanical watches: The watch usually has the look of this type—analog—watch, with two hands moving across the face.
  • Smartwatch: This range of watches have become increasingly popular, possibly prompting brands to add its features to other types of watches. Hold on! There are limits: your hybrid watch won’t have ALL the functions you find in the latest smart watches, but many features can be incorporated.

Here’s the important fact: each hybrid watch will be unique, dependent on what features the brand decided to add.

Oceanus Hybrid Watch

With most of them you can expect the watch to count your steps. Since healthy living is such a popular topic, step counting is a common reason why many consumers purchase smart watches. Now your smart watch can have the same classic look of traditional watches, but you can benefit from it motivating you to keep walking!

But what else will it do?

Features You Can Expect from Your Hybrid Watch

As stated, each watch is different, so make a list of what you would like your hybrid watch to do. Then shop accordingly.

While it can’t do everything your smart watch does, you can expect the following features:

  • Counting steps: As mentioned above, your hybrid watch can count your steps. Of course, there is no digital screen, so the watch can show the number of steps on a secondary clock face.
  • Connectivity: The benefit of a smart watch is that it can usually connect to an app on your mobile device. Your hybrid watch can often do the same, enabling communication between your Smartphone and your watch via Bluetooth. The data collected by the phone can be transferred to your mobile device.
  • Alerts: If connected to your Smartphone, your watch can now alert you of certain activities on your phone, such as incoming calls, a message or a calendar alert. It can vibrate or the hands can momentarily jump to a certain number to indicate a certain activity.
Fossil Hybrid watch
Source: Fossil
  • Photography: Your hybrid watch can become the shutter control for your Smartphone camera. Take a picture by pushing a button on your watch, while your phone is positioned to take a group photo.
  • Music: Activate music on your Smartphone by pushing a certain button on your hybrid watch. This can come in handy if you’re not sure where you placed your mobile device. Follow the audio!
  • Heart rate: This isn’t very common, but some hybrid types of watches will have appropriate sensors to measure your heart rate.
  • Sleep: People who prefer mechanical watches often also take them off at night, so you may not use the sleep measuring function a lot. But the feature is there for those who want to use the tracked data to improve sleeping habits.

Why Pick a Hybrid Watch? All the Benefits

Is it worth investing in a mix of two equally impressive types of watches Definitely!

Casio Hybrid Solar watch

A hybrid watch makes sense for many modern consumers for reasons that include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • A balance between old and new: Do you want modern watch features, but you really love dressing classically? Then a hybrid empowers you to adhere to your fashion sense and still benefit from having your watch help you keep up with alerts & exercise routines.
  • No charging: Smart watches need to be charged often, thanks to their digital interfaces that take up a lot of power. If you don’t want the hassle of regular charging, hybrid types of watches are your kind of smart watch.
  • Long battery life with smart watch features: Your hybrid will last for months before you need to exchange the battery.
  • Change it up: If you care how your watch affects your look for the day, you’ll appreciate that it’s much easier to find alternative straps for hybrid watches than for most smart watches. The classic designs often include regular sized lugs, so you can shop around for accessories that suit your personal taste.


This watch category is quickly gathering momentum. You’re bound to find the perfect one that suits your love for gadgets while enabling you to look classically stylish at the same time. And yes, there are already attractive designs in both men and women’s watches.

What is your experience using these types of watches? Please share your thoughts below.

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