What is a GMT Watch?

Watches are usually meant to showcase local time, but there is an exception of GMT watch. A GMT watch not only apprises you of domestic time, but it also briefs you about time in different countries. The most happening feature of a GMT watch is its ability to exhibit time in different poles of the world.

GMT – “Greenwich Meantime”

GMT watch comes along an additional time zone. It gives an idea of the current time in countries all over the world. It has an inexplicably amazing feature to reveal time worldwide.

GMT watches carry a special kind of bezel, a rotatable one, which has the capacity of a world clock. It tends to inform you about time across the globe. The belt amidst the bezel is the core trait of a GMT watch. That belt tends to move with a slight push of the hand.

What the Additional Time Zone Works Like 

You basically need to know the time difference that your country has with other countries in the world. This information is important as it is going to guide you about how much you need to rotate the bezel of the GMT watch.

Rolex GMT Master II

For calculating the difference in time, you just need to Google it away. Google, in a nanosecond, can guide you about the difference of time between your city and the city you want to know the time of.

Let’s assume, you live in Chicago, and you want to acquire the time in Toronto. The two amazing neighbors share many things in common, be it culture or history. Being neighbors, the time difference between them is not worlds apart. Considering the fact that Canada is only one hour ahead of the United States, you will have to move the bezel forward only one time. When you take this necessary step, you will be instantly informed about the current hour and minute in Toronto.

For instance, if you are an inhabitant in Moscow, and you want to know the current time in Sydney, you have to know the time difference which is eight hours to be exact. So, you will have to move the bezel 8 times to have a know-how of what the clock struck in the Australian continent.

The Bezel is Compartmentalized Into Two

Tudor Black Bay

Usually, a GMT watch has the bezel divided into two parts. The bezel of a GMT watch is a bi-colored one. Generally, a black and blue combination or black and red works for the compartmentalization of the bezel.

One part has the time zone for the night hours, and the other part indicates the day hours. Thence, the extended time zone shows ante meridiem (before) hours and post meridiem (after) hours in different colors.

The Historical Background: GMT Was Initially Inspired By Pilots

GMT watches were basically made to accommodate pilots, but in this day and age, almost everyone can use these watches. Pilots have to fly planes, and for them, it is important to know of the time in different corners of the world. To satiate this need, the horology industry introduced GMT watches with a dual time zone.

These GMT watches reduced the problem of time-reading while flying from one place to another. For a very long time, pilots had to struggle knowing time after departing from the domestic space. The horology industry then progressed by leaps and bounds and came up with an apt solution. GMT watch came out as a trademark of the horology industry.

Omega Seamaster GMT

After a while, these GMT watches became widely popular, and almost everyone had access to this wonderful timepiece. After this revolutionary development, it became available for an ordinary person’s utility.

A GMT is a Must for People with Wanderlust

Do you like traveling worldwide? Do you like to explore new cities, new countries, and new continents? Then a GMT watch is an absolute need. You can’t be careless enough not to put on a GMT watch while traveling from one place to another.

Whether you are required to travel because your job demands it, you are a photographer whose bread and butter depends on traveling, or you’re a writer with a vibe to unravel the nature, it’s better for you to have a GMT watch tied on your wrist. Frequent travelers find it an absolute necessity.

Most Famous GMT Watches

1: Rolex GMT Master II watch

Rolex GMT Master II

The ravishing gold bracelet of the watch outclasses all other specs. This Rolex GMT Master II watch has a rotating bezel which is bi-directional. There is an amazing and off-beat contrast as the dial is in green color; however, the watch markers are synonymous to the gold bracelet. The watch can also resist water up to 100 m. There’s a screw down crown attached beside the bezel. There is a regular date calendar at 3 ‘o clock. On top of all that, there are luminous watch markers for the additional time zone.

2: Breitling Avenger II GMT watch

This Breitling GMT timepiece has a stainless steel case whose width is 43mm. There’s a leather-made black strap perfectly suiting the silver steel case. The watch offers 300 mm of water resistance. Moreover, the watch markers and hands (min and hour) inside the fully black dial are silver-toned. The seconds hand is given in red, for a change. The outstanding features also include a 42-hour power reserve. The date can be seen via date calendar at 3 ‘o clock.

3: IWC Pilot Automatic GMT watch

The focal point of the IWC Pilot automatic is a beautiful and stainless steel case. It flaunts a black leather-made strap. The rotating bezel is quite unique as it has city names written on it. The screw down crown alongside the bezel is accompanied by two push buttons. The water resistance is up to 60mm. The black dial has a couple of sub-dials, 12-hour display, and a date calendar, and is a chronograph watch. Along with it, it proffers a 68-hour power reserve.

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