Do You Need A Watch Winder?

Watch winders have been the talk of the community for as long as I can remember. There are a lot of people who say that you do not need one while many others claim that it is a basic necessity. While the discussion is ongoing, it is best to learn more about them before making a decision on whether or not you need or want a watch winder. We have also come up with a list of options for you to watch out for — some of the best, most affordable, and most expensive watch winders available on the market today.

20 Best Watch Winders

Watch winders all serve the same basic purpose. However, there are a few that tick all the boxes necessary for every individual’s specific needs. It can be a multi-winder or a single-winder. Some have interactive designs, while others are more traditional in function. No matter what you are looking for, we have listed down 20 of the best watch winders that will suit your needs and budget. Do note that this list is in no particular order.

1. Volta 31-560120 Signature Series 12 Watch Winder

front view of Volta 31-560120 Signature Series 12 Watch Winder
Photo from Amazon

Let us start off strong with the Volta 31-560120 Signature Series. It can store 12 watches at a time, which is definitely more than enough for most watch collectors. As you can see, it has a very sleek design which appeals to any modern collector’s tastes. The base of the winder stands on metal bars that only add to its overall aesthetic. It is a reliable watch winder with a hardy carbon fiber finish and a front glass. This will allow you to see the watches from the inside. Even better, you can turn on an LED light inside to showcase your collection with great ease. It will look great on any display shelf, especially in your man cave.

This watch winder weighs around 30 pounds. It can be used with a 110 or 240 volts adapter. For safety purposes, it comes with a lock and key, so your prized possessions will remain secure. Powered by a Japanese Mabuchi motor, you can rest assured that it works quietly and efficiently. Inside the machine, you’ll find 2 LCD screens that indicate the power of and control 6 of the winders each. On the side of each screen are buttons that allow you to determine the direction or TPD (turns per day) of the winders. You can choose between 650, 900, 1350, or 1800 revolutions.

The Volta 31-560120 Signature Series costs around $2,000 USD in retail or less.

2. Rapport London Optima Time Capsule Single Watch Winder

side view of Rapport London Optima Time Capsule Single Watch Winder watch
Photo from Rapport London

It is hard not to fall in love with the Rapport London Optima Time Capsule watch winder. It has a unique design that strikes a careful balance between modern and period. Sharp-eyed fans have even commented that it reminds them of Iron Man’s arc reactor – do you see the resemblance? 

This single-watch winder is far from average. It has a striking cylindrical design, made by putting together beveled glass and chrome-plated aluminum as support. There are also brass cogs fitted inside this winder.

You can easily fit a watch into the adjustable leather cushion. Plus, it also comes with a magnifying glass lens that you can lock in order to protect your watch. With the glass panel in place, this watch winder not only winds your watch but also displays your investment piece with ease.

This watch winder is typically powered with direct current (DC), but in the event of a power outage, it can still function with a backup battery. That said, this winder is a little costly, retailing at $2,590 USD. 

3. WOLF 301853 Chloé Single Watch Winder 

side view of  WOLF 301853 Chloé Single Watch Winder
Photo from WOLF

WOLF is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. It is one of the most trusted brands and an established institution when it comes to watch winders. With their experience and expertise, it is not hard to fall in love with their designs and the functions each of their winders offers. Not to mention, the quality of WOLF watch winders definitely fits the bill for an investment piece.

The WOLF 301853 Chloé Single Watch Winder is perfect for people who are into clean yet elegant designs. You can tell by the way it looks that it is definitely a luxury watch winder. It has a nice cream leather design that is soft and supple to the touch. Moreover, the leather is laser-cut with precision, so you can be sure that it fits the box perfectly. At the front of the box is a glass cover that also comes with a lock for extra security.

This elegant winder costs around $259 USD in retail. It comes with a 2-year warranty and works at 900 TPD with a bi-directional, patented rotation program. It can be charged on AC power or with AA batteries — either alkaline or lithium.

4. Triple Tree Single Watch Winder

front view of Triple Tree Single Watch Winder
Photo from Amazon

If you are looking for a watch winder on a budget, the Triple Tree Single Watch Winder might be the one for you. It costs a lot less than the first three winders on our list, retailing at only $60 USD. However, that does not mean that this watch winder sacrifices quality for an accessible price.

This winder comes with a solid wood build, surrounded by polyurethane leather. It also has a clear acrylic display glass to give the winder a deluxe feel. It is comfortable to the touch and works great as a gift for your collector friend. It also functions quietly with a Japanese Mabuchi Motor. Powered by an AC adaptor, it is a plug-and-play device that does not need any other complications. You can also use two AA batteries to power this winder. At 2.5 pounds, it is not at all heavy and will look great as a display as well.

5. CHIYODA Automatic Single Watch Winder

front view of CHIYODA Automatic Single Watch Winder
Photo from Amazon

Another affordable winder on our list, the CHIYODA Automatic Single Watch Winder is a great way to show off your watch while also keeping it running. It is made from a 100% hand-made solid wooden frame. The winder also has an acrylic organic glass window, and the box surface comes with a high-gloss piano lacquer finish. This watch winder is exquisite and luxurious without being overly flashy. At 80mm in diameter, the pillow in the box can hold watches of just about any size.

It has four TPDs available for use: 2100, 1400, 1050, and 680 TPD. It can also be rotated three different ways — clockwise, counterclockwise, or both. You can set these aspects separately, giving the winder a total of 12 available modes, catering to almost every watch in the market. Each TPD mode technically has the same rotation speed. They only differ in interval time.

Power this watch using an AC adapter or AA batteries for a more mobile experience. At 10 decibels, it is a quiet winder, thanks to its Japanese Mabuchi motor. This watch winder costs around $70 USD.

6. Barrington Single Watch Winder

side view of Barrington Single Watch Winder
Photo from Barrington

Barrington is a UK-based company that focuses solely on creating watch winders. The Barrington Single Watch Winder is the company’s flagship and bestselling winder. It comes in various colors, such as Crimson Red, Midnight Blue, Racing Green, Electric Yellow, and Glacier White. However, we are partial to the Shadow Black version for its sleek, understated appearance. There are also special edition Barrington single watch winders available such as the one in Grey Koto and wood finishes.

This winder is incredibly quiet with a Mabuchi motor. It mainly runs on AC power but it can also be powered by two AA batteries. It is made of hard plastic, which does not take away the quality of the winder. The winder also features curved edges for a more high-end look and an LED light that powers on while winding. It rotates clockwise, counterclockwise, or both. You may also choose between 650, 750, 850, 1,000 or 1,950 TPDs.

The Barrington Single Watch Winder in Shadow Black costs $249 USD in retail.

7. WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder

front view of WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder
Photo from WOLF

It is hard not to fall in love with WOLF and its lineup of watch winders. The WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder is another entry from this brand. This luxury watch winder has a start delay of 10 seconds for greater efficiency and is pre-programmed with 900 TPD. Intermittent rotation with pauses and sleep phases are also pre-programmed into this winder. You can choose to opt for the 12-hour delay setting as well. If you want to double the amount of TPD, simply select the bi-directional rotation option. You have a choice of adjusting the directional setting of the winder between clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectional.

The cuff of this winder can fit watches of most sizes, up to 52mm. Its design locks the cuff into the rotator so that your watch remains secure. Moreover, you can power it with either AC power or D-Cell batteries. It comes in smooth vegan leather, which not only adds to its luxurious feel but makes it an eco-friendly watch winder as well.

There is some feedback that the cuff may be too big for some watches and that the box is bulky. However, these are personal opinions that are not indicative of the winder’s performance. The WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder costs around $390 USD in retail. While it is one of the most expensive watch winders on our list, you will later find that it is truly worth every penny. It is perfect for high-end watches like a Rolex, Tag Heuer, or Omega timepiece!

8. Cheopz Safe 6 Watch Winder

front view of Cheopz Safe 6 Watch Winder
Photo from Amazon

Not all watch winders are created equal. Some serve exactly their intended purpose, while others carry a little extra function for us to enjoy. The most serious watch collectors might need more than just a simple winder, as they might need one that doubles as a safe. If that describes you, then the Cheopz Safe 6 Watch Winder is exactly the watch winder for you. It has enough space to fit 6 watches, along with 3 additional drawers which you can use to store other prized possessions such as jewelry and money. You can also place other watch-related accessories here, like straps and other components, for easier access!

This winder comes looking like a bulky safe, offering you protection not only for your watches but also for all the other items you choose to keep inside. Made from solid steel, it has an 18mm explosion-proof window and dual-locking bolts. The hinge bar of the box is also very much resistant to prying. For even better security, it also has a detector alarm system. You can also attach this watch winder to the wall or the floor with its pre-drilled holes. This prevents anyone from easily carrying the winder away as a whole!

To secure this box, you can customize a code of up to 10 digits. It also has an LCD display touch panel on the door for ease of use. It is quiet when being used, thanks to the gear-driven Japanese motors inside. The LCD controllers can set the TPD to 5 different modes, with 3 rotation directions for each slot. For an added bit of fun, the LED lights can also be easily controlled to turn on, off, or motion-sensing.

On the whole, it is a very pleasant-looking watch winder. The black microfiber leather exterior and red microfiber leather interior scream absolute luxury. True to that, this watch winder costs around $3,600 USD in retail. With all the features this winder offers, you can easily understand its more expensive price.

9. Versa Quad Watch Winder 

front view of Versa Quad Watch Winder
Photo from Amazon

There are, of course, more accessible multi-winder options for watch winders. Case in point, the Versa Quad Watch Winder. It can handle up to 5 watches, and you can pick the setting for each individual holder. It is just as functional as the aforementioned Cheopz Safe 6 Watch Winder, as it has the same Japanese Mabuchi motor powering it. So, you can actually get a quiet and efficient watch winder for a lot less!

The Versa Quad Watch Winder features a very sleek and clean design. It also has a stand at its foot, so that it remains stable even when running. The front covers are clear and transparent, so you can watch as the winder works. This winder even comes with blue LED interior lights for aesthetic or display purposes. It has 12 different modes works for approximately 5 minutes before resting.

The Versa Quad Watch Winder also has an adjustable spring action pillow to support different watch sizes. All these, you can get for just $160 USD. 

10. Orbita Sparta Bold Single Watch Winder

front view of Orbita Sparta Bold Single Watch Winder
Photo from Orbita

The Orbita Sparta Bold Single Watch Winder is an interesting take on watch winders. It has a unique design that makes it stand out from the others on our list. As you can see, the aforementioned winders all typically come in boxes, with glass covers to protect the watch. However, that is not the case with this one. It has no covers and lets the watch hang freely on the holder. It is designed this way to allow for easier access to the watch.

There are of course some cons to this design. For one, this winder does not protect your watch the way glass-cage watch winders do. It may also accumulate dust over time, so you have to be careful to clean it regularly. However, it is undeniable that such a unique design makes it look effortlessly cool. It is also a tad smaller than most winders. As a compact winder that can be powered by batteries, this is perfect as a travel watch winder for the frequent jetsetter. 

The Orbita Sparta Bold Black Single Watch Winder costs $250.75 USD in retail.

11. Rapport Vogue Duo Watch Winder in Carbon Fiber

front view of Rapport Vogue Duo Watch Winder in Carbon Fiber
Photo from Rapport

Rapport is one of our favorite brands. There is just something about luxury watch winders that make them worth praising. This time, we’re looking at the Rapport Vogue Duo Watch Winder in Carbon Fiber. It has a contemporary design and can wind two watches at a time.

This double watch winder is made from carbon fiber, so you can rest assured that it is truly sturdy. It is matched with a glossy interior and a suede roof. On the roof, you can find the Rapport logo marked for an even fancier feel. The motor is virtually silent, and this winder can work not only on AC but also using a battery backup.

However, keep in mind that this is a premium winder, so it has a more expensive price tag. Purchasing this watch winder will set you back by around $1,700 USD. The positive thing is that you can control each rotator individually. It also has two beveled glass panels located at the upper lid that perfectly complement the luxurious grey velvet interior. 

12. Jins & Vico 12 Watch Winder

side view of Jins & Vico 12 Watch Winder
Photo from Amazon

Jins & Vico is one of the most affordable winder manufacturers in the world. This model in particular has 12 slots dedicated to watches and 6 additional storage spaces. That makes it the most efficient watch winder you will see on our list!

Generally, the Jins & Vico 12 Watch Winder is perfect for those with a pretty big collection, and those who want to keep other watch essentials on-hand for easier access. Made from solid wood and sleek black materials, this watch winder has a very modern design. It has a blue light that turns on in the dark, so your watches remain viewable and in perfect condition for display. The motor, as always, is very quiet, and the glass front allows you to see the wonderworker inside. It also comes with a touch display that is easy to use and can control the different modes available. You can set the rotations to clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectional in motion. Its TPD can also be changed depending on your preferences, with 650, 750, 850, 1000, and 1950 TPD settings available. 

At $1,100 USD, this watch winder is truly worth every penny. 

13. WOLF 456002 Viceroy Single Watch Winder

side view of WOLF 456002 Viceroy Single Watch Winder
Photo from WOLF

The WOLF 456002 Viceroy Single Watch Winder is a modern classic. It is something that you truly do not want to miss out on as a collector. It can only handle one watch at a time, but you can buy multiple pieces of this watch winder and stack them together easily to showcase your collection. Although this watch winder falls on the more expensive side of the spectrum, as expected from WOLF, we can assure you that it is worth it.

WOLF, as one of the most prominent brands in watch winder manufacturing, provides only the best with this model. It is extremely high quality, with a black leather finish that gives it a sleek look. It also has a glass window, allowing you to see the watch inside. Plus, it has a smart feature that only WOLF offers. It can count exactly how many rotations the watch has been through.

You can set the TPD to 300 or 1,200 depending on your watch’s need. You can also double this by setting the direction to bi-directional. The cuff is patented so that it will fit your watch, no matter its size, giving it the ultimate protection. You can run this winder on AC or battery power.

If you are worried about the ecological impact of this watch winder, rest assured, for it is made from green vegan leather too! All in all, you can get this stunning watch winder for just $575 USD.

14. Rapport London Evo Cube Watch Winder

side view of Rapport London Evo Cube Watch Winder
Photo from Rapport

Rapport continues to impress you with its range of watch winders. This time, they offer the Rapport London Evo Cube Watch Winder. It is also widely known as the “EVOLUTION MKIII” single-watch winder cube. This one has been developed as a part of the brand’s range of sleek, high gloss, and colorful watch winders. To serve its purpose, you can collect each color yourself, or just choose one that suits your taste.

This EVO cube comes in precision-crafted wood and has eight layers of lacquer for that beautiful gloss. Inside, you will get a soft leather cushion that securely holds your watch in place through adjustable side clips. You can set the cube to different levels of TPD as well as three rotational directions.

Colors available include Admiral Blue, Midnight Black, Crimson Red, Platinum Silver, Polar White, or Racing Green. You can also get this watch winder in either carbon fiber or Macassar wood finish. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can operate for about 35 to 45 days without charging. 

The Rapport London Evo Cube Watch Winder costs around $450 USD per cube.

15. Heiden Monaco Quad Watch Winder 

front view of  Heiden Monaco Quad Watch Winder
Photo from Heiden

There is a lot to be expected from the Heiden Monaco Quad Watch Winder. Firstly, it has a classy black leather case with a cross-stitched finish, as well as a clear glass display. However, it mostly differs in terms of its overall design. Unlike the other winders on our list, this one is not made to lie flat on a surface. Instead, it has a tower-like design that makes it quite literally stand out.

Inside this winder is a soft gray linen interior. Every pillow can handle different watch sizes from the small ones to the largest. You can place the watch securely by wrapping it around the flat or round sides of the pillow.

Moreover, you can set the motors to various turns per day, turning at 650, 950, 1250, or 1850 TPD. You can also set it to three different rotational directions, namely clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional. As usual, it has the Japanese Mabuchi motor inside, so you can rest assured that it works quietly.

If there is any downside to this winder, it is the fact that it does not have an internal light display every time the front panel is lifted. So, you will have a hard time seeing anything inside when it is dark. You can bring this watch winder home for around $450 USD.

16. Aevitas Six Watch Winder

front view of Aevitas Six Watch Winder
Photo from Aevitas

The Aevitas Six Watch Winder is not necessarily budget-friendly. After all, it comes with a carbon fiber finish and a useful extra space for storage on the lid. This winder comes with the brand’s patented Watch Holder, which can handle larger watches while still catering to smaller watch models. It is perfect if you have a very versatile collection. To set things into perspective, it can handle watches with cases that measure up to 70mm in width.

As an added bonus, it is powered by the Mabuchi Brushless Japanese Motor. So, you can be sure that it does its job quietly. The TPD settings include 650, 750, 850, 1000, or 1950. You can also set the rotational direction to clockwise, counterclockwise, or both. Moreover, you can set each rotor differently, depending on each watch’s needs.

It also looks sleek with a plush interior and chromed metal exterior. It has LED lighting, so you can display your watch as and when you please. You can get this watch winder for around $1,100 USD.

17. JQUEEN Six Watch Winder

front view of  JQUEEN Six Watch Winder
Photo from JQUEEN

JQUEEN is one of the most popular watch winder manufacturers, for all the right reasons. Their JQUEEN Six Watch Winder can handle six watches at once. However, it gives you 7 extra slots to store watches with. You can take turns storing and winding watches as you please, which makes it a great display tool to showcase your collection. This is ideal for people who have manual and quartz watches.

It also has a silent motor and a sleek design. Made from solid wood, it looks like a luxury winder but is much more affordable. The glass is made from acrylic so it is not exactly premium, but it gets the job done. The wood also has a layer of piano lacquer, giving it a gorgeous sheen. With such details, you can easily use this not just as a winder, but also as a good detail for your interior design needs.

What we love about JQUEEN is that each of its watch winders is 100% handmade. You also get the standard three-direction settings and various rotation speed settings. If you plan on taking this watch winder on your travels, it can also function with 1.5-volt batteries.

All these, you can get for a budget-friendly price of just $190 USD!

18. Orbita Gerstner Double Watch Winder

front view of  Orbita Gerstner Double Watch Winder
Photo from ORBITA

This is as premium as premium can get. The Orbita Gerstner Double Watch Winder ticks all the boxes of a luxury watch winder. Just like most winders by Orbita, you will find that Gerstner Tool Chests deserve their reputation for its excellence, especially when it comes to quality, performance, materials used, and workmanship. This, indeed, is what inspired the collaboration between them and Orbita.

With Gerstner’s quality plus Orbita’s critically acclaimed patented automatic watch winding systems, you are bound to be impressed by this one. It is a dual watch winder that has a storage drawer for additional watches, or other jewelry and watches accessories.

Made in the USA, this winder costs around $1,495 USD.

19. Boxy Fancy Brick Stackable Watch Winder

front view of Boxy Fancy Brick Stackable Watch Winder
Photo from Boxy

Just starting out your collection? Then we suggest you take a look at the Boxy Fancy Brick Stackable Watch Winder. It comes in different colors meant to be collected altogether and is each monochromatic in theme. This winder only has a space for one watch but that is nothing to fret about. Instead, it is the charm of this brick-like watch winder.

You can buy the various models of the Boxy Fancy Brick Stackable Watch Winder, with different colors available, and stack them together in any way you like. This watch winder has a unique glass front that is domed. This gives you a great view of the watch inside but also stands out as an interesting interior detail. It is compact, stylish, and easy to store. The colors offered include black, red, green, yellow, blue, white, orange, and a whole lot more. Each brick winder costs around $135 USD. 

20. Rapport London Perpetua III Duo Watch Winder

front view of Rapport London Perpetua III Duo Watch Winder
Photo from Rapport

Rapport London simply knows how to make the best watch winders. For our final entry, we present to you the Rapport London Perpetua III Watch Winder. This series comes in different versions but let’s focus on the duo-watch winder.

Just from the optics alone, this is a stunning product. You can get it in either a black leather-bound watch box or a wooden finish in walnut. It works with a DC adapter or batteries for even more pleasant viewing. This watch winder is best for collectors who have a small yet prized collection. You can also choose between timed or fast-wind modes depending on your need.

This duo-watch winder costs around $995 USD.

What is a Watch Winder?

front view of different watch winders

As you can tell from the name, a watch winder is something that is used to wind a watch. However, there is a lot more to these devices. Watch winders, which are typically electronic, serve as watch-storing devices where you can put your watch so that it continuously runs even when you are not wearing it. 

If you have heard of the term power reserve, you will know that this is the amount of power stored in a watch when it is not in use. For example, if an automatic watch has 48 hours of power reserve, it means that the watch can function for 48 hours continuously even when not being worn.

Collectors use a watch winder to keep the watch running when they are not wearing them. It keeps a timepiece from running out of energy and stopping together if you are not wearing it. Generally, watch winders tend to function in the same way. They are all meant for automatic watches. but how exactly do they work?

How Does a Watch Winder Work?

It is not hard to work a watch winder. All you need to do is to place your watch into the holder. The winder then does its job, gently rolling the watch to wind it. Some watch winders have multiple slots, meaning you can wind more than just one watch at a time.

To understand how it works, you need to first learn what powers an automatic watch. An automatic watch has a rotor that turns when it is moved or being pulled by gravity. The turning of the rotor then generates energy that powers the watch. When placed on a winder, that rotor is sprung into action, almost literally, producing the energy necessary to power the watch.

If you are an avid watch collector, it can be hard to keep all your timepieces running, especially since you only have one pair of hands. As such, watch winders are great ideas. They make sure that you do not need to manually wind your watches every time their power reserve expires.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Watch Winder

side view of watch winder

1. Keeping the Oils in Motion

Now, there is some conflicting evidence here, and experts are not in full agreement on the effects winders have on your watch. Some argue that the lubrication, the small amounts of oil that are in all automatic watches, need constant movement. Without that perpetual motion, these oils will dry up, coagulate, harden and ultimately impede the movement of the gears.

Some watch experts say that that is nonsense, and modern watches’ synthetic oils do not coagulate the way oils from vegetables and animals in the old days did. It does not mean the oils last forever, the naysayers argue, simply that time and temperature are much more determinate factors than movement. Nevertheless, pro-watch winder folks have consistently reiterated that continuous movement does have a larger role, and winders are necessary for that reason.

2. Putting Your Collection on Display

While we can debate about the technical advantages of owning a watch winder, aesthetics also play a big part in why people buy watch winders. These winders are almost always built with glass fronts that allow you to showcase your watch, or more likely, your watch collection. You can have all of your cherished timepieces lined and stacked in perfect order, spinning in slow uniformity as they await being worn. The truth is, if it was just about telling time, we would all probably stop wearing watches and stick with our smartphones. But presentation matters and watch winders allow us to present our exquisite timepieces in dramatic fashion. 

3. Keeping the Watch on Time

If an automatic watch goes unworn for a few days and runs out of power, it will need to be reset. That is a given. For most, this task will take about a minute, but for those with busy lives and large collections, this can still be quite troublesome. With a watch winder, you will not have this issue, as the winders will keep your watches running for you. This issue is especially significant for those who own perpetual calendar watches, which are not as simple to reset once the date is off. For those who own perpetual calendar timepieces, or those that do not want the hassle of having to reset their watches, a watch winder is a great convenience. 

4. Owning Multiple Watches

How many watches do you have? To be honest, if you only have one automatic watch, which you wear all the time, then you probably do not need a winder. But if you have multiple automatic timepieces in your arsenal, then investing in a watch winder to keep them all running would be a wise choice.

How Much Should You Pay?

Like almost everything else, budget is a big factor when considering whether or not you should buy a watch winder. And prices can vary wildly with winders, so it can be difficult to suss out which models are worth it and why. To help you make your decision, let us briefly go over the basics.

Budget Winders

You can pick up a watch winder that rotates one or two watches for about $50 USD or $60 USD. In this range, we are usually talking about plastic-lacquered casings and reliable-enough motors with one or two-cycle settings. No frills, but they get the job done.


If you want to go into the $200 USD to $500 USD range, the options open up considerably. You can get winders with features like low-noise motors and 12-hour rest functions to ensure that you never overwind the watch. The number of watches you can wind at once also goes up considerably, ranging from around four to twelve. In addition, the materials used for the cabinets get better, with rich hardwoods done in fine finishes.

Luxury Level

If you’re willing to spend upwards of $1,000 USD, you can get into some really nice stuff. These multi-watch winders are for putting on prestigious displays, with walnut and high-polish teak cabinets. If you are shooting for the stratosphere, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on watch winders that hold dozens of watches, in cabinets made of precious woods, fronted by massive sheets of tempered glass.

Final Thoughts

The jury may still be out on some of the practical aspects of needing a watch winder. We can debate whether or not we need a machine to tackle something as simple as winding a watch. You might say the same for display purposes, as some find the displays gaudy while others find watch winders visually stunning. Ultimately, you have to decide on which side of the lines you fall when considering buying a watch winder.

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