Watch Trends to Expect in 2020

The watch business is the right basics of style. For one, the watch world is amazingly conventional, where brands grasped online retail with vigor quite a while back. Like most things, drifts in watchmaking will come around continuously and become settled in the fashion world. As much as people would oppose the new designs at first, there will be fashion fans that will likely be drawn to them.

The current year’s fairs highlighted many key patterns in watches that have been around for quite a long time. However, some of them failed to stick around completely. So, what watch trends can we expect in the next year to come? Will it be patterns we’ve seen already or things we haven’t thought of? Which watch colors will be most popular? Here are the watch trends expected in 2020 to help you out with your next potential pick.

It’s How You Wear It

During a time when nobody ‘needs’ a watch, brands are getting progressively smart around the thoughts and executions that will get customers over the line and into their stores. One technique: Products with purpose.

Panerai Luminor

It is turning into a critical driver of structure; every brand from Panerai to Oris is willing to create timepieces with advancements that meet present-day competitions. Others are investing in reserve hours and calibers of their watches or picking solid materials for their bands and bracelets.

Some are about to release watches that are both smart and old-school at the same time. They are focusing on the modern-day requirement of watches from what people actually need and want while being a style statement at the same time. For this purpose, they are going for strategies that will help them create fashionable and sleek designs.

Of course, you could select the queen that serves all the purposes with the royal luxuriousness. For instance, it can be the Patek Philippe‘s fresh and brand new 5520P Grand Complication, including alarm caution and travel time capacities.

All Retro

The miniaturized scale pattern of the 90s is currently a backbone of fashion and even the standard watch business. Even items from the 40s until the 70s are being reconsidered. In specific designs, they are reproduced totally with a slight vintage touch.

TAG Heuer is about to go high after designing an entirely new line with its celebrated TAG Heuer Autavia model of the sixties. Here, the innovative move has been the incorporation of its new nanograph composite carbon hairspring innovation.

Tudor Black Bay P01 Commando

Tudor went one phase further by reproducing a watch that never truly existed. The brand’s P01 ‘Commando’ is a reinterpretation of a model from 1968. It notes the requirement for US Navy divers searching for a submersible timepiece where the bezel could be bolted, and the crown wouldn’t disrupt the general flow.

Now that this line was released with an all-retro look, it is expected to re-shine in the upcoming year with brand new designs. True Tudor lovers will surely appreciate this collection.

What else is coming up in the retro-loving designs? Patek Philippe came with a retro line with the guarantee of never leaving an opportunity to shock people. The 1955-vintage ‘triple calendar’ Patek Philippe Calatrava model with five hands running off its center is awaiting a sequel.

Smoking Salmon 

Was this an unexpected one? The color of salmon-tinted dials was all over in Geneva in the last year. From the smoked style to the perfectly retro Heritage Pulsograph watch from Montblanc, the watch with salmon-tinted dial is a retro specialist’s watch which can read blood pressure.

Rolex Datejust

Similarly, the delightfully created Jumbo Extra Flat watch from the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak collection looks even more incredible. Then comes the A. Lange and Sohne’s Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon, which would look superb worn underneath the sleeve or a navy personnel’s attire.

The upcoming year is tied in with coordinating your timepiece with your canapés or, without a doubt, your morning meal.

Go All Blue!

A blue watch pattern has been going solid for some time. However, for 2020, we have a feeling it is going to be a big hit. Even though there are a lot of timepieces in this pattern already, a couple watches really stand out from the group.

The new take on the great Ultra-Thin model by Jaeger LeCoultre, with that exceptional guilloche dial, and the blue-on-blue piece by Audemars Piguet are worth every penny.

The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony can be opted by those who don’t want to change the watch when going from a formal occasion to a casual one or vice versa. It too comes in a beautiful dark blue colored finish. For 2020, your watch choice needs to be as blue as the suits in your closet.

Small, Yet Gloriously Framed 

Small watches were enormous news at SIHH. It is incredible for fans of retro-inspired, chicer dress watches. However, it might be bad news for those with huge wrists. The best pieces exhibiting this pattern could be found at Cartier.

Cartier Tank

It created the Parisian marque, a brand new take on the exemplary Santos Dumont watch in a 38mm structure. Or at the IWC, where a 39mm sizing of the Spitfire Longest Flight pilot’s watch, placed on a NATO strap, had military attention.

Returning to Nuts and Bolts?

In the previous years, vast numbers of marques demonstrating their products at SIHH have endeavored to handle the surge of brilliant watches. Our expanding dependence on cell phones is also treated by creating reasonable youth-centered ranges in metal.

For 2020, a considerable amount of those brands have come back to their foundations, shunning less-expensive alternatives.

Not to forget the crazy Two Beat timepiece with a 65-day reserve or the exquisite re-launch of the Tonneau. And of course, there are the meteor-dial Altiplanos which captured everyone’s attention at Piaget in the realm of marvelous watchmaking.

Watch Trends Final Verdict

Watches may not be a need of the modern world, but they sure are a part of fashion that never goes out of style. What is the ideal watch for you? Now that the year is nearly ending, hold your horses before making a purchase. Wait for the designs that are about to come, so you can be a part of next year’s watch trends.

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