Watch Styles for Different Professions

Certain watch styles are suited better for certain professions, while others simply aren’t.

But, in any profession, time is money. This is precisely why a watch is a vital gear for anyone who takes their job seriously. Further to this, and perhaps unfairly, people think they know you depending on the type of watch you wear.

Many professionals such as doctors, architects, and engineers are lucky enough to be permitted to wear any watch styles they like. But for those who are employed in unique professions, such as athletics, those in the military, and probably in journalism, might not have as many options.

If you’re one such professional, your luck just turned around. Today, we’ll be giving you the 411 on watch styles that are geared towards specific professions.

Watch Styles for Athletes

Athletes love their watches and for good reason. It should go without saying that athletes require watches that can keep up with them and their level of activity. Information is key during training and a watch can help an athlete measure important stats. Brands realized this importance and now athletes have a wide range of watches available to them that will cater to their unique needs.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch on the wrist

Athletes are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to the different watch styles at their disposal. Brands like Seiko, Rolex, and Tissot all offer stunning collections of watches designed with the athlete in mind.

Certain fields of sports and athletics require watches with specific features, but this varies from sport to sport. So, here are the top three features a watch for athletes should have:

  • Waterproof: This doesn’t only apply to swimmers and divers, but to anyone who works up a sweat during their athletic activities.
  • Chronograph: How else will you monitor your time to check if you’ve finally beaten your own record?
  • Scratch-resistance: Athletes are a busy bunch and so their watches need to be extra-equipped to deal with the potential bumps & bruises that may come their way.

Watch Styles for Members of the Armed Forces

Not just any watch will do for those who dedicate their lives to serving their country. Those who are serving need to have a watch that can keep up with everything this entails. As such, those in the military are limited to the watch styles they can wear.

closer view of Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical watch

Here’s the lowdown on what a good military watch should possess:

  • Multiple time zones: If you’re deployed, the last thing on your mind should be updating your watch to reflect the new time zone you’re in.
  • Strong materials: You’ll need a watch strong enough to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Shockproof: Any military watch worth the name needs to be able to handle the shock, impact, and vibrations associated with military life.
  • Easily readable: A military watch must be easily readable in any and all conditions.

Watch Styles for Journalists

Journalists are part of a lucky bunch. They don’t technically have specific style guidelines to adhere to. They can wear watch styles that are as unique as their writing styles without breaking any rules.

Rolex GMT Master II watch on its side

A world of different watch styles is available to journalists, so you can dress up according to your personal style. But certain features will be exceptionally handy to have and worth investing in:

  • Multiple time zones: Do you travel to different corners of the world chasing stories? If yes, you’re going to want a watch that can keep up with your geographical activities.
  • Durable build: If your journalism takes you to different events such as crowded events like concerts or a lot of press events, you’ll definitely need a watch that is as strong as your writing abilities. This goes for the strap as well!

Final Thoughts on Watch Styles

As you can see, many watch styles are available to different members of the workforce. Remember to keep your profession in mind as most people like to have one watch that they were daily. That includes on the way to and at the workplace.

No matter what your profession is, there is sure to be a watch for you with all the different watch styles available in the market.

Maybe you’re not entirely sure whether certain watch styles will be able to keep up with the demands of your profession.  If so, why not drop us a comment and we’ll do the research to find out which watches can work for you?

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