Watch Fashion: Tom Ford’s First Watch

The big news in the watch world right now is that Tom Ford has released their first watch. The natural question for any timepiece or fashion enthusiast to ask is if it is worth buying. Below, we introduce the Tom Ford brand and give our thoughts on their new watch.

Company History

The mastermind behind this prestigious brand is a modern renaissance man, given that he has had a massively successful career in both film and fashion. After working at Gucci and Saint Laurent in his early days, he started his own company. He named that company after himself, Tom Ford. With the help of the experience he amassed at those established luxury brands, his new company took off quickly and became one of the most recognizable names on the planet.

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“I became a fashion designer because I wanted to make men and women feel more beautiful and to empower them with a feeling of confidence. A feeling of knowing that they looked their best and could then present their best selves to the world.” – Tom Ford #TOMFORD #TOMFORDSS19 #NYFW

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Their Place in the Fashion World

Currently, Tom Ford is one of the premier names in the luxury fashion space. Not only have they developed a reputation in fashion circles, but their notoriety has leaked into popular culture. Many movies, television shows and songs feature a mention of Tom Ford, further adding to its legacy. Though there are many brands in this space, Tom Ford has established themselves as one of the few that fashion enthusiasts need to pay attention to.

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A bold look from the TOM FORD SS19 Runway. #TOMFORD #TOMFORDSS19 #NYFW

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The Watch

Now, onto the Tom Ford 001 watch. The first thing you should know is that Tom Ford is not making a massive play into the watch market. That means that they have not revealed many different models, instead opting for just one. It does come with a variety of metal colors, straps, and dial colors, but at the moment, your options are limited. The following points are the most important things to know about this new watch.

Tom Ford 001 watch
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  • Style – If you like to put watches into categories, this piece would likely fall into the “dress” style. It is minimalistic, somewhat small and built to convey classiness over anything else. One thing to note is that it is exclusively square shaped, so if you prefer round watches, this piece may not be your best choice. The design of the watch is not at all “busy,” instead featuring a simple design and subtle branding. Overall, this piece is a classic, minimalistic, square dress watch.
  • Origin – One thing that Tom Ford emphasizes in their branding is that these watches are Swiss made. As many of you know, Switzerland is the world capital of luxury watches, so having that craftsmanship goes a long way. They also advertise that their leather straps come from Italy and France, which both have a reputation for exceptional leather production.
  • Price – Though each timepiece looks roughly the same, its variants have prices ranging from $2,190 to $9,900. The differences in cost primarily stem from the materials used in them, which we detail in the next section.
Tom Ford 001 watch
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  • Materials – One thing that is roughly the same about each watch is their leather straps. They come in various colors and style, but each is made from genuine leather. The primary aspect that separates them is the material of the case. Options are classic stainless steel or 18K gold.
  • Movement – Unlike most watches in this price range, this piece features quartz movement. What makes this questionable is that almost every other watch above $1,000 has a mechanical movement. This means that the inside of the timepiece is a complex machine carrying out the process of telling the time. The movement of these watches is one of their top selling points.

On the other hand, quartz movements are generally used on affordable watches and this is the movement Tom Ford chose to use. This leads us to believe that they are relying on brand reputation and aesthetics, rather than fully on their craftsmanship.

Tom Ford watch straps

While we cannot tell you what to do with your money, we have provided some guidance based on what we know about this watch. The first thing you should do is go back to your budget and see what is the best option for you. If you feel like splurging – then by all means. But if not, maybe put this in your bookmark for a later time.

Tom Ford 001 watch
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Every watch buyer is different and you might decide that you don’t mind much about the inside of your watch. Instead, you can focus on the aesthetics and brand appeal. If you like the small size, square shape, minimalist vibe, and brand behind this watch, feel free to go ahead with a purchase. Ultimately, your decision to buy comes down to your priorities. What matters most to you?

Whenever a big name company comes out with a new product, it is worth taking a look. Such is the case with Tom Ford and their new watch. This watch could be an excellent pick for fans of the brand. Whatever decision you make, you can now make it with confidence.

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