Keeping Time With A Watch Collector: Brett Harmon

Have you ever met a watch collector?

Do you ever wonder how do people start collections? Collections start with an interest. A very strong interest at that. People collect things that are small, big and every size in-between. Like cars, shoes and coins. But today, we’re focusing on watches.

Meet A Watch Collector

Sometimes its hard to get started with a collection. But we all have to start somewhere, right? Lucky for us, we got the opportunity to chat one-on-one with a watch enthusiast and watch collector named Brett Harmon (Instagram: @Bbharmon417). Brett is also a photographer who shared his story on how he got interested in watches, what his favorite watch brands are and even gave us tips on how to snap the perfect watch photo. 

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What a weekend! Happy to have celebrated a beautiful wedding with great friends. Happy Sunday ⌚️☕️

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1: When did you get interested in watches? Was there someone who introduced you to them?

BH: “I have always had an interest in watches from a young age. I can safely say that my father is partly to blame for introducing the idea of one day being successful and purchasing your first luxury watch. Many years later, I still blame him for the introduction to luxury timepieces and my mild obsession for watches.”

2: Do you remember what your first watch was?

BH: “The first watch that I can recall having as a child was of course a Swatch watch.”

3: As a watch collector, which watches do you see as most iconic?

BH: “I look at brands like Vacheron Constantin, Blancpain and Rolex that have been around for 100’s of years as very prominent brands in the industry. They have produced some very iconic pieces such as the Overseas, Fifty Fathoms and Submariners.”

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Del Mar Horse Racing ? ? ? #sundaywatchrewind

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4: Do you have any tips to match your outfits/clothes with your watches?

BH: “I can’t say that I have any tips, but I do always try to match my watch with my clothing. Sometimes a simple strap change on a watch can really tie in an outfit whether it be to match your shoes or your belt, or just compliment your outfit in general. I feel that men don’t have many accessories to choose from, so a watch is the perfect accessory to any outfit.”

5: We know you can’t give away all your secrets – but what’s the formula to taking the perfect photo of a watch?

BH: “Lighting is key. I can set up the perfect shot, but if the lighting is off – the shot is off. Really focus on the watch and the fine details, the photo will then speak for it.”

6: Do you think watches are making a comeback? Why or why not?

BH: “I think the watch industry has been struggling lately, and by that I mean struggling with design and innovation. In my opinion, brands seem to think by simply changing the color of a dial on a current model that they have completely redesigned and brought something fresh to the market.”

7: What are some of your favorite watch brands?

BH: “I could go on for days, but the shortlist would be Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Panerai, A. Lange & Söhne, MB&F etc etc.”

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Sunday funday ⌚️? @horusstraps @panerai @paneraicentral

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8: What is your favorite type of watch movement?

BH: “I love an automatic over a manual wind. Both serve their purpose, but I prefer an automatic in my watch.”

9: If you could only wear one watch for the rest of your life – what would you choose and why?

BH: “I would have to choose a timeless piece such as the Patek Philippe 5711 or 5712. The watch could be dressed down with shorts, or dressed up with a tux. What more could you ask for from a watch or brand?”

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10: What advice would you give someone who wants to be a watch collector?

BH: “My advice for anyone who wants to be a watch collector would be to buy what you like and not what someone else likes. I can honestly say that because I’ve blindly purchased a few watches merely off of people’s recommendations; needless to say, I wasn’t happy with my decision and decided to sell them to fund a piece(s) that I liked. Now, I simply buy what I like. I have a few watches in my collection that some people aren’t that fond of, but that shouldn’t matter as you are buying for yourself and not someone else.”

Watch Collector

Now that you’ve heard it from a watch collector yourself, we hope you gained a little insight on watches and how to start a collection. Don’t just go purchase a watch just because people tell you to or because you’ve seen it so often. Make sure that the watch is actually something you want to wear and add to your precious collection. Every collection is different and unique in their own way, so maybe think twice before you make your big purchase.

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