Looking for calendar watches? Then you’re in luck. One of the factors that will inform your watch-buying decisions is deciding what you want out of your timepiece.

For some, that means a luxurious machine with complex inner-workings and elegant design. Others will opt for something entirely different, like a resilient plastic watch with a digital display. Here’s the point: No matter what you like, there is a timepiece for you! In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of calendar watches that are available.

Simple Date

The most common type of calendar is the simple date. When you buy a watch with one, there is a small window on the dial that has a number in it. When you first get your hands on it, you can set the number to the current date, then relax as it advances for you each day. Given that you can find a feature like this on watches ranging from affordable to luxury, it is definitely not an advanced feature. Still, it is quite useful and adds a nice aesthetic to your dial.

calendar watches

What is unfortunate about this type of calendar is that you will have to reset it most months. The reason is that the complication is not advanced enough to know which months have 28, 30, or 31 days. If you want to set it and forget, then go with another option.

Day and Date

One level up on the sophistication ladder are watches with the day of the week and the date. People love these types of pieces because they provide more information than the first option on this list. Most of us think in days, not numbers. When we start our week every Monday, we schedule out what we have to do by each day’s name. Having both of these pieces of information in one place is incredibly useful for many people out there.

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There are two things that these calendars are missing. First, they do not have the month. While many will not be affected by this factor, others will crave the added information of a full calendar. Second, you will have to reset the date most months and for leap years. This is another variant that you can’t set and forget.

Annual Calendar

Our next type is what some people call “true” or “full” calendars. These are pieces that give you the day, date, and month. What many love about these types of timepieces is that they do not have to think about the date at all. Instead, they can read every relevant piece of information on their dial and copy it onto a check, report, or any other type of document.

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Our first con with this calendar type is the same as the others that have come before it: It needs periodic resetting. The inner workings of the watch are not sophisticated enough to handle every month and leap years, so you must maintain its accuracy. Second, some consumers might think that all of the information these pieces have makes the dial too crowded. Those that want more complication should upgrade, while those that want minimalism can downgrade.

Perpetual Calendar

In the world of watch calendars, the perpetual variety is the cream of the crop. Also showing the day, date and month, but the difference is that you never ever have to reset them. Though this feature may sound trivial, it is actually one of the most challenging things that timepiece manufacturers create. What they do is build a machine that knows how long every month is and even accounts for leap years.

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Oh, and they make it small enough to fit on your wrist! As you might imagine, people pay top dollar for these pieces because they love the craftsmanship, not the convenience.

The only somewhat-downside we can think of about perpetual calendars is that they are usually very expensive. That being said, they are the top choice for those that have the cash to spend.


At this point, we are done discussing conventional calendar types. Now, we can talk about a niche complication that very few people have. That is the astronomical calendar. If you buy one of these, you will get information on the moon in addition to your regular data. For astronomers, space-lovers, and werewolves, this type is the perfect pick!

calendar watches

You have two decisions to make when you’re shopping for calendar watches. First is what you want out of your timepiece. Is a simple date enough? Would you like to have a perpetual calendar? Or is something in the middle best for you? Second, you should choose a price range. If your budget is unlimited, then a perpetual piece is on the table. If you have less to spend, you may want to target a simpler calendar.

Ultimately, telling you the date is yet another way timepieces can serve you. Now that you know the different types of calendar watches, you can purchase one with confidence!

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