Watch Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Gift

Here’s the situation: A special day is coming up for someone you care about, and you want to buy them the perfect watch. Unfortunately, you don’t know much about the timepiece market. You want to get them the right gift, but you don’t know where to start. We understand this predicament and are here to help!

Choose Your Price Range

The first decision you need to make is on price. The reason is that once you know your price range, your number of choices will be cut down significantly. This will make your job of buying a watch much easier. One thing you should note about price is that a cheap watch is not always a low-quality watch. There are many reasons why timepieces have different prices, but less expensive models are not “bad” just because they cost less. Instead, there are a variety of factors that make a certain watch more expensive, and once you look into them, you may find that you aren’t interested in paying extra.

IWC Pilot watch

Pick a Movement Type

Second, you should choose what movement the watch will be. There are three choices. First is manual, which are old-fashioned watches that need to be wound by hand. These pieces will have complicated inner workings and a vintage feel, but winding yourself can be tedious. Second is quartz, which features a simple battery powered movement. These watches will generally be less expensive than the other two types and are not the preferred choice of serious watch collectors. Lastly, there is automatic movement, which is the best of both worlds. The watches that feature it have the same complex insides of manual pieces, but they are self-winding. These watches are often quite expensive, but you can still find some in the affordable price range.

Rado True Automatic

Consider Choosing by Genre

One method you may want to use in choosing the right gift is sticking to the five primary watch genres. They are:

Diving – Built to function deep underwater, with some working at even 300 meters deep. They are often very well made and have features that a diver might use, like luminous dials.

Dress – Understated, smaller pieces that are meant to complement formal wear. More often than not, they have a leather strap rather than steel. They usually have no functions beyond keeping time, as they are primarily used as a piece of jewelry.

IWC Portugieser

Aviation – Expect “busy” dials that feature a lot of information and aviation capabilities like compasses and chronographs.

Driving – The primary feature that driving watches will have is a chronograph, which is essentially a built-in stopwatch. Additionally, driving watches may have added features like tachymeters, which measure speed.

Minimalist – For those who do not want the bells and whistles of a specialized genre, there are minimalist watches. They will have very few design features and capabilities, and instead will focus on simple style.

Match Features to Lifestyle

Hundreds of features can come with a timepiece. When choosing the perfect gift, think about the person you are buying it for. For exercise buffs, a fitness tracking watch would be best. For someone who frequently wears formal clothing, you should consider a dress watch. If that person is a pilot, an aviation watch would be great. And if they love the outdoors, a rugged camping watch works best. The point is, you should think about the person you are buying for and choose a watch based on the life they live.

Omega Seamaster

Settle on a Shape

The four most common watch shapes are round, square, rectangle and oval. Though there are many more options out there, these four are standard. Within this group, the round shape is by far the most popular. Unless you think your loved one will enjoy a different shape, you should probably stick to circular pieces.

Decide What Size is Best

Choosing what size the watch should be comes down to two factors. First is context. In general, smaller pieces are more applicable to formal settings. So, if you choose a dress watch, you will likely want it to be small or moderately sized. If instead, your loved one will wear their watch at more casual events, you can go larger. The second factor is wrist size. Smaller timepieces are best on small wrists, while bigger watches work well on larger wrists.

Hublot Classic Fusion

Compare Band Options

The majority of watches are capable of being removed from whatever band they are in and added to another. This means that you get to choose exactly what the gift will look like, from top to bottom. When deciding, your two primary options are leather and bracelet. There are some subcategories within both, but the most important choice is between these two variants.

When choosing a timepiece as a gift, you have endless options. Though this is a good thing in a lot of ways, it is also overwhelming. Luckily, can start narrowing down those choices by following this guide. Once you do, you’ll end up with the perfect gift.

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