Choosing the Perfect Watch Bands

When you’re choosing the perfect watch, keep in mind that the right band will level up your look.

The ideal choice accents your outfit and emphasizes your personal style. There are distinct watch band materials to choose from, and each lends your watch a different character. With a few different watch bands, you can give a single watch a wardrobe of looks. Here are four types of watch bands to consider.

1: Stainless Steel

The stainless steel watch band is a classic, luxurious look. The links of a stainless steel band are heavier than other band styles, giving it more weight, both literally and figuratively. This style looks best with business or more formal attire. There are a lot of watches and choices in this category. Watches like the substantial sized men’s Hamilton Broadway and the elegant women’s Hamilton Jazzmaster project polished confidence.

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2: Pin Buckle

A pin buckle band closes with a clasp that inserts a pin through a hole in the band. This type of band can be made of a range of materials, giving you the option of choosing a casual look, like this men’s L.U.C. XP silver dial watch with a simple yet polished cashmere fabric band or the rugged rubber band of this men’s Chopard Happy Diamonds watch. You can also find bands in sleek, elegant leather, like this women’s Chopard Imperiale. Pin buckles provide a more secure clasp than other types of bands.

Chopard L.U.C. Pin Buckle

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3: Bracelet Watch Bands

A bracelet band takes the polish of a stainless steel band to the next level. The name is an apt description, because this style evokes the subtle gleam of jewelry. You can’t top the enduring elegance of bracelet watch bands. A two-tone band is a refined look, like this sleek ladies Longines Presence watch or the statement-making Rolex Submariner in 18K yellow gold.

Rolex Submariner Bracelet

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4: Strap

A strap band can take a watch from refined to informal. This is a lightweight and adaptable option for flexible style. Leather strap bands with contrast stitching, like Panerai Luminor men’s watch, are a high-impact yet casual look. A sleek leather band can take a watch from formal to everyday polished, as with this Tissot gold women’s watch. For an unexpected and sophisticated style, look for a leather band in an unexpected color, like this unisex Orion watch with a beige velour leather strap.

Panerai Luminor Strap

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In the search for the watch of your dreams, don’t ignore the options different bands provide. The right band can give a refined, formal watch a casual style. Your ideal watch can have a range of looks with the perfect selection of bands.

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