Vintage Watches: Most Popular Ones

In recent years, the demand for vintage watches has increased phenomenally. The timeless designs and excellent craftsmanship remain popular even today. These brilliant timepieces have withstood the test of time and have remained in fashion throughout the years.

The element of “vintage” is simply not one that comes from a certain design or looks. A piece becomes vintage or a classic when it stands distinguished regardless of the time that has passed.

The task of selecting a vintage timepiece can be quite intimidating. The right choice can be a difficult one, be it for a collection or for picking your very first vintage watch. The plethora of watches that have already hit the market doesn’t make the selection any easier.



Rolex is recognized as one of the most renowned watch companies in the world. Founded in 1905 in the city of London, it has since then maintained a great stature in the watchmaking community. It is also known for its excellent quality and amazing variety.

1: Rolex’s infamous Datejust watches

The Datejust collection is one of the most iconic collections by Rolex. It features timepieces for both men and women. It also comes in various case sizes ranging from 28mm to 41mm. The watches from the Datejust collection are made from a combination of gold and steel. This combination is given the name Rolesor and is the signature of the collection.

Rolex Datejust brown dial watch on the wrist

Some brilliant picks from this collection would be the Lady-Datejust m279171-0015 and the Date m115200-0007. Both watches feature unique and eye-catching dials. The Lady Datejust has a diamonds set dial with a fluted bezel while the Date m115200-0007 has a more classic look to it with silver-toned index markers and a smooth polished bezel.

Both pieces showcase the date at the 3 o’clock mark through a Cyclops lens that magnifies the date. Adding a Datejust to your collection would be a good choice as they are durable and bound to never go out of style.


Based in Biel, Switzerland, Omega was founded in 1848. It is one of the most acclaimed Swiss luxury watchmaking brands. The Omega SA has quite an exciting history. In the year 1917, it was chosen as the official timekeeper for the Royal British Corps. The U.S army followed suit in 1918. Furthermore, NASA chose the Omega Speedmaster as the first watch to travel to the moon in 1969. It also became the official timekeeping device for the Olympics in the year 1932.

Moreover, many famous personalities have sported Omega watches throughout history including James Bond, John F. Kennedy, and Prince William.

2: Vintage Omega Speedmaster

closer view of vintage Omega Speedmaster watch

This collection by Omega consists of chronograph watches. They were first unveiled in 1957 despite the fact that the chronograph movement had been introduced in the 1800s. A very special edition from this collection is the Speedmaster 105.012. The number 105.012 is the reference number of the timepiece that was used by Buzz Aldrin on the moon. This model, in fact, is one of the last to feature the column wheel caliber 321 movement.

The watch has many enticing features including the striking black dial and the sleek black bezel that is engraved with a tachymeter.


Jaeger-LeCoultre is known for the finesse and diversity it puts into the timepieces it creates. It combines a set of a hundred and eighty skills to create masterpieces that are absolutely timeless both in terms of design and movement.

3: Memeovox by Jaeger LeCoultre

The Memovox, literally translating to “voice of memory” was the first watch to have a built-in alarm system. The Jaeger LeCoultre watch itself has a very simple yet classic design. This manually wound watch has two crowns for winding. This is because the time and alarm function have been separated. The separation is made possible by constructing two separate barrels. In turn, this also makes sure that the power reserve of the watch is not reduced.

front view of vintage LeCoultre Memeovox watch

This watch is one of the rarer timepieces to be found in vintage collections. It is sure to be a good addition whether it be for your collection or your very first vintage watch.


Since 1832, Longines has a long-standing history of producing some of the finest timepieces ever made. Since then, they have catered to both men and women. They are equipped with nothing short of the best movements in the watchmaking craft. Be it sports or fashion, Longines creates timepieces that embody luxury in every sense of the word.

4: Longines Aviator

Charles Lindbergh wore the first Aviator watch. He was the first pilot to complete a nonstop trans-Atlantic flight, making the timepiece a historical one. The designs from the Aviator collection are exemplary. They have a touch of elegance that makes the watches very wearable. However, these watches have become exceedingly rare with the passage of time. There is no doubt that an Aviator watch will prove to be an absolute gem in any collection of vintage watches.

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