Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: 7 Watches to Gift

Looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Nothing says your love will last the test of time like a fine watch. A luxury timepiece declares commitment and that you’re in this for the long haul. It symbolizes that your love will last as long as the special watch (that could be gifted to future generations). But Valentine’s Day is also about romance and rekindling those warm feelings that brought you together. Here are watches that say both: you have my everlasting love and my immediate passion.  

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Watches for Her

1: Vanguard Heart Skeleton by Franck Muller

A masterwork of femininity that also exudes a masculine side, Franck Muller captures the Valentine’s Day spirit with its Vanguard Heart Skeleton collection. While the bold shape may lend itself more to men’s watches, the refined contours and slender sizes of 32 mm and 35 mm are perfectly paired to her wrist. True to their name, Vanguard Heart Skeletons have sculpted hearts that form bridges over their skeletonize movements with openwork dials. Small hour, minute and second hands add delicate touches to the innovative designs that leave no doubt that you’re a romantic at heart!

2: Urwerk’s UR-106 Flower Power

Sure, hearts say “I love you” in the most obvious of ways. But diamonds have a bigger impact. And we’re talking about a lot of diamonds! Urwerk’s UR-106 Flower Power packs in a whopping 239 Wesselton diamonds for a total of 2.53 carats. A dazzling gift for Valentine’s Day, precious stones form an elegant lotus flower at the center of the face with delicate petals that ingeniously fit between rotating hour satellites. Three smaller diamond-set flowers surround the main floret to complete the glittering motif that you might want to view while wearing sunglasses. If the diamond overload doesn’t show where your heart is, the price tag surely will. At a cost of over $100,000, no one will ever question your dedication to the relationship!

3: Tudor’s Clair de Rose

To gift a timepiece with a floral theme that doesn’t require a second mortgage, consider the Clair de Rose by Tudor. Shop online for the first model in the line that debuted in 2013. Tailor made for Valentine’s Day, the original incarnation from Rolex’s sister brand features a Tudor Rose at its center. A time-honored symbol of England that originates from the House of Tudor, the rose design also served as the logo for Tudor watches in the 1950s. The flower on the face of the Clair de Rose also functions as a handy seconds indicator, making a full revolution once a minute.   

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Watches for Him

4: Atlas by Tiffany & Co.

While some guys go for diamonds, hearts and flowers –  basic black is often considered sexy too. Add in blue to make it all the more romantic. Specifically, the famous blue gift box from Tiffany that says you really care. And there’s probably no watch in the Tiffany line that pays homage to the store’s famed gifts than the Atlas. Debuted in the 1980s, Atlas watches are a nod to the statue of Atlas bearing a four-foot-wide clock that has stood sentry at Tiffany’s flagship New York City store since 1853. Atlas timepieces feature the same Roman numerals that grace the antique clock. Consider a model with a black face and silver numerals for a simple yet sophisticated Valentine’s gift that’s the pitch-perfect accessory for a romantic night out.

5: A Vintage Omega Seamaster

A favorite of James Bond, there’s arguably no sexier timepiece in the world than the Omega Seamaster. Since its introduction in 1957, the watch has evolved from a rugged companion for divers to the go-to watch for stars including George Clooney. With more than half a century of years to choose from, consider going with a Seamaster from the 60s or 70s. It’s warm and welcoming with a rich history built in. The Seamaster is a vintage watch makes for a heartfelt gift that’s excellent for Valentine’s Day. By land or sea, a time-tested Seamaster says you’re ready for years of adventures to come!

6: Big Bang Unico Red Magic

If you want to go big on the holiday for lovers, a crimson Hublot Big Bang is a good way to go! The Unico Red Magic’s fiery hue is suitably themed for the special day, serving as a vibrant reminder of Valentine’s Day for years on end. And this is no ordinary red. The color is seared into dense non-porous ceramic with no burning of pigment. The result is a deep rich red that wonderfully captures the feeling of Valentine’s Day. As bold as the color, a hefty 45-mm-wide case houses a dramatic skeletonize dial set against red hands and hour markers.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Watches for Both Him and Her

7: Tag Heuer Connected for Two

Why not sport matching watches this Valentine’s Day? The TAG Heuer Connected Modular presents the perfect opportunity. The watch is sized at 41mm for her and 45mm for him. The smartwatch comes in a shade of red that simply screams Valentine’s Day! For the rest of the year, you can swap in rubber-based straps that also come in different colors. Like blue, pink and white leather among the nine other options. Like your romance, this TAG Heuer is made to last. The touchscreen is protected by scratch proof sapphire crystal, the case is constructed with Grade 5 titanium and it’s water resistant to 50 meters. Download romantic apps such as LoveByte or Appy Couple and take your romance into the digital age!

So forget flowers and chocolates this year (well, maybe you can get those too). Show you really care on Valentine’s Day with a special timepiece! It’ll say that your love will keep on ticking for years to come.

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