Used Luxury Watches Buying Tips

One can be creative with their spending and choices and can spend a bit in pre-loved and antique items. Buying pre-loved luxury items, especially used luxury watches, are a smart way to divulge one’s time and currency in as the design hardly goes out of fashion. Plus, a good company’s wristwatch is long-lasting; especially the classic and iconic designs from the likes of Rolex, IWC and more. No one will bat any eyes at you for wearing a pre-loved luxury wristwatch as it takes a keen and artistic eye to spot one; therefore, you will be considered a fashionista if found adorning an antique timepiece. On the plus side, it will not be that hefty on your bank account.

Though the love for true art is still pulsing through the community, there are certain kinds of people who will not think twice before trying to make a fool out of a novice buyer; especially, if you are in the market to buy a pre-loved item. What you need is a guide who can help you know the market in a better fashion.

Rolex Submariner

Do Your Research

There are three kinds of wristwatches available in the market that are up for grabs.

The first is vintage, which means any item that has been in the market for more than thirty years. The second is contemporary, which is any modern piece that has seen fewer numbers than thirty and can be found in a retail store. Finally, there’s discontinued which is basically anything from being either older than thirty years or younger but are no longer in production and is not being offered by the brand.

No matter which one you opt for, you will still be getting the better bargain as you will be able to have a much larger variety of timepieces that you can mix and match with your outfits or occasions, and it will not affect your pocket that much as well.

Longines watch

Ask the Right Questions

The first and most important question of all is that does the timepiece retain all of its original parts such as the bezel, crown, clasp, etc. or is the timepiece just a shadow of what it once was? In other words, out of all the parts, is only the outer dial original? It is important to ask these questions first hand rather than facing a nasty surprise down the road.

Vintage Wristwatches 

Opposed to discontinued or contemporary wristwatches, a vintage watch might be a slight bit tricky to own in the long run. As the parts can be tough to find and it can be a bit more to the edge than others, let’s just say that with a vintage model, you may get a much bigger bite to chew on than you bargained for. With slight issues here and there, a vintage one can have difficulty in telling the accurate time of the day. Though it might be easy on the pocket at the time of purchase, it can prove to be slightly more difficult to maintain.

Chronograph watch

Maintenance Work

When it comes to pre-loved luxury wristwatches, one must keep in mind that they have to be extra vigilant and careful. Buying a pre-loved luxury timepiece is easy during the initial steps, however, as time passes, it really turns into a diva and requires prim and proper maintenance and upkeep that you can get away from a, perhaps, brand new wristwatch. However, with proper care and love, even a pre-loved timepiece can last for decades.

Beware of the Replicas

As technology is getting better and better, and designers are getting more and more trained with time, it is getting extremely difficult for novice people to differentiate an original from a good replica, let alone a pre-loved one. Even at times, expert gurus face difficulties. However, one should cover all their basics, rip the timepiece apart, gently though. This is because no matter what they do, there is always something left behind hidden by the original designers that cannot be replicated.

Used Luxury Watches Conclusion

As always, every timepiece has its own problems as every designer brings their own flair and rendition to things. Still, these five basic points can help to make sure you get the right pick. At the end of the day, one can learn wonders from experience that they cannot learn from advice. Maybe you will get lucky and will succeed on every purchase. One day, you will be considered an expert guru; if not you will have an impressive collection back home, so it’s a win-win.

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