6 Underrated Watch Brands to Follow

When discussing watch brands, names like Rolex and Audemars Piguet are seldom left out of the conversation. These watch brands embody all the aspects people look for in watches: luxury, practicality, and reliability.

While these watch brands are certainly worth the hype, we believe that there are quite a number of serious contenders that are often overlooked. We’re here to bring your attention to these watch companies and put them in the much-deserved spotlight.

Let’s get right into it.

1. Nomos Glashutte

It’s certainly surprising how Nomos Glashutte watches are overlooked, considering how the brand has managed to scoop multiple awards. Best outstanding design, Capital Watch, and the Chrono award are just a few examples of awards the brand was honored with—and with good reason.

front and side view of different Nomos Glashutte watch models

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These German watches have been recognized for their excellent design, watchmaking craft, as well as sustainability. And this applies to all models designed by the brand. Nomos Glashutte watches are perfect for both men and women. You have 13 models to pick from depending on your style sense. But regardless of the model you pick, you’re guaranteed a beautiful and robust piece that’s built to last.

2. Mido

Watch brands that have made a name for themselves manage to do so because they know a thing or two about the art of watchmaking. Exquisite watch styles offer the perfect balance of mechanical expertise and elaborate beauty. The final result is an exceptional watch with a killer design. And we believe Mido has mastered this technique very well.

closer view of different Mido watch models

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Mido is a relatively small brand that’s a part of the prominent Swatch group. Despite being a small brand, Mido watches are very sophisticated in their design and don’t compromise on quality and durability. In actual fact, the brand is recognized among the top 10 producers of certified chronometers. It combines aesthetics, functionality, and innovation in the designing of all its timepieces.

3. Glashutte Original

We believe that Glashutte Original watches are very much underrated. A close inspection of their watch styles reveals that innovation, creativity, and technical skill are behind every single watch produced by the brand. They are the brand to consider if you want a casual watch that’s affordable.

These watches are the epitome of modern German art-making. And all watches are designed to uphold the brand’s highest standards starting with the captivating aesthetics to the stunning finish. These high-quality timepieces are designed with flair and passion by their skilled engineers.

front view of different Glashutte Original watch models

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Whether you’re a fan of bold colors and textures or more subtle styles, the brand has a watch for everyone.

4. Czapek

If you’ve never considered Czapek watches, then you’re seriously missing out. Firstly, they’re reasonably priced. Secondly, they are literally your go-to brand for stunning bespoke pieces. Having been in business for over 150 years, it’s safe to say that they’ve also mastered the art of watchmaking.

The premise upon which Czapek watches are designed is simple: they aim to bring out the true personality of the wearer. Now, if you want a watch that accurately represents your style and character, you’re bound to find one from this brand.

And quite honestly, Czapek watches are a real bargain considering how much you pay and the features you’ll get in return. A gold or titanium double-edged hand, enamel dial, power reserve, and weekday tracker are just some of the features you can enjoy depending on the model you pick.

5. H. Moser &Cie

Moser & Cie is the manufacturer of high-end dress watches. Their stunning luxury watches are oven overlooked. Sometimes people opt to spend two to three times more on other “better’’ brands. But in essence, we believe they’ll be purchasing a product of similar quality.

You only have to look at the impressive watch design which exudes class with a touch of edginess. If ever you’re looking for the best value luxury watch that features an elegant design and doesn’t compromise on quality, reliability, and performance, consider the H. Moser & Cie watch brand.

6. Schaumburg

You probably have never heard of these watches. But given their interesting designs and reasonable price points, Schaumburg watches should be a household name by now.

closer view of Schaumburg Squarematic watch

The company has been around since 1998 designing authentic hand-made watches. If you’re not a fan of simplistic and minimalistic designs and are more drawn to cutting-edge and out-of-the-box designs, then you must follow this brand.

Schaumburg watches are a product of creative expression. They are designed to trigger human emotions and enrich the human senses. In short, they’re more than just a watch that simply tells time.

Final Words for Watch Brands

There you have it — six underrated watch companies that everyone should be talking about. Dare to be different and look for your timepiece elsewhere. You might just like what you see.

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