Different Types of Watch Straps to Consider

Wearing impressive business attire for an important meeting can help you get that deal. It’s all about what you’re communicating without having to say a word. Clothes and accessories such as watches and different types of watch straps are associated with power and influence for centuries now.

Watches have evolved into more than a timekeeping tool. It’s become a status symbol; a work of art. Finding the perfect watch and strap can be a bit tricky though, so do some research before investing in one.

You’ll also have to consider which watch strap will suit your personality best. Bracelet, leather, or mesh? Do you prefer stitching on your leather or would the simplicity of a mesh strap work better? Size, style, and type of material used are some of the key features to consider when picking a strap.

different watches on its side

There’s an impressive range of watch straps available to pick from, so we researched the top three different types of watch straps people prefer and why. You might be surprised at what we uncovered.

Types of Watch Straps

The Classic Leather Strap

Aside from the alluring smell of leather, the quality associated with leather is matchless. It’s a classic favorite among many buyers because a leather strap allows you to showcase style without being flashy.

A leather strap also has the resilience to last you a long time. You can opt for a simple smooth strap with no stitching or one with delicate stitches. The grained leather and exotic straps are ideal for more formal settings but can be a winner for your daily office run too.

front view of different IWC watches with leather straps


  • Leather is timeless so it never goes out of style
  • It can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use
  • The understated elegance associated with leather makes it a good addition to any collection


  • It can get expensive depending on what type of leather you select
  • The strap might wear out quickly if you use a normal pin buckle, so rather opt for a clasp

The Oyster Bracelet

You must have seen these types of metal bracelet straps on many of the exquisite Rolex watches available. The traditional design consists of three links joined by a bar between the links. The chances of this bracelet breaking are minuscule as it’s built to endure rough wear.

This bracelet is classy and draws all the right kinds of attention. It’s also popular with divers as it can withstand exposure to wet conditions.

side view of Rolex Datejust watches with oyster bracelets


  • If you need to make a bold statement, then this is your pick
  • It’s durable and ultra-comfortable to wear
  • The meticulous steel design makes it an absolute classic


  • It’s a bit bulkier than others
  • It can be pricey, so budget for it

The Mesh Bracelet

These unique watch straps catch your eye because of their simplicity, complexity, and pure refinement. These watch straps are sophisticated steel cloth interwoven with precision and threaded to perfection. It fits beautifully on most watches as it complements the watch without overpowering it.

There’s nothing understated about the sheer elegance of this strap. It’s in a class of its own. People will be hard-pressed to resist stealing a look at this strap.

IWC Automatic watch with mesh bracelet on the wrist


  • Can easily be combined with any type of watch
  • The simplicity of the design makes it an elegant option
  • It’s classy without being overpowering


  • For some people, a steel cloth can be a little off-putting
  • It can be a bit abrasive on the skin sometimes because of the hardness of the steel

Conclusion for Types of Watch Straps

So, which watch strap is the best from the lot? Personally, we don’t think there’s such a thing as a supreme strap. Some straps suit certain occasions better than others. Selecting one is totally up to your personal preference.

Of course, the exotic leather or oyster bracelet straps tie in well in more formal settings because they ooze exclusivity and class. But the trusted leather straps are convenient for everyday use and can also be worn at formal events.

The best advice we can give you is to stay true to your style and taste. Select a strap that showcases your personality and flair. Be unapologetically your true authentic self. Let us know which type of watch straps caught your attention and why.

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