Tudor Watches: Common Tudor Watch Questions

Tudor watches, despite its relationship with Rolex, isn’t as well-known as a Rolex watch. This, of course, doesn’t mean people do not love the brand for its repertoire of exquisite timepieces at budget-friendly prices. But that point is moot to some others who are new and also looking for a brand worth investing.

As a result, we thought why not build a list of common questions people have when first introduced to the brand! We had them too at one point in time, and that kind of gives us a front row seat to what you need. Having said that, think of this post as an introductory class that’s practically made for beginners.

What is the difference between Tudor watches and Rolex watches?

The difference, so to speak, isn’t singular. Tudor heavily departs from the Rolex norms through two things: the movement and the style itself.

Tudor Watches Movements

When most wearers consider a watch distributed by Tudor, they only see the price. This is understandable, given the fact that Tudor watches look similar to the ones found in Rolex’s collections. In fact, they even use the same bracelet, case, and dial. So, it’s like a Rolex but instead with the Tudor symbol proudly displayed.

Nonetheless, what few or even many, may not know is that a Tudor watch’s movement plays a large part in the reduction in price.

Yes, Tudor watches are less expensive, but that’s because they either use a Swiss made ETA or a Valjoux movement. Inside a Rolex, you’ll find a movement made in-house by the Head Honcho’s watchmakers.

Tudor Watches Styles

When it concerns a versus game of aesthetic appeal between Tudor and Rolex, we think that depends on what you like. Tudor favors the use of bright and luminous colors and titanium bracelets and cases. The former is ideal for the younger market, while the latter is useful for the diving watches.

On the other hand, Rolex literally mutes most of their colors, hence the reason they always look simple and sophisticated. Likewise, Rolex doesn’t target the younger market.

What’s the name of the first chronograph made by Tudor watches?

The name of Tudor’s first is the Oysterdate chronograph and it was released in 1970. The chronograph used a Valjoux mechanical caliber 7734. Or in other words, the movement wasn’t made in-house.

Are Tudor watches a good investment?

Yes, they are—but you have to be careful about which one you’re going for. If you’re thinking of buying one of their vintage pieces, the current trend is evidence enough that people will always love them. Tudor watches at one time had an uncanny resemblance to Rolex ones. So, people have developed a taste so deep, they’ll still choose the vintage options many years down the line. On the other hand, people who love the idea of investing in watches generally avoid ones that are not old.

How to recognize fake Tudor watches?

Before you move on to the tips, it should be noted that the tricks we’ll be highlighting aren’t foolproof. But they should help you decide shady deals from clean ones, like this guide should help spot fake Rolex watches.

  • If you look below the 6 o’clock position, you’ll see a 5-digit number which stands for the watch’s serial number. Above the 12 o’clock mark, you’ll find another 5-digit number which stands for the registration number.
  • Try checking the watch’s luminous paint. On a real Tudor watch, the luminous paint is evenly painted and thus, it evenly shines in the dark. On a counterfeit, it’s pretty normal to notice the edges or tiny spots being dull.
  • “Original Oyster Case by Rolex Geneva” is what you should see on the case back of a Tudor timepiece. If that’s not there, then the case back should be completely blank.

Which to choose between Tudor watches and Rolex watches?

Albeit that question isn’t ours to answer since we aren’t the one wearing the watches, we’ve already sparked up the conversation. Choosing between Rolex depends on whether or not you prefer value for your money or you want something both expensive and valuable (a usual combo that Rolex have mastered over the years). The first naturally goes to Tudor models while the second condition is unnaturally satisfied by Rolex models.

Who are Tudor watches made for?

Ordinarily, Tudor’s watches are made for everyone with an interest. But if you ask any Tudor watch lover, one of their favorite lines from the company will be the Tudor Black Bay. The range represents their capabilities and more importantly, their intentions as a company of watchmakers. Nevertheless, we’ve digressed enough. As the name probably sounds, the Tudor Black Bay line of watches is entirely tailored to be worn by divers. Heck, the brand goes further by owning an audience in the form of the infamous or maybe famous (really depends on who’s asking who) US Navy, French Navy, and even the extreme professionals, the US SEALS.

Our Final Thoughts on Tudor Watches

After going through all of these things, you should know by now that buying a Tudor means you’re practically getting a Rolex. So, with that being said, Tudor is a brand that deliver watches that perform excellently, boast of simple yet beautiful looks, and come at amazing prices. Essentially, they’re luxury watches without the usual eyebrow-raising price tags.

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