Best Picks From Tudor Watches

What are the best picks from Tudor watches? It has been a decade since Tudor reinvented itself with new product lines. The journey started with the Tudor Glamour collection. The Tudor Grantour Chronograph slowly but surely lifted the Tudor brand to a new level. During their journey, they also developed their own in-house movement, the caliber MT5621. With the expansion of its Black Bay family models, Tudor watches achieved the heights it planned for about a decade ago.

In fact, the brand is so proud of its achievements that it recently launched a model celebrating a 1960 prototype. To celebrate this decade-long journey, we have compiled our top picks, a collection of watches that we think reflect the Tudor brand in the best way and offer a level of quality unique to the brand, making it stand out among other watch brands.

Tudor Watches, Heritage Black Bay Collection

It is hard to pick a single watch from the Heritage Black Bay collection, mainly because it is the historical significance of the series that gives it its unique characteristics. In almost all the models of this collection, you will see a strong resemblance to the 1960s Tudor watches. The watches in those days were designed for the military and given specific characteristics that made them suitable for military use. For instance, a surprisingly big crown and the luminous weights on the hands were both features that made it waterproof. It also provided the divers with legibility underwater respectively.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay champagne dial watch on the wrist

Tudor watches recently released its P01 model, a watch entirely inspired by a prototype it built in the 60s. The crown at the 4 o’clock position raised quite a lot of questions regarding the aesthetics of the watch. Though it didn’t take long before people came to terms with the unique feature and started appreciating the significance of the model. We understand that for some readers, the watch may not be attractive enough. It is definitely the type of watch that a couple of decades from now, people will wish they had added to their collection. Who knows?

Tudor Pelagos

The Tudor Pelagos is a watch at the other end of the Tudor spectrum. While the Black Bay watches are a tribute to Tudor’s history and the perfection the brand achieved about half a century ago, the Pelagos attempts to achieve the same perfection, but by starting from scratch.

It starts with the titanium case, which is lightweight and strong. It looks equally good on a 3-piece suit, as well as on a diver’s wrist.  The self-wound mechanics are driven by your arm movement. You probably won’t need to reset the time, thanks to the power reserve of the in-house mechanism. You’ll also find the classic helium escape valve on the side of the watches. That’s something Rolex revolutionized at a time when other watch brands were clueless about the dial crystals popping off as soon as divers returned to normal pressure conditions from working underwater.

Tudor Pelagos blue dial watch on its side

Tudor Montecarlo

The Montecarlo has a similar case and strap to the Black Bay watches. It is the kind of watch where the differences between it and another collection are subtle, but they are there. And as you look closely and realize those differences, you fall in love with the watch. It creates a brilliant color palette with a mix of orange, red, and white over shades of blue. The dial itself is pretty simple and looks quite flat. They’ve put in the date window at the 6 o’clock mark, ensuring the symmetry of the dial stays intact. The dial doesn’t look too busy – something that is hard to achieve on a chronograph. The watch is extremely comfortable on the wrist and can be worn as often as one likes.

Tudor Clair de Rose

Here’s one for the ladies out there. The Tudor Clair de Rose is a woman’s watch that immediately pleases the eye, thanks to its clean lines and a pretty finish and outlook.  It is not often that a watch brand adds a metal bracelet to a woman’s watch and pulls it off. Tudor in my opinion has pulled it off perfectly here! We would go as far as saying that this watch looks best with the metal straps.

front view of Tudor Clair de Rose white dial watch
Tudor Official Website

The watch boasts Roman numerals in a shade of blue which goes well with the same shade for the hands. But it’s the blue spinel cabochon added to the crown that makes the watch truly stand out. The variety of straps, different dial sizes, and the elegance of the watch mean it is liked by a vast number of people with different tastes and needs. That is why we expect Tudor to release more models of the watch in the future. So, stay alert!

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