Tudor Black Bay 41: A Guide To The Versatile Time-Only Watch

Since its inception, Tudor has always been proving its determination and passion for excellence and premium craftsmanship by creating and producing high-quality and reliable watches. Aside from the fact that its products are built to last for decades and are made with top-notch materials and parts, all of them are also reasonably priced, given how the brand wants everyone from various walks of life to have access to their unique releases. Although often being linked to Rolex due to their connection and history together, the company has a different and enticing charm. Tudor’s line-up of watches is not only extensive and diverse but also impressive and classic. In fact, most pieces could instantly find their way to every aficionado and even casual wearer’s list of must-have watches to look out for. One of the timepieces that attest to the brand’s desire to make a name for itself is the Tudor Black Bay 41.

But what exactly makes this watch special and exceptional? Hailing from the most popular collection of the company, the Tudor Black Bay, the Black Bay 41 effortlessly boasts a whole new level of sophistication and versatility, making it the perfect sports or field watch you could repeatedly wear all year round. Even though it is a time-only watch, it also has the capacity to steal everyone’s attention, all thanks to its irresistible appeal. With that being said, let us find out more about the Tudor Black Bay 41, particularly its roots, its features, and its compositions that will make a lot of you swoon and drool out of awe and admiration.

A Quick Look at Tudor’s Interesting History

Tudor’s roots can be traced back to 1926 when a Swiss watchmaking house called Veuve de Philippe Hüther Company registered the company’s trademark on behalf of Rolex’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf. This allowed Wilsdorf to obtain the rights to Tudor and use the name for business purposes, particularly in terms of watch manufacturing. Furthermore, it also led to the brand’s successful establishment in Geneva, Switzerland, a place where horology abundantly and significantly thrives. One of the first few pieces the label released sport a polished and rectangular-shaped case with the iconic Tudor signature on the dial. Meanwhile, few others have Rolex’s name, given how both brands come from the same mind. This is why a lot of collectors encounter confusion and difficulties when faced with the said models from the aforementioned era.

Hans Wilsdorf, Founder of Tudor Watches

A few years later, Wilsdorf took over the management and eventually owned the Tudor brand. From then on, the company focused on releasing pieces with exquisite functionalities and designs. That same period was when watches with a rose logo appeared on the markets. Symbolizing beauty and regality, the said image pertains to the invincible union of strength the models boast. After a decade, in 1946, Wilsdorf realized that it is time for the company to grow further and decided to expand the reach of the brand to a wider audience. He went on and established Montres TUDOR SA, whose primary goal is to create and manufacture timepieces both for men and women that are affordable and can fit any budget while boasting similar selected attributes and level of reliability that Rolex watches have. This is why there a lot of Tudor advertisements during the said period that show a hint of Rolex’s identity and designs. A lot of watch connoisseurs and casual wearers also like to refer to Tudor timepieces as cheaper alternatives to the expensive and glorified Rolex timepieces, given how both of them almost somehow look the same, with signatures, materials, and few features as only exceptions. Specifically, what Tudor did is to utilize the robust and infamous Rolex cases and bracelets, coupled with imported movements to craft their pieces. This is particularly evident in the Tudor Oyster collection which was released during the same decade, where the Rolex-exclusive Oyster cases were added to some of the most gorgeous and trustworthy Tudor watches.

Proving its extreme dedication, the company eventually unveiled other iconic lines such as the Tudor Prince, Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner, the Tudor Oysterdate, and the Tudor Advisor. These pieces bear the new Montres Tudor logo, where the company signature and rose image were the only ones put together, without the presence of the iconic shield. Realizing that they offer so much more than being closely related to Rolex, the label started to produce cases, crowns, and bracelets on their own, which they added on the models they released during the 1980s to 2000s. However, like any other company, Tudor also faced some major hurdles during their entire 95-year run. The majority of it is related to financial and sales, which is why they decided to halt the import and selling of their products to major world markets, such as the United States during the late 1990s to early 2000s.

logo of Tudor watches

Tudor Black Bay: How It All Began

Completely embodying the popular quote “the sun will rise and we will try again,” Tudor came back stronger and better in 2009 with a major relaunch. Instead of continuing its legacy with its iconic lines, the brand decided to release new collections, which are truly breathtaking. Some of the series unveiled by the brand after its hiatus are the Tudor Grantour, Tudor Glamour, and Heritage Chrono collections. All of them bear incomparable beauty and identity, coupled with precise performance and dependability that you would simply not resist. However, what stands out the most among the company’s modern lines is the Tudor Black Bay collection, which houses the sleekest and chicest diving watches you will ever find in the market today.

Tudor Black Bay 79540-0006-2 watch on the wrist

Unveiled in 2012 following the release of the Tudor Heritage Advisor and the Clair de Rose series, the whole Black Bay line takes inspiration from the acclaimed Submariner models the company is known for during the early 1950s and 1970s. Specifically, the watches from the line are reminiscent of the Tudor Submariner with reference numbers 7922 and 7924 as well as the dive watches made for the members of the French Naval Army in 1969.

Design-wise, the first few Black Bay pieces sport humongous and oversized winding crowns, sturdy cases without crown guards, as well as an hour hand that is bigger than the rest of the luminous pointers found within the dial. While the indices are all numberless, the signature of the watch takes the cake as it is printed in a gilt manner, along with the railroad edges you can utilize for an easier timekeeping process. What’s great about the pieces is that the information found at the bottom part of the dial, just above the 6 o’clock mark, is also useful especially if you are the type of person who is very meticulous and particular with the smallest details. These texts will tell you the water-resistance level and the kind of movement the watches boast, whether it is self-winding or manual.

Throughout its nine-year run, the Black Bay collection has relatively expanded its capacities for greater variety and for consumers, especially watch enthusiasts, to appreciate, recognize and rave about it more. From only having dive watches as its main offering, the line is now home to sporty and spirited chronographs and innovative and functional dual time timekeepers, which both carry supreme longevity and capabilities. What’s more is that a lot of them now come with masterful and powerful in-house movements, swaying away from the imported ETA calibers that Tudor utilized not only in the preceding Black Bay models but also in its other remarkable collections. While some may think that it is too plain and boring for the fast-paced era we are now living in, the brand still incorporated time-only pieces that embody simplicity and grace all at once. These watches give a direct ode to the typical vintage pieces lurking around legit vintage stores and secondhand online trusted e-commerce websites. One of them is the Tudor Black Bay 41, which we will discuss and explore further in this article. Aside from bearing a handsome yet alluring appearance, this timepiece has unexplored charms that deserve more praise and appreciation from the vast watch community.

Tudor Black Bay 41: Your Next Go-To Time-Only Wristwatch

As emphasized above, the Tudor Black Bay 41, also referred to as the Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41, the Black Bay 41, and the Tudor Black Bay Ref. 79540, is one of the fantastic and grand upgrades to the classic Black Bay models released by the brand in 2012 in an attempt to re-introduce the wonders of Tudor watches to the watch industry. First released to the market in 2017, it is known for being one of the latest additions, not just to the 32/36/41 collection but the entire Black Bay series. Not to mention, it extremely attests to the incomparable mastery, passion, and rigor the company exhibits when it comes to creating desirable, trailblazing, and robust timepieces you could proudly bring to any of your endeavors. Aside from being one of the highly sought-after merchandise from the luxury company at this present day, the watch also blends modernity and refinement effortlessly as evident in its lustrous and subtle image and head-turning overall appeal.

Just by looking at this one, you will realize how simplicity is not a bad thing at all. It rather gives the piece the opportunity to shine and stand out even more even without grand ornamentations as well as jaw-dropping additional attributes. This becomes the reason why it deserves a place in any watch lover’s collection since it provides a good balance not just to any outfit but also in terms of preferences.

Known as the notable successor of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36, which was revealed to the general public in 2016, the Black Bay 41 will fit the taste of urbane men due to its prepossessing aura and enthralling design. The large case alone takes the cake, given how it perfectly fits most wrist types without feeling heaviness at all. While it does not come with any aesthetic and visually appealing complications such as an annual calendar, a dual time function, a moon phase indicator, or a date or day display, the watch is made out of premium materials and bears strong components both in terms of the exterior blueprint and the interior mechanisms that all guarantee its usability and long life span. This also makes it a good investment for any collector out there who is looking for something that is incredibly breathtaking yet practical.

Above all these, what’s great about this one is that it deviates from the typical concept of sports watches we see around today. Designed to sway away from the usual, the Black Bay 41 does not come with any rotating and unidirectional bezel at all, making it more confusing to a lot of enthusiasts whether the timepiece falls under the category of a tool watch or a dress watch. However, when inspected closely, you will realize that its mission is to offer a different vibe and charm to any wearer, making it more enticing and tempting to own. Demonstrating flexibility and versatility, the watch allows you to experience what it is like to have a piece you could bring to any gathering. Whether you are going for a casual meeting with your acquaintances or an extremely formal suit-and-tie event, the Black Bay 41 is all you need in order to spice up and complete your whole look. This is why a lot of experts usually call it an elegant sports watch. Despite the blurry line, the watch still boasts a high level of water resistance compared to usual dress timepieces and a great caliber, which makes the watch more impressive.

Although often compared to the legendary Rolex Explorer due to its classic appearance, the Tudor Black Bay 41 will give you the best value for your hard-earned money, given how it embodies sophistication and robustness in all of its aspects. From its straightforward dial and its extremely polished case to the flawless bracelet design, this model could instantly pass as your next go-to everyday watch.

Up Close With The Tudor Black Bay 41

With the increasing interest for Tudor models at this present day, it is no surprise that the Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. 79540-0006 is one of the most coveted watches among the brand’s extensive lineup of watches. Despite being a time-only model, its minimalist and lavish feel is what brings the model to the top of everyone’s must-have list. If you have been pondering for quite some time now whether it is the time for you to finally purchase this lovely timepiece, you can refer to the specifications and other important details below, which will give you an idea of what Tudor Black Bay is all about and why it attains so many good reviews from dedicated watch geeks and aficionados.

front view of Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. 79540-0006 watch
  • Case material: Stainless steel
  • Case dimension: 41mm
  • Movement: Mechanical, Automatic
  • Power reserve: Approximately 38 hours
  • Water resistance: 150m or 500ft


Among the first things you will notice in a watch is the case. In fact, it becomes one of the major factors whether a potential wearer would give in and purchase a certain timepiece or not. With that being said, it is important that a watch’s case does not only boast a striking look but also powerful durability. The exterior of the Tudor Black Bay 41 in the M79540-0006 variation is the perfect epitome of a straightforward yet tough and beautiful case you will never see in other models.

Just like what its name suggests, this model sports a case size of 41mm, which makes it an appropriate watch for men, especially those who have bigger and wider wrists. At first glance, you may think that this one is too heavy to wear due to its unusual large footprint.  However, when tried on, the watch is proportional and well-balanced after all because of how the case was delicately formed into a perfectly round shape. This becomes the reason why the watch is very comfortable to wear all day.

Exhibiting a rugged yet handsome feel, the case of this model is extremely polished to the point that you can even see bits of your reflection when you place it in front of your face. Due to its satin finish, the case of the Black Bay 41 also looks smoother and neater, which gives off a very pristine and lavish feel. The absence of any rotating bezel makes it thinner and sleeker, which is perfect for professional men who like giving off impactful and remarkable first impressions to people they encounter for the very first time. What’s more is that the bezel is somehow crafted in a flat manner, which perfectly fits the figure of the symmetrical shape of the lugs. This is why women are also drawn to this sports watch, given how the watch just sits perfectly on the wrist without any unnecessary bulkiness. This characteristic somehow fits the purpose of this Black Bay model, which is to provide consumers a sports watch that is not limited to athletic pursuits only but all major life happenings in general.

Just like the other members of the Black Bay collection, the case, as well as the lugs of this model, are made out of stainless steel. Despite not being so lightweight like the titanium material, stainless steel ensures that both the surface and inner parts of the Black Bay 41 are protected from any kind of moisture and corrosion, which could, later on, turn into rust. Aside from that, this material boasts a great level of strength, which is good if you are the type of person whose life revolves around commuting, wherein accidental bumps and impacts are nearly inevitable. Not to mention, stainless steel is not too burdensome on the skin, which means that you do not have to worry about getting a significant allergic reaction if you choose to go for the timepiece in question. With these alone, you can already see how the watch thrives significantly among its other competitors. It is no wonder why a lot of people get drawn to its amazing qualities and features.

Crown and Water Resistance

Sticking with the overall theme of all watches under the Black Bay collection, the crown of the Black Bay 41 is oversized yet very accessible to any wearer. Besides the fact that it is placed in a screw-down manner, the smooth winding crown also comes with the signature emblem of Tudor, which is lovely and enthralling at the same time. Following the shape of a rose, the logo looks exactly like the brand’s iconic symbol that first appeared on the dials Tudor watches released in the 1930s. To ensure a nice and exact fit, the watch’s crown also sports a black winding crown tube made out of anodized aluminum. Aside from the fact that it protects the watch from being damaged, it also ensures a smooth movement if in any case you want to adjust the time. Moreover, it also provides a different touch to the overall aesthetic of the model, giving wearers more reasons to admire and praise the irresistible qualities of the timepiece.

Another notable characteristic of this watch is that it can withstand water pressures of up to 150 meters. This may not be considered a major feature since a lot of modern watches as well as other models from the collection like the Black Bay Chrono, the Black Bay 58, and the Black Bay GMT sport waterproofness ratings of 200 meters. However, it is still considered a good level to have, especially if you like to maintain an active and fast-paced lifestyle. While you cannot bring the watch to any major and extreme diving activities, it is still suitable for your casual trips to the pool and the beach. What’s more is that you can also use it if you want to go snorkeling while still being cautious with the water depths you are planning to plunge into.


Luxury brands often rely on sapphire crystal as the main barrier for their products for many reasons. One advantage of using it is that it endorses superior rigidity to other options such as acrylic glass and mineral glass. For one, it is extremely hard for this component to attain major scratches no matter how powerful and hard the impact it experiences. Since it is made out of aluminum oxide that was directly produced by experts working in laboratories, the sapphire crystal also comes with a clear and clean look, which allows you to view the time without experiencing any difficulties at all. This makes watches that come with this kind of material suitable for those who value function and style equally. However, it is important to note that once sapphire crystal becomes entirely shattered or damaged, it will be impossible for any authorized repair personnel to give quick remedies to your timepiece. Your only option would be to replace it entirely with a new crystal. Nevertheless, you will still get the most out of your Black Bay 41 watch especially if you take good care of it frequently.


side view of Tudor Black Bay 41 watch

When it comes to the dial, the Black Bay 41 with reference number M79540-0006 exhibits an entirely vintage feel, which can make you feel like you are in the 60s era. Being a time-only watch, this one comes with only the essential functions that you will need on a daily basis. Depending on your perspective, this may be a hit-or-miss since it embodies simplicity to its fullest. Despite this, the watch will surely provide you the courage and confidence that you will need in order to face daily challenges head-on.

Bringing the overall smart and versatile look of the watch together, the dial of the Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0006 is in a cool black color, while the hour and minute hands in snowflake form and sword-style sport a white-colored hue. First utilized in Tudor military watches, the snowflake hands give the watch a quirky and fun vibe albeit its robust look. The numberless hour-markers also bear the same tone, with outlines that are defined for easier distinction. Exhibiting variety, the indices of this watch are specifically printed in round, baton, and triangle shapes. The baton ones correspond to the 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock placements, while the rest of the watch are in round form, with the exception of the 12 o’clock mark which takes the inverted triangle symbol. Giving the watch more definition, the railroad-like pattern on the outer portion of the dial is a very astonishing sight to see. The addition of plain texts with no unusual font style also makes the model less cluttered.


In terms of potency, the Tudor Black Bay 41 uses an automatic movement called the Caliber T600. This mechanism is a modified version of the Caliber 2824, with a few minor tweaks and modifications on the side. Aside from boasting a power reserve of around 38 hours, the movement is thoroughly protected by a hard case back, which is embellished with the signature Tudor symbol with the texts “Geneve” and “Suisse.”


bracelet of Tudor Black Bay 79540-0006 watch

Matching the case, the model in question comes with a stainless steel case with small gaps that serve as its unique element. To add, a clicking folding clasp is what ensures security on the wearer’s wrist. It may seem too boring on the outside but once released, the clasp’s body is adorned with the Tudor signature, which is the same emblem you can find on the caseback, as well as the face of the watch. For those of you who are not keen on bracelet watches, there is a leather strap option (Tudor Black Bay Ref. M7950-0007) that is extremely smooth and soft to run your palms on. Endorsing a great amount of comfort, a fabric strap is also available for purchase (Tudor Black Bay Ref. M7950-0010). This will not only amp up your clothing pieces but also accompany you significantly during your outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing. It is an extremely breathable material, which will make you feel as if you are not wearing a watch at all.

Other Versions of the Tudor Black Bay 41

The watch we dissected above is just one of the many editions of the iconic and well-crafted Tudor Black Bay 41. As mentioned earlier, the collection is so vast that you might become too overwhelmed when asked to choose what model specifically resonates with your personality and lifestyle. While the one we reviewed above sport a black, white, and silver color scheme, there are other options that deserve their own moments of appreciation. Below are the other Tudor Black Bay 41 variations you can check out if you are not big on the typical monochrome theme.

1. Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0010

front view of Tudor Black Bay Ref. M79540-0010 watch

Looking for something that is extraordinary but not too daring and loud? The Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0010 should definitely go on your radar. Many of you will definitely agree that this timepiece is an actual stunner even on photos alone. What more if you actually witness its beauty in person, right? Just like the Tudor Black Bay 41 in M79540-0006 variation, the watch comes in a 41mm case made out of stainless steel. Its bezel is also gleaming which contrasts well with the black hue of the fabric strap.

If you are wondering what is the difference between this watch to the classic Tudor Black Bay 41 model, well it is very obvious. You can already find it just by looking at its dial. Aside from sporting a dark blue tone, the indices are also in matte white, with some vibrant and matte coatings all over their body. They are also printed in circle, triangle, and baton patterns, which lessens the confusion of many when reading the time. In terms of the movement, the Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0010 also runs on the superb Caliber T600 automatic movement, which gives any wearer ultimate convenience. This model is perfect for those who want to be a bit adventurous in terms of their choice but do not want to go overboard.

2. Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0011

front view of Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0011 watch

Next up, we have a piece that bears a similar vibe to the Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0010. The only difference is that the Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0011 is more industrial-looking, which is perfect if your style mainly revolves around manly, fierce, and classic ones. Considered the latest addition to the jaw-dropping Black Bay 41 lineup, this timepiece bears a silver-colored dial, which is entirely a sight to behold. This is due to its gorgeous and enthralling sunburst finish, which gives a gleaming effect together with the watch’s stainless steel bracelet. The grey-colored—almost ceramic—outlines of the indices and hands give the watch more character and poise. Not to mention, the minimalist and black-colored edges and texts give way to greater legibility and easier time-tracking.

Just like the first-ever model, this one comes with a water resistance level of up to 150 meters. Since its exterior is also made out of sapphire crystal, you can expect that this watch will also handle impacts very well, no matter how big or small they are. Proving its amazing performance, the Tudor Black Bay in M79540-0010 also boasts a power reserve of around 38 hours, just like its predecessors. This prominent timepiece is an excellent and exceptional choice for those who want something that has a touch of finesse yet very straightforward and uncomplicated to use.

Final Notes

If there is a collection that sums up how Tudor continuously strives to achieve success and excellence, it is the Tudor Black Bay. It is so well-made and iconic to the point that when one mentions the brand, the Black Bay series is the one that automatically comes to mind. While many of you think that the line has already reached its peak and glory primarily because of the continuous success it experiences, the Black Bay 41 watch completely scratches that idea. Aside from bearing a good price point together with an opulent appeal, the way the model was created and designed is truly exceptional. Not to mention, the accuracy it brings to the table is top-notch despite adapting an imported movement. It is considered a conversational piece not because it comes with grand complications. Its simple time-telling function also becomes its focal selling point.

The Tudor Black Bay 41 is solid proof that you do not need a fancy watch to stand out among the crowd. Apart from this, it attests to how Tudor never stops making itself known to the public as a promising luxury watch brand rather than Rolex’s sister company. With the amount of effort the label has put into producing the versatile, compelling, and fully functional Black Bay 41 model, it is never surprising to see why it is one of the current and most recommended time-only pieces today. While there isn’t any recent news regarding the developments of the whole Black Bay collection, particularly the Black Bay 32/36/41 line, we can only hope that Tudor will leave more room for their improvement. Perhaps, a few bolder color and strap choices, as well as size variations, are some of the things we can expect in the upcoming releases.

Want to know more and delve deeper into Tudor’s releases and history, particularly its other collections and offerings? Make sure to read our articles about the best Tudor watches you can find in the vast market today, why the Tudor Black Bay GMT stands outas well as how Tudor differs from its sister brand Rolex.

Photos courtesy of Tudor unless stated otherwise

Featured image from Tudor’s official website

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