ToyWatch: All You Need to Know

Don’t, for one moment, let this watch brand’s name fool you. Although called ‘ToyWatch,’ these accessories are anything but toys. And since it’s been mentioned on ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ list in the past, chances are you might want one too.

Below, we’ll share the basics about this brand so you can determine which of their many models—they cater to every preference—should find their way into your closet.

ToyWatch: The Company

The ToyWatch brand originated in the style-focused city of Milan, Italy in 2006. Perhaps, it was inspiration from this city that resulted in the ornate logo design. But another aspect the company stood for was “fun.” That’s in part why they started out with manufacturing plastic watches. The president and CEO of the company was Stefano Cassina.

front view of ToyWatch Velvety Gunmetal Guilloche Dial Gunmetal Silicone Unisex Watch

Over the years, the brand grew and opened facilities in America—where a subsidiary was created—as well as in Hong Kong. At one stage, in America, ToyWatch USA was headed by Agostino Magni. He gained experience while being president of Rebecca Jewelry, as well as by working for the Sundek swimsuit brand. His wide network and influence—even with retailers such as Bloomingdale’s—assisted in expanding in the US.

The company saw various changes, with shareholding resulting in J. Hirsch & Co. owning just under 50% of the brand’s shares in 2011. In 2013, there were more changes when ILP III private equity fund eventually owned all the shares.

No matter what was happening behind the scenes, the watches found favor with the masses, and eventually, they were sold across the world. Outlets from London to Kuala Lumpur added these to their watch collections. As mentioned, Oprah loved the brand and Ellen DeGeneres also featured certain models on her show in 2009.

front view of Toywatch Heavy Metal Ceramic White with Stones CHMC05WHS watch

Today, you’ll still find many ToyWatch products on the market. However, the original company itself was eventually dissolved. The products that form part of the ranges definitely represent uniqueness. You’ll find watches with flower imagery, stunning jewels, and even watches worn as bangles that wrap around your wrist several times.

What to Expect from a ToyWatch

The name of the brand definitely fits with its original watch ranges. They were mostly manufactured from plastic. But the brand kept an open mind and started catering to other niches too. Today, you’ll find all kinds of substances in ToyWatch ranges:

The watches also incorporate features that the modern customer values. This includes tachymeters, magnified dates, and chronographs.

This expansion means the accessories can meet the consumer’s needs in terms of durability, style, and functionality.

front view of Toywatch Maya Natural Stone Black Mother of Pearl watch

ToyWatch Products

Do yourself a favor and look at a page online or a storefront where various ToyWatch models are displayed. You’ll quickly notice the diversity this brand decided to launch onto the market over the years.

The company has many collections, with engaging names such as ‘Skull’, ‘J-Looped’, ‘Velvety’ and ‘Maya Natural Stones’. You can see from this shortlist—there are many more—that there’s something for everyone. There’s even a Vintage collection and a ToyStrong.

In each of these collections, there’s bound to be a watch that suits your outfits and preferences.

Final Thoughts

The history of ToyWatch tells the story of an original idea that spoke to what certain people were looking for. It also shows the power of being willing to change according to what consumers at large are after. From plastic for fun to crystal for some luxury, ToyWatch has featured it all!

Although the company changed and the original entity even ceased to exist, the watch industry still has many ToyWatch options to offer. Which one will you wear?

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