Top Tudor Watches for Men

Most talk about Tudor watches begins with their association to Rolex, as Tudor has always had to live somewhat in the shadows of the legendary brand from which it was born nearly a century ago. And Tudor’s ties to Rolex are notable, even to this day, perhaps most visible in the Black Bay GMT owing its heritage to the Rolex GMT Master. But Tudor has also staked out its own ground when it comes to luxury watches, and here we delve into a few of their finer offerings for men.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze

Following blue-dial and brown-dial versions of the Tudor Black Bay Bronze, the third incarnation is the charm with the slate grey fumé dial we met in 2019. And what a dial it is, with lume-filled bronze indices on a design that echoes those of classic Rolex Explorers and Submariners. And, adding a traditional touch, the Black Bay Bronze has Tudor’s signature snowflake hour hand. It comes with either a striped nylon strap or black leather with contrast stitching; the latter giving the formidable timepiece a more formal look. Chronometer certified with water resistance up to 200 meters and a power reserve of about 70 hours, it’s built as tough as it looks.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze


Tudor Pelagos 25600 TB

We had to include the Pelagos on this top Tudor watches list. Bold blue. Brilliant blue. Eye-catching and vibrant. These are just a few of the ways the Pelagos Ref. M25600TB-0001 is inevitably described. The blue-and-white design is stunning, it’s guaranteed to grab attention. Though its anti-reflective sapphire crystal tones things down a tad.

Tudor Pelagos 25600


While other Tudor dive watches are made plenty tough, this is the most rugged with a titanium case. It has a depth rating of 500 meters, and a helium escape system protecting its in-house self-winding mechanical movement. It also comes with a striking titanium bracelet. Although this tough timepiece just loves getting fitted with its sturdy rubber strap in matching blue.

Tudor North Flag Ref. M91210N-0002

The Black Bay may be the first watch that comes to mind when you think of Tudor watches. And the Pelagos gets understandable attention for its toughness. But the lesser-known North Flag collection deserves more recognition than it gets. We met the first North Flag at Baselworld 2015, but its design roots go much deeper. It is modeled (and thus named) after the Tudor Oyster Prince that went on the rugged British North Greenland Expedition in 1952.

Though today’s North Flags have vintage-inspired designs that are more reminiscent of watches from the 1970s, notably the Tudor Ranger II. At 40mm in diameter, the North Flag Ref. 91210N-0002 is smaller than other luxury sports watches. And quite sporty it is with a black, white, and yellow color scheme that’s bold and basic in the best possible sense. While it doesn’t grab attention like Tudor’s flagship models, wearers of this retro watch come to love its unique charm.

Tudor North Flag


Tudor Glamour Double Date Ref. M57103-0021

The “Double Date” part refers to a two-window date complication at the 12 o’clock position. Here, Tudor watches turns away from the sports watch styles that have gained it so much fame for dressier timepieces in the Glamour line. There are a lot of options among the Double Date model, such as dials in silver, black, and opaline white, all either with or without diamonds.

The champagne dial of the 57103 reference is particularly appealing. While all measure 42mm in diameter, you can select stainless steel or steel with yellow gold and complementing steel bracelets or leather straps. As this is a watch that loves to dress up, a fine black leather strap is hard to top with a Double Date.

Tudor Glamour Double Date


Tudor Fastrider Black Shield Ref. M42000CN-0018

When we first encountered the Black Shield Fastrider in 2013 most of the hype was about its ceramic case. And the buzz was understandable, as the black monobloc ceramic case is an impressive engineering feat. The Fastrider’s association with Italian motorcycle legend Ducati is also no small thing. The watch’s tachometer scale and chronograph complications brazenly pronouncing that this watch is steeped in the world of racing.

With high contrast in its black-and-white design scheme, the watch presents itself boldly. Perhaps more boldly than anything else Tudor produces. And while its look does have odes of vintage flair and notes that recall great racing watches of the past, this one feels altogether contemporary.

Tudor Fastrider Black Shield

Tudor 1926 Ref. M91651-0003

Tudor’s 1926 collection goes seriously retro, harkening back to the Roaring 1920s and an Art Deco world. Influenced by flappers who ruled jazz clubs and when fine suits were essential to any well-dressed man’s wardrobe. Through this prism, we get classic dress watches that embrace the elegance of traditional style. The most notable aspect of this throwback style is the lack of a crown guard. That gives the case the formal look of watches from days gone by. There are a lot of options to choose from in this line of Tudor watches. There are choices in silver, black and opaline to sizes that include 28, 36, 39, and 41mm.

Tudor 1926


The M91651-0003 is particularly striking, as its black dial embraces the collection’s sense of sophistication arguably better than any other. Rose gold presents the perfect complement, on arrow-shaped indices, slim hour hands, and the bezel on the classic round case. Slip this stylish watch on with a tuxedo and you’re ready to sip martinis with the Great Gatsby.

Whether you’re looking for sporty style, vintage charm, or something more contemporary and cosmopolitan, look to Tudor watches.

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