Top Movado Watches for Men

Drawing influence from Bauhaus style, Movado watches are recognized by their minimalist designs and the trademark moon phase apertures on their faces. A Movado timepiece is the perfect choice for the understated man. Although Movado is most sought-after due to its legendary dot-at-12-o’clock design, the company has constantly strived to offer something new and innovative to its patrons.

Without further ado, let us take a closer look at Movado’s roots, some of its iconic collections, and the best watches for men in its extensive catalog.

Movado’s Different Collections

Movado watches are undeniably sought-after pieces, thanks to the brand’s years of horological experience. In fact, their excellent craftsmanship and features are what make them top-tier timepieces. Here are some of the famous Movado collections, and the members which you should consider for your collection.

Movado Bold for the Statement Maker

Men tend to love bolder and more rugged aesthetics. Anyone can instantly recognize watches under Movado’s Bold collection due to their distinctive features. Some Movado Bold watches are ornamented with diamonds while other variants are available with quaint Roman numeral indices. In addition, a lot of the more recent pieces are equipped with quartz movements, though there are still a few mechanical Bold watches available. 

For a dressier look, opt for the yellow gold Movado Bold Verso. Everything, from the sub-dials, dial, hands, to the stainless steel link bracelet-glimmer in gold on this 44mm timepiece. For a sportier style, go with a model that boasts an ink blue case with a matching bracelet and dark navy dial. If you are going for a more masculine look, check out the gunmetal grey model. It is a smokey and reflective timepiece that elevates your refined, no-frills style.  

Movado Bold Verso

front view of Movado Bold Verso watch

The Movado Men’s Bold Verso is one of the brand’s most popular Swiss timepieces, available for just $795 USD. This watch is crafted out of top-quality materials and is designed to look elegantly luxurious. It boasts a fancy appearance, with its case and bracelet made out of yellow gold ion-plated stainless steel, perfectly matching the gold-toned metallic dial. Like other Movado variants, this Bold Verso version is also equipped with a K1 mineral crystal that protects the dial from external threats.

When it comes to performance, this Movado watch is powered by a top-notch Swiss quartz movement that ensures accuracy and reliability. It is also water-resistant up to depths of 50 meters, giving you the best value for your money. Overall, it is the perfect watch for men who love sporting gold-colored accessories.

Movado Bold Ref. TR90

front view of Movado Bold Ref. TR90 watch

Next up, we have an eye-catching piece, characterized by its stunning all-black features. The Movado Bold Ref. TR90 is a large watch that measures 42mm in size. Its case is made from a black TR90 composite and stainless steel, which matches the grandiose black dial and the sunray dot at 12 o’clock. It comes with a black colorado leather strap, furnished with a black ion-plated buckle made out of stainless steel.

What’s fascinating about the Bold TR90 is its high-caliber Swiss-made quartz movement, which delivers unmatched quality. In addition, the watch is also water-resistant up to depths of 30 meters. The price of this Movado men’s watch is extremely budget-friendly, retailing at only $395 USD. 

Movado Museum Classic for the Traditionalist

If you’re not familiar with Movado’s Museum collection, simply picture a minimalist, round-shaped watch with a neat-looking face, and a single dot dial feature at the top. This particular collection is extremely popular as its members are all versatile time-telling accessories that serve as the perfect companions to any gathering. All Movado Museum watches boast alluring styles without compromising the convenience they offer on your wrists.

Movado Museum Classic Ref. 0607203

front view of Movado Museum Classic Ref. 0607203 watch

The Movado Museum Classic Ref. 0607203 is a watch that embodies the word fancy. It has a 40mm stainless steel case and bracelet, which both boast yellow gold PVD finishes. This color contrasts delightfully with the watch’s striking black museum dial, which is protected by a solid sapphire crystal. Everything about this Movado watch screams timelessness, from the appearance down to the finishes.

Aside from its classic style, the watch is also powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement that guarantees a reliable timekeeping experience. It has a 30-meter water resistance capacity, which means it can only withstand a few accidental splashes. For just $1,195 USD, you can own this grand timepiece perfect for your next dinner party.

Movado Museum Classic 0607271

front view of Movado Museum Classic 0607271 watch

If you are someone who only believes in wearing a leather strap watch, look no further. This Movado Museum Classic Ref. 0607271 offers similar features to the previous model but bears a black calfskin leather strap instead. The 40mm case comes in yellow gold PVD-finished stainless steel, which pairs well with the exquisite black museum dial with a concave dot at the top. In addition, it also comes with a sapphire crystal that adds an extra layer of security to the dial.

In terms of durability, the watch houses a first-class in-house quartz movement. Furthermore, this Movado men’s watch is also equipped with a water resistance rating of 30 meters. Finally, its price is its best feature, as it retails at an affordable $695 USD.

Movado Connect for the Undercover Geek 

Similar to the Museum Classic in style but a world away in function, the Movado Connect is a smartwatch with the aesthetics of an analog timepiece. The Movado Connect offers models with a conventional watch face, complete with the trademark aperture. Alternatively, you could opt for a Movado Connect model with the Perspective face, which gives off a 3D effect. You can also customize the face to show only the hour and minute hands, or to display widgets and shortcuts as well.

As if these were not enough, the Movado Connect has a standard Google Wear OS and can easily handle email, apps, music, and other smartphone essentials.  It is one of the modern collections made by the Swiss brand exclusively for its patrons. In fact, you might be shocked to find that the Movado Connect is even more expensive than most Android smartwatches.

Movado Connect Ref. 3660019

front view of Movado Connect Ref. 3660019 watch
Photo from Amazon

The Movado Connect Ref. 3660019 is recognized as a revolutionary smartwatch, equipped with numerous excellent features. Its 46.5 mm grey-ion stainless steel case offers a very minimalist look. It is available for just $450 USD, which is a very fair price considering its reliability. In addition, it is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, making it even more worth getting.

This Movado watch has a screen size of 1.39 inches. It is equipped with both Bluetooth and NFC (near-field communication) and can connect smoothly to Wi-Fi. Moreover, it comes with a microphone functionality and has access to Google Fit data, music apps, and the like. Once connected to a phone, users can even answer a call or read their emails and messages using the watch. 

Movado Connect Ref. 3660020

front view of Movado Connect Ref. 3660020 watch
Photo from Amazon

This next watch is also available in a 46.5 mm grey-ion stainless steel case. The Movado Connect Ref. 3660020 retails at just $475 USD, which is a budget-friendly price considering its outstanding capabilities. Once set up and connected to a phone or any such device, the users can use this Movado watch to read messages and even answer a phone call.

Like the previous model, this watch also has a 1.39-inch screen and is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. It has powerful connectivity technology and can connect to Google Fit data and many other useful applications.  

Movado Series 800 for the Dedicated Sportsman

Known for being the closest competitor to the prestigious Rolex Submariner, the Movado Series 800 is the best diver watch that the Movado has ever released. The Series 800 watch fits the lifestyle of a true sportsman. Water-resistant up to depths of 200 meters, it has a 40mm steel case with a prominent rotating bezel. The dial of the Movado Series 800 feature a sunray finish and has silver stick markers that match the dot at the top.

Moreover, you will notice that the Movado Series 800 comes with traditional date apertures. Their markers are also filled with Super-LumiNova for improved legibility in dim lighting conditions. Secured with a polished stainless steel link bracelet, the Movado Series 800 is a watch meant for an active lifestyle but is also dressy enough to be paired with a suit.

Movado Series 800 Ref. 2600137

front view of Movado Series 800 Ref. 2600137 watch

At first glance, you can already tell how striking the aquatic blue dial of this Movado Series 800 Ref. 2600137 is. It is the type of watch you can rely on, while you are exploring the beauty of the abyssal world. Its case and bracelet are made out of sturdy stainless steel and aluminum. It also comes with a sapphire crystal that adds protection to the exquisite dial. 

In addition, this Movado watch runs on a first-class Swiss quartz movement. For just $995 USD, you can have an all-rounder diver’s watch which you can use on your next scuba diving session.

Movado Series 800 Ref. 2600142

front view of Movado Series 800 Ref. 2600142 watch

If you are looking for something with a larger blueprint for your first-ever diving timepiece, this 42mm Movado Series 800 Ref. 2600142 is the best option for you. The case and bracelet are both made out of solid stainless steel and aluminum, which blends well with the good-looking black dial.

Similar to the previous model, this Movado men’s watch is powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement and can resist water pressures up to 200 meters. It is a must-have piece for anyone who is looking for a minimalist yet functional dive watch. This Movado timepiece retails at approximately $1,295 USD. 

Movado 1881 Automatic for the Sophisticated

The Movado 1881 Automatic was officially introduced at Baselworld 2015, as part of Movado’s celebration of its founding anniversary. The brand launched the 1881 Automatic line to offer wearers modern, elegant timepieces. One of the distinctive features of the 1881 Automatic is that it uses the ETA Caliber 2824-2. This Swiss movement is also utilized by popular Swiss watch manufacturers such as Tudor and Omega.

Movado 1881 Automatic Ref. 0607462

front view of Movado 1881 Automatic Ref. 0607462 watch

If you have been wanting a nice dress watch to add to your growing collection, look no further. This Movado 1881 Automatic Ref. 0607462 offers a simple yet classy look that you will surely love even with just a glance. Its 39.5mm case and bracelet are made out of sturdy stainless steel and match the glamorous silver-toned dial perfectly. Much like other Movado watches, this model also comes with a sapphire crystal to protect the dial from any possible damage.

On top of that, the main feature of the 1881 Automatic Ref. 0607462 is its top-notch Swiss-made automatic caliber 2824-2. Aside from bearing 25 jewels, the movement also offers a power reserve of up to 42 hours. You can own this classic watch for only $1,495 USD, which is a very fair price considering its superb features.

Movado 1881 Automatic Ref. 0607454

front view of Movado 1881 Automatic Ref. 0607454 watch

The Movado 1881 Automatic Ref. 0607454 looks stunning with its exquisite blue dial, 39.5mm stainless steel case, and a black calfskin leather strap. When it comes to performance, this Movado men’s watch relies on a high-caliber Swiss automatic 2824-2 movement, which beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour. You can buy it at an affordable price of around $1,195 USD. 

Movado Heritage Calendoplan for the Adventurer

There is just something about the vintage style that just makes you want to pack a bag and hop a flight to an unknown foreign land. The classic Movado Heritage Calendoplan has its dressy side, with a polished stainless steel case and sapphire crystal-topped dial. But a pronounced explorer-style triangle in place of Movado’s watches’ usual concave dot shouts out that this watch was made for globetrotting. The ready-for-travel theme is reinforced by the Movado Heritage Calendoplan’s perforated leather strap. Indeed, the Movado Heritage Calendoplan is the perfect companion for a trip to the far-flung corners of the world.

Movado Heritage Series Ref. 3650001

front view of Movado Heritage Series Ref. 3650001 watch

Even at a glance, the Movado Heritage Series Ref. 3650001 exudes an unmistakably vintage vibe. The 40mm case is made out of premium stainless steel and complements the glamorous black dial and the cognac leather strap. This watch is powered by a Swiss quartz movement that guarantees superior precision.  It has a 30-meter water resistance rating and is available for purchase at just $595 USD. 

Movado Heritage Series Ref. 3650005

front view of Movado Heritage Series Ref. 3650005 watch

Last but definitely not least, we have this Movado Heritage Series Ref. 3650005, boasting stunning black and silver features. It has a 43mm stainless steel case, a striking black dial, and a sleek black leather strap. It also comes with a sapphire crystal to protect the dial. Like the other Movado watches, this timepiece is powered by a sophisticated Swiss quartz movement. For just $795 USD,  you can own this classic watch with a 30-meter water resistance feature.

History of Movado

Founded in 1881, Movado is one of the oldest Swiss watch brands today. The Swiss watchmaker began its colorful journey when a 19-year old Achille Ditesheim opened a pocket watch workshop located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. 16 years later, Ditesheim became an owner of one of the largest watch shops in the area, with a recorded number of 80 employees. When Diteshim first established the business with the assistance of his brothers, it was known by the name L.A.I Ditesheim & Frère. Eventually, this was changed to “Movado.” The name “Movado” was taken from the most famous international auxiliary language, Esperanto, and translates to “always in motion” in English. Some of the modern Movado watches produced today still have the word Esperanto engraved on their bodies.

The company decided to come up with new creative styles and designs in 1905, in line with Movado’s ultimate goal, “to meet the needs and expectations of its patrons”. The brand’s efforts eventually led to the launch of the popular 8 Ligne collection. In addition, Movado had also produced the iconic “Polyplan watch” back in 1912.

Overcoming Crisis

Logo of Movado Watches

During the quartz crisis in the 1970s and early 1980s, the entire mechanical watch industry was severely affected, including Movado. The company’s officials were left with no choice but to sell the brand’s rights to Gedalio Grinberg in 1983. Grinberg was the person behind the existence of the well-known North American Watch Company. In 1996, he decided to change the name of the company to Movado Group, Inc.

Present Day

Today, the Movado Group continues to innovate, producing fresh designs and advanced technologies to keep up with the times. For instance, they offer numerous versions of the classic Movado Museum watches, designed with new and different materials. Some variants even have elegant diamond markers. The 28mm men and women Museum Classic models are some of its best offerings, with both timepieces having 11 luxe diamond markers on their dials.

The brand also offers the Movado Connect, which showcases Movado’s skill in watchmaking and innovation. Known as one of the most sought-after smartwatches available today, it comes in two different designs: one with a contemporary style, and the other with a more traditional watch face. That said, both variants offer similar high-tech features and functionalities such as the Google’s Wear OS feature, and have a standard 46.5 mm size. Furthermore, the Movado Connect is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and can respond to messages and receive notifications. It can also function smoothly on all iOS and Android smartphones. 

Final Thoughts

On the whole, Movado watches are simply head-turners. The brand’s watch offerings remain iconic due to their amazing and distinctive minimalist features. With a Movado watch on your wrist, you will surely have an incredible and reliable timekeeping experience.

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Photos from Movado’s official website unless otherwise stated.


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