Top Men’s Oversized Watches

Men’s oversized watches are nothing new. In fact, there are watch snobs out there who disregard them as something old. Novelties from the 90s and early 2000s that are best left in the past with oversized jeans and sweater vests. And yes, we were inundated by big face watches back in the day, but things have since settled down. Today’s men’s oversized watches know how to put that extra real estate to good use. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there.

Men’s Oversized Watches

1: Hublot Big Bang Unico

Another amazing watch that puts “big” in its name so there’s no mistake as to what it’s all about, the Hublot Big Bang comes in at a swaggering 45mm. You could go down to a 42mm when shopping for your Unico, but why would you? It’s a Hublot, worn to grab attention. But with some sophisticated style. Yeah, put a Hublot Unico on a structured rubber strap and you’re ready for an active weekend. On a link bracelet, it wears well at the office. And with the right leather strap, you can even pull off a more formal look.

Hublot Big Bang Unico
Hublot Big Bang Unico

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2: Shinola Runwell

It may be big and bold, but the Shinola Runwell still embraces classic style. Yes, the 47mm size is likely to grab some attention. But it’s still an understated timepiece, some might even say with a minimalist lean that’s similar to a lot of the great timepieces that have been coming out of the German Glashütte camp lately. But of course, Shinola is American made and Detroit proud, and another watch that dresses up wonderfully on a fine leather strap to give it a pedigreed vibe that downplays its brash dimensions.

Shinola Runwell
Source from Shinola

3: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph

But sometimes a big bezel is kind of awesome. And if it’s done in eye-catching orange all the better. That’s the case with the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph, at least with two of the references in the current line. At 45.5mm it’s not the biggest, but it certainly wears big and bold when you go for vibrant color on the bezel. There’s a lot happening on the big face, with a date window, a small second’s dial at nine o’clock and an hour counter dial at the three o’clock position. But Omega is brilliant at packing in a lot of information without the watch ever feeling overloaded, sticking to midnight black or dark blue dials with white indices.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

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4: IWC Big Pilot Heritage

If you are in the market for a big face watch, Google will probably lead you to the IWC Big Pilot pretty quickly. It does have “big” in the name! And at 46.2mm, it is big. But its simplicity belies its size and gives it an air of understatement. Forget about a rotating bezel or a chronograph subdial. Keep the hands and indices simple, and the face takes a just-the-facts attitude with time, date, and a power reserve indicator. True to form, pilot watches were originally intended for a pilot to get information at a glance. The Big Pilot offers just that with elegance and sophistication. And utility! Even the conical crown is big so you can adjust it while wearing gloves, a problem that pilots of old must have faced.

IWC Big Pilot
IWC Big Pilot

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5: Breitling Navitimer Super 8

Speaking of eye-catching bezels, Breitling Navitimer gives us one seriously big watch with the Super 8. While its case measures 46mm, we get to 50mm when you include the bidirectional rotating bezel. The oversized timepiece is a homage to Breitlings used by pilots during World War II, when size literally mattered because those watches were designed to be worn on the thigh. True to the at-a-glance needs of pilots in action, the Super 8 is available in bare-bones-style on the face, with nothing more than hour, minute, and seconds hands pointing to ample Arabic numerals.

Breitling Navitimer Super 8
Source from Breitling

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6: Citizen Promaster Aqualand 200M 

But who says a busy dial is always a bad thing? Look to Citizen Promaster Aqualand, stamped with a dizzying number of dashes, dots and lines that just might give you visual vertigo if you look at it too long. With a diameter of 53mm, it’s a big watch that cries out for attention. It’s built for some serious undersea action, water-resistant up to 200 meters with a 70-meter depth display. And the black polyurethane strap is plenty sturdy. But what most watch lovers will probably like about this attention-getting timepiece is that it just looks really cool!

Citizen Promaster Aqualand 200M 
Source from Amazon

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7: Casio G-Shock Blackout

They don’t call it “The King” for nothing! Coming in at a sliver under 58mm, the Casio G-Shock GX-56BB Blackout takes the “shock” in its name quite literally with a big statement on your wrist. As it’s a G-Shock it’s pretty tough, shock-resistant, water-resistant to 200 meters, and resistant to magnetics. It’s also solar-powered and has a triple-layered construction to add to its toughness.

Casio G-Shock Blackout
Casio G-Shock Blackout

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Of course, this is all a matter of taste and personal preference. You can go with a nice dress watch at 38mm and most likely nobody will think twice about its size. But maybe you do want people to look twice and check out that timepiece you’re sporting on your wrist. If that’s the case, consider going big with an oversized watch.

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