Top 5 Automatic Watches

Why worry that your watch will stop if you can have one that will always work? With a stylish new automatic watch on your wrist, there’s no more need for buying batteries or setting reminders to wind your watch. Everything happens automatically, like automatic watches.

This innovative approach to wristwatches goes as far back as the 1920s, although it only became popular a few decades later. It’s possible because of stored energy generated by your own arm movements. The energy is captured, thanks to a rotor inside the watch that will spin when you move.

Automatic watches can usually run on this stored energy for 24 or even 48 hours, so it won’t lose time simply because you take it off at night. It’s a stylish and practical watch option and many automatic watches have additional features apart from telling the time.

Hamilton Khaki King Auto

Hamilton is a respected brand with a wide range, but their Khaki King Auto model is one of the best ones to take note of. What’s impressive is that Hamilton’s engineers succeeded in designing an automatic watch that can store a power reserve enough for 80 hours. If you don’t want to wear a watch over weekends or you want to wear other models in your watch collection on some days, there’s no concern that this model will lose all its reserve power.

It’s water-resistant and has a sapphire crystal front, making it durable. The Khaki King Auto model has a 40mm case, so it’s comfortable to wear for most men. You can also have a look at the brand’s leather strap versions in the same range if you prefer that look.

Hamilton Khaki King Auto Ref.  H64455133 watch on its side

Junghans Form A

If you prefer a simple approach to automatic watches, have a look at Junghans’ Form A model. It’s simple with various impressive extras like the hands that contain a luminous but environmentally friendly substance. The brand truly moves with the times, catering to those who care about the environment as much as they do about style.

It’s durable too, thanks to stainless steel components, a sapphire crystal glass, and water resistance. This minimalistic watch can handle up to 5 bars. You can also see the date, clearly visible on the simple layout.

The leather strap is suitable for office, home wear, or even during activities, thanks to a strong buckle. The power reserve isn’t the best on our list, but at 38 hours, it’s still impressive technology.

front view of Junghans Form A watch

Tag Heuer Formula 1

If you’re looking for a quality timepiece, you can’t go wrong with Tag Heuer. For those looking for automatic watches, you can pick from various styles in their Formula 1 range. You can pick one with a rubber strap and water-resistant up to 200m — ideal for sportsmen. Or you can pick a steel version for a casual wear at the office.

It’s a size 44mm watch which may be bigger than some men’s taste, but still, a comfortable watch to wear!

The Formula 1 model has a power reserve of 42 hours. It’s not the best on the market if compared to the Hamilton model above, but more than enough for most wearers. If you need additional features like a chronograph, this is the best automatic watch for you.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 blue dial watch on its side

Tissot Powermatic

Another simpler approach to design can be seen in the Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium watch. Don’t be fooled by the striking yet simple blue dial. Beneath you’ll find innovative watch technology that will give you up to 80 hours of power reserve. Once again you have the choice to alternate between wearing this watch and others without the risk of it losing time.

At 25.6mm, it will suit those who prefer a slightly smaller design than some others on our list. The stainless steel strap will suit almost anyone’s personal taste and with water resistance of up to 10 bars, you know you’re buying a quality piece.

For casual or professional wear, this watch works. Tissot also has other designs on offer, giving you a range of colors, straps (leather too), and dial types to pick from.

front view of Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium watch

Citizen Octavia

Last on our list, but definitely still worth your consideration, is the Octavia model from Citizen.

We love the two-tone styling, making it a perfect option for those wanting a very stylish look. But thanks to a water resistance of 333ft, you can also swim with this watch without the risk of damaging it. It’s practical in every way, thanks to the anti-reflective sapphire crystal used and 42 hours of reserve power.

front view of Citizen Octavia watch

Automatic Watches Conclusion

Spoil yourself or make someone smile this season! Automatic watches are the solution for anyone who doesn’t want their watch to stop on the day they prefer not to use it. Just keep moving and your automatic watch will help you be on time for your next appointment.

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